Weekly Recap: 2.8-2.14

This is going to be a new thing I’ll be trying. On my Saturday post I’ll be going back and reviewing my week, touching on gaming things I did that I didn’t talk about for my other posts. We’ll see how this goes!

The Sims 4

This sums it up in one picture
This sums it up in one picture

She looks so happy! After an hour or so in character creator, there she be! I’ve had TS4 since it was released, but there have been other gaming beasts on my plate, along with classes and life, so I haven’t had the time to sink into it that I did with TS3. Don’t worry, little Simself, soon your time will come. I debated briefly building a home from scratch, as I haven’t really messed with the build mode in TS4 that much, but then decided to move her into a pre-made house. I added on a small yard, for gardening.


I’ve got her in the business career, as we could all guess from her button-down and pencil skirt, and she is working on building her gardening and violin skill, because why not? I haven’t spent that much time playing on her save, as I saw other Sims I had created (my real life friends, because nothing is more fun than killing, controlling, and ruling over your friends’ every decision and relationship and clothing choice!)

I never said I was nice ^.^

The really interesting thing to me about this game is that you can create yourself, or a close approximation, and live another virtual life for yourself. Thing is though, this isn’t always a good thing. There’s a running joke on the internet that’s been around since the first Sims game, in which the gamer has their sim be successful and lucrative in their career, build all kinds of relationships and friendships, and get massive amounts of things accomplished, , but then the gamer is sitting in their room with clothes piled around them, old pizza boxes laying around, and general disorder and chaos happening in their real life.

To me, while it’s fun to create my Simself and rule over her life, it almost reminds me more of what I’m doing (or not doing) with my own life. Such as letting two hours pass by, and I’m still derping about in my pj’s while she’s off being a business tycoon!

What else do you do on a first date? SELFIE!!!!
What else do you do on a first date? SELFIE!!!!

Diablo III

Season 2 went live last night, and I bounced around between grouping with a couple friends before settling with a group that contained two guild members, and a new friend! Two of us were Witch Doctors, one was a Wizard, and the other a Crusader. That was a fun group composition, as once we got our zombie dogs, they formed a little meat shield wall with the Crusader, so us ranged folks were free to volley attacks from afar.


We didn’t get super far, most of us had to leave early to take care of real life responsibilities, but I’ll be at it again tonight!

I really like the Seasons, I’m glad they put those into the game. Personally I always secretly yearn for a fresh start in a lot of games, starting from scratch is a challenge, and lets you see and experience the game all over again in a new light.

I decided on a Witch Doctor, as you can see. I’m trying to experiment with skills and abilities I probably wouldn’t normally end up using at end game rift type gameplay, because it’s fun and why not? WD was the very first class I rolled in D3, and I haven’t really played her at all in the last few months, so while the abilities are recognizable, they aren’t all that familiar, so I don’t have to unlearn and relearn things.


My warrior is steadily plugging along through Outland, I really want to get her to max level to get her garrison up and running. The one resource I don’t have a reliable means of getting that I need for crafting is a barn, for savage bloods.

I’ve got various other alts that I’m leveling, since as discussed several times previously, I have a problem with alts, and that problem is that they are too darn fun to not have a lot of!



Left shark has had enough of your BS, but wishes you a good weekend nonetheless ^.^

Killing things, with friends!

Yesterday was a long day so I just needed some mindless murderdeath, which called for my old friend Diablo 3. While I wasn’t feeling super up for it, I still set up and started streaming as well, since it’s one of my scheduled days, and well, consistency and all that. A guildie dropped in my Twitch chat and said he wanted to help me kill ALL the things, and at that point I was over being overwhelmed with my current, higher level characters that I did the inevitable and rolled a new toon.


I have a problem.

After I ended the stream we still played and murdered things, and got up to where we rescue the mysterious stranger. Wonder who he is. NO IDEA.

While we were running around, joking and laughing and slaughtering, I realized I had really missed that. It helped me forget about the crappy day and just be happy for a while, which might not seem like a lot, but for me it really vastly improved the day. Not only the fun of playