New Roles Arise

Looking back on it, every time there has been a fairly significant change in my life (moving, ending a relationship with someone, getting a new job, other various Life Events), things have changed for me in Azeroth, too.  I’ll change servers, change guilds, change my main. Change.

The winds of change are upon us once again.

I don’t want this to be a post bemoaning my future, or whining about my class changes. Warlocks didn’t really change all that much, they removed some of our movement capabilities, which is fine to work around. My damage, even though the numbers on recount and Skada are much lower, is basically the same. Things that were dying before are still dying, mobs are taking about the same number of hits to perish and give me their loot, it’s nothing crazy that I can’t handle. However (and you knew that was coming, didn’t you) she doesn’t feel… the same. She is a blood elf, so there were no re-customization feelings, good or ill. She just doesn’t have that same spark when I play her.

I am a very loyal person. In real life as well as in-game. This is a strong suit of mine, but also can be a detriment. I will stubbornly play her even if I’m not necessarily enjoying her as much as I should be, just because she is my Main.  I was talking with a friend and guild mate about this, and in the past I’ve felt just puttering along on her. I’ve never been an amazing warlock (again, something I’ve talked with another good friend and past guild mate about), never been the highest on the damage meters in a raid, never been on the cutting edge of new rotations an abilities and when you use what, like a lot of awesome players I know. I’m a good raider, I’m very aware, I’m quick to pick up on new tactics and strategies, but where most of the pressure is put for me in the past, in those numbers, is where I falter.

My new guild (and friends) are amazing. Not at all like that. I raided with them for the first time in WoW last Wednesday, and I had an absolute blast. Yes, they are all uber-geared for (what was) heroic raiding, while I’m sitting comfortably at probably ready to just begin (what was) normal.  Not once was DPS brought up and mentioned, not once did I have someone whisper me about pulling my weight, which has happened in the past, and is the WORST feeling in the world, especially if you’re bringing a new spec into a raid for the first time. That positive atmosphere, that goodwill, that general sense of being a part of something, even if I’m the relatively new person to the group, was absolutely amazing, and really made me quite happy with the game.

That being said.

I’m leveling up alts, as you do, and realizing that I’m having a great deal of fun on my warrior, and also on my tiny hunter. I still have my 90 boost sitting up in the top of my character selection screen, glaring at me every time I log in. I’m still not sure who I want to spend it on. I’ve got my shaman, who is currently the forerunner in the race, but she is very closely followed by my little warrior. I really miss tanking, I had a great deal of fun with it in Wrath and some of Cata, and while I may not have that opportunity in raid, I’d like to be able to have one ready in case some friends and I want to run dungeons or old content, and need a friendly neighborhood meat shield! I have also never really raided as a melee DPS, other than flailing with my Death Knight early on in Wrath before I switched over to my Warlock as my main.

I’ve been having a lot of negative thoughts and feelings about my life lately, both in game and out, for which I’d like to apologize for. I try very hard to not bring real life things too much into Twitter or here on my blog, but these past couple weeks have been quite tough. Leaving one job, beginning a new one, dealing with the wrath and ire of my current boss while just trying to finish out my last nine work days with as much dignity as I can muster, is proving to be quite a difficult challenge, and I appreciate every one of you that has helped me out. It’s been more needed, more helpful than I can adequately describe on here.


Pumpkin Tauren says hello!

Pumpkin Tauren says hello!

Now then, other in-game news! I’m about halfway to having enough whatchamacallits to get one of the new ghost cat pets, if I can go along without letting myself get super distracted. I am planning a “hooray 6.0.2!!” blog post in which I talk about more of the changes in greater detail, I just have to get my ducks in a row and plan out time accordingly, while dodging real life events.


I hope everyone has an awesome Monday, I’m going to try my absolute best to do the same!

Onwards and Upwards

So, here we are, less than a week away from The Patch.

And I still have things left to do.

I am leaving them undone, and I shall explain why.

Here’s the thing. Every one of us plays this game for different reasons. Some play it for the hardcore, bleeding edge raiding, are into running the numbers, simcraft, being the best they can be at raiding. Some play it for Player versus Player, running the numbers on that,  getting the macros, the gear, the teammates, the compositions just right. Some play it to get ALL the things, and play the collection game; lists galore, spawn times and locations mapped out to the minute. Some play it for Internet Fame, with different angles to achieve this depending on the above. Some play it for the social aspect, to keep in touch with family and friends, chatting away whilst they accomplish their in-game goals.  Some do a mix of the above, dabbling in everything, and not really being able to or wanting to take the time to perfect everything, but to just be the best they can at it and be happy with that.

Oh, sorry, that last description was me ^.^

I hate defining myself, applying terms and words that are open to interpretation. I’ve had words applied to me throughout my gaming experience that I won’t share, not that any of them are particularly bad, but I just choose to not revisit them. When you’ve been playing a game consistently for a long time, you can look back at past actions and wonder what the hell you were thinking, and also see A LOT of personal growth and development. I’ve made mistakes, bad mistakes, lost a lot of friends due to my own actions, but at the time I thought I was doing the right thing for me, and didn’t see the repercussions of my actions and words.

The point? Yeah I’m getting there, hold your horses.

I have seen a lot of negativity both in-game and on social media, calling out people who didn’t get things ‘done’ this expansion for one reason or another. I know I unsubbed for a good chunk of time, and the rest of the time I was caught up in other things and didn’t feel like applying the time to WoW. A week or so ago I felt like I had set myself up for disaster, so to speak, by not planning my time properly and getting the things done that I needed to. I thought I had all the time in the world, when really time was slipping away faster than ever, as it tends to towards the end of a journey.

Throughout every expansion, there is something I didn’t get done. Something left unfinished, that was removed from the game, or changed, and guess what? I’m okay. I am still playing the game, still enjoying it. Sure I will miss not having gotten my legendary cloak on my main, or not completing the green fire quest while it was relevant. I didn’t ever do a full gold CM run and get a transmog set of gear or a cool mount. I never raided SoO at all with a raid group, only with LFR.

Guess what? It’s okay to leave things unfinished. It is okay to realize that things change, that sometimes you don’t always get what you want. I’m trying to put a positive spin on my life currently, and I’m letting that bleed over into my online life as well. I’m trying to turn negatives into positives, so I’m looking at this as the start of a new adventure, new goals to achieve, new lists to scribble down and cross off progressively.  The thing I love the most about this game, the thing that keeps drawing me back, is it’s constantly changing and evolving, and it just feels like home.

Change is scary, ’tis true, but like most other humans I both abhor and adore change.

Throughout all of Mists, I’ve felt behind. It’s not that I didn’t want to get into the story, or get into the raiding, or what have you, but I’ve felt like I’m scrambling behind.  Every other expansion I’ve known the ins and outs of almost everything. I’ve had all the boss fights down, every enchant and gem cut and stat priority for my main down to a science. I had my farming routes down, my dailies down… But this expansion I just felt like I was flailing along the entire time. So I’m ready to start anew. Learn new boss fights. Maybe raid some, with an actual group of friends instead of LFR. Learn all about Garrisons (so freaking excited for this feature), LEVEL MY MAIN AGAIN!! There is so much that I’m looking forward to!


To steal a line from a friend (you know who you are ^.^), it’s time to draw a line and move on.


See you in Azeroth!

Honestly, Though

Disclaimer: The following is a very honest portrayal of my current mindset and state of the game, and probably will not be as light-hearted and full of bad jokes as my normal posts. Just something I feel I have to address, for myself.


As discussed many times previously, I am a chronic procrastinator. Heck, I even state as much in my bio on Twitter. This spills over from Real Life into the games that I play, as many other mannerisms do.

With Warlords basically right around the corner, and 6.0 even closer, I am realizing that I am not going to be able to accomplish all that I want to do before the World of Warcraft changes once more. It took me a couple days to be okay with that. No, this post is not going to be me beating myself up, I am going to try to put a positive spin on all this. Yes, I realize (more than most I think) that it is Just A Game, but it is also my main game, my main ‘thing’ that I do to pass the time when I’m not working, at school, or socializing in the real world.

The main two things on my to-do list are to get my legendary cloak for my main, and also get her green fire quest done. As of yesterday, my main priority is the green fire quest. I have gone without legendaries for a couple expansions now, and although the cloak looks really cool, and the lore is also really cool, I can live without it. I can also live with being a procrastinator, as long as I realize I am one, and don’t let myself fritter away for literally a year on my goals.

Life happens, interest wanes, in the big picture I didn’t play WoW for probably half of Seige, and yes the time that I’ve been active since then I’ve been playing other games, but I have to remind myself that that is okay, it is okay to want to do other things, to not feel like one game is a job, because that is the main factor that has put me off of WoW in the past.

But, Byx, what does all this have to do with some pixels in a video game? Well, I’m glad you asked. They are goals I set out to achieve, and now I am worried that I will not have time to complete them. Before the hammer strikes and 6.0 drops and Azeroth changes, with the legendary quest chain becoming obsolete, and the ability to still get the green fire, but without the title and it being a feat of strength, I want to know and accept and realize that it is okay that I didn’t do everything. I am allowed to leave some things undone.

I think I mentioned this in other posts, in fact I am sure I have, but I have a tendency to talk the talk but not walk the walk. This is something I am aware of, and something that I work on each and every day, even in minor instances. Even now, I look over at my real life to-do list, and there are several things I need to do, I know I need to do them, but I get busy in the day to day and forget until it’s weeks later and I’m swearing.

I had a conversation with someone (who if they are reading this, thanks, and also you know who you are ^.^) and they said that ‘priorities are hard to balance, but if it really matters you do find the time’ Simple words, but they resonate. Sometimes a simple conversation can create a spark, and get the gears turning.

All that being said, my goal for the immediate future is the green fire quest. Wrathion is a cool dude, and I will definitely be sad if I never get the legendary cloak, but it is also no-one’s fault but my own. I have had a year to do this, I have had several days in which to accomplish and complete the tasks, but I have put it off for another day. Now that my life is suddenly (wonderfully) busy, and I only have a few hours during the week, and occasionally the full weekend day, I am realizing other things are taking priority than some pretty pixellated cloak.

I am constantly evolving and changing, day to day. A year ago I was a different person, and in another year the same will be true.

Thank you as always for reading, and have a great day :)

Still Chipping Away


I had the chance to run LFR over the weekend, since during the week I have about zero to no time to commit to anything, at least for now, since nothing is ‘required’. What do I mean by ‘required’? As in I’m not in a raid group currently, and while it’s not something anyone should feel forced to do, it does promote more of a schedule and I am willing to stay up and raid a couple nights a week, I miss it that much! However, that’s unlikely to happen until Warlords drops, so I have a couple months to get myself squared away in the energy drink department.

Back to where I was: I went through ToES with my friend, who I guess I should start calling by his online moniker, but I’ll shorten it. Sar and I (and 23 of our closest friends) raced through the instance, to my surprise it was a fairly decent group, probably mostly people like me, after things for the legendary quest chain. I looted the thing I needed off the Sha of Fear, went and talked to Wrathion, got my legendary gem (woohoooooo!!!!!!!!), and now I only need about 1800 more valor points to get to the next stage in the chain.

I do find it interesting that I had completed some of the side tasks (getting my reputation with The Black Prince up high enough to where I didn’t have to grind mobs, and also the quest chain in Krasarang where the Horde and Alliance do their usual thing of punching each other in the face) without even meaning to. Good job, self! So, now I’ve got that going for me, and I will be running LFR as much as I can all week.

School is starting to pick up, as in quizzes and exams are starting to be talked about in class, so my few hours of me time will rapidly diminish on some nights, but that’s okay! I have to remind myself why I’m after this degree, and as much as I love playing WoW and other games, I have to remember that unless I get really lucky (or work REALLY hard) I won’t be able to make a viable career out of that, so I have to put aside the things I want to do to accomplish the things I need to do.

Hm, other gaming news.. I’ve been playing The Sims 4, I’ll be putting a post up about that probably later this week. A very belated ‘first impressions/look’ post. I’m still wanting to continue my Dragon Age 2 playthrough/story time, so that will probably begin popping up once a week again.

I realized the other day that Blaugust instilled quite a few things in me. It’s now over two weeks since it ended, but I’m realizing I missed my little quiet time first thing in the mornings, drinking my coffee and waking up as I typed some words up. It makes me happy that I’m no longer super anxious when I hit that post button, that I put less stress on myself for making something the best post ever, and also that I repeat myself a lot, as I think I say something similar to this once a week. Stop it, self >.>

Oh, I also got into the beta, which is another stress point as I want to spend time in there exploring and seeing what is different (as well as test for bugs and broken things, yes the beta/alpha exist for a reason other than to preview new content ^.^) but that takes time away from the live server things I need to do before Warlords hits us like a semi.

I’m off to do more note cards, also Felix needs love and attention apparently. What am I, his mother?


Have a lovely day!

WTB Moar Time

Hello everyone!

After doing the math the other day, and putting myself in a slightly cranky mood, I realized my available free time has decreased significantly. Only have a couple hours in the morning and a couple at night to play, less so if I want to have some kind of social life :P.  That’s fine, as it is college classes that are taking up my time and adjusting my schedule, and learning is good and important, and getting a degree is something that is VERY important to me, but it sure is throwing a big ol’ wrench in my WoW to-do list! (Gaming time in general, also) Also with blogging, which I feel especially guilty for since I was so used to blogging every day in August!

Have I mentioned I am a horrible procrastinator? That I talk more about doing things than actually doing them? Because I totally do. However, in knowing that about myself, I can plan ahead and around that, and even conquer it. Someday. Maybe later. Also, fun fact for those who aren’t on the internet and live under a rock, SoO has been out for a year and I still haven’t done anything really. ^.^

Several months behind the curve as per usual, I received a beta invite to Warlords of Draenor the other day. The few minutes I’ve had to frolic around has shown me a few things. The list is bulleted for your entertainment.

  • I have absolutely no bag space on my main, so the addition of the toy box and extra storage space will be MOST WELCOME THANK YOU
  • I have purchased about half the items I need for a new computer build, and this is showing me that I need to get the remaining items and finish that pup before launch
  • The black screen of death is upon me, so I should adjust my graphics settings next time I log in
  • I am excited

These are my very first impressions with the beta, those who have been in it, or who have been studying about it, I won’t be here letting you know about the latest and greatest because I am too far behind the curve to do THAT, but I will still try to share my experiences and thoughts with you, whether you like it or not ^.^

In live-realm news, I’ve transferred my lock to her new home, and I’m steadily leveling up a druid, because one can never have enough alts! I’m planning on running more LFR wings with my friend, although my hopes for running CMs are kind of dimming. Unless I get carried, I’ll probably have to get better gear on my lock, and with the expansion looming, I’m feeling torn, like at the end of every expansion. Do I want to get gear that will be quickly deemed useless and replaced by a quest reward and random drop? Time will tell. If I get enough friends interested I might try for it, but for now my focus is (moar bullets)

  • Legendary cloak quest – SEE ABOVE
  • Moar battle pets
  • Tame what pets will disappear soon on my huntress, and figure out if I want to transfer her as well
  • Whatever else I want to do

I find myself wondering where I’ll be in a few months time, when the expansion is live and everyone is leveling and gearing and prepping for whatever they want to do. It’s a mix of exciting and scary, not really knowing what I’ll be doing, if I’ll be raiding or just puttering around in my garrison. Adventures are always fun, whether it be in a game or in real life, so I’m eager to see what happens!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to browse the interwebs to better educate myself on what all is going to change in 6.0. Spoiler, a lot!


Have a great day!

She’s Back

It’s interesting how a pretty simple change can improve your mentality about a game immensely.

When I transferred my warlock to her new home a little over a year ago, the name that she had carried for ages, since I created her, the whole time I played her, was taken, so I had to rename my main lady. This was more upsetting than I had originally anticipated. For a while, when I would see my own name in party chat, guild chat, even the icon in the interface, it would freak me out. I felt like I wasn’t playing the same character, even though the only thing that changed about her was her moniker. It just made me feel…off… when I played her, I don’t really know how else to describe it. I know it’s a silly thing, some of you are probably shaking your head or are laughing by now, but when you’re used to being called the same (nick) name in Ventrilo or Mumble for years, used to seeing that name pop up in chat or seeing it in the UI or in quests, it throws you for a loop when suddenly it’s different.

She’s back. Caewen is no more, now we have Hexxia!

Last night I ran LFR (the second wing of SoO) with a friend, who was healing on his priest! I only died once, which I entirely blame him for. Just kidding. (Not really). It was the first time I had done the second wing, because I’m a huge baby and forever late to the party. Maybe it’s my leet hardcore raiding background, /rolls eyes, but I like to know the fights ahead of time and be prepared for whatever the Big Ugly is going to throw at me. I know LFR is easier, the fights are lower in difficulty and mechanics and damage are changed, but I still like to know what I’m getting into. My friend gave me the cliff notes version of each fight, which as a ranged DPS was basically don’t stand in the fire and kill the Big Ugly, which I kind of figured.

We successfully downed all the bosses, by which I mean we didn’t totally wipe over and over again. I died once, a couple other people died a lot more than me, but I was more focused on trying to get my muscle memory to kick in insofar as my spell rotation was concerned. I was oops’ing and hitting my cool downs when I shouldn’t, but surprised myself by remembering when I shouldn’t  hit them, which would indicate I do, in fact, remember when to hit them.

Bring it on, giant murder scorpion

Bring it on, giant murder scorpion


I got three pieces of gear! New gloves, new pants, and a new ring. I also got a couple more important items, which were my last two sigils of wisdom, so my next goal in the legendary cloak questline is to go kill the Sha of Fear again, and loot a thing off of his cold corpse. Hooray!

It was suprisingly fun, running LFR. It helped immensely I was with my good friend, so I had someone to chat with during trash pulls or while we waited for everyone to prepare before the boss fights. I still have a little of a negative mindset when it comes to LFR, mainly due to the bad experiences I’ve had in there, but from what I’ve seen I’m definitely not the only one that happens to, and you have to endure the crappy times to enjoy and appreciate the good ones, whether it be in life or in Azeroth.

In real life news, Felix the cat is still super awesome, and I am beyond happy still every time I come home and see his cute widdle face. I survived the first week of classes, kind of getting used to my new schedule, although I am kind of irked I have less time for gaming, but such is life!

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

The End Is Nigh

Well, today is August 31. This is the last day of Blaugust. I have sucessfully posted every day for 31 straight days, and I am unbelievably proud of myself! They haven’t been award winning posts, I’m sure I’ve repeated topics and thoughts, but I still did what I set out to do! I made a schedule, stuck with it (except for a couple deviations when the mood struck me to write otherwise), and I am really happy to see a lot of other bloggers doing the same, even the ones that picked it up later on in the month still posted with consistency.

I urge you again to check out Anook, it’s a really cool new website, and it not only features every post from all of us during Blaugust, but there are many other gamers on there sharing screenshots, videos, stories, and blogs.

I negelected to do a weekly recap, that’s not really something I even considered, honestly, until a week ago haha. Instead you will get a monthly recap!

Here are all my posts for the month of Blaugust:

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And today’s, which you don’t need a link to :)


THANK YOU to everyone who has supported me and my blog! You have no idea how much it makes my day even when someone likes a post I did, let alone comments on it! I know all the time I browse through blogs and neglect to click that like button, not because I don’t like it, but because I am too busy moving on to the next thing, or too caught up in what the person was talking about or the story they were telling. So thank you :)

Have a great day, and here’s to the completion of Blaugust!


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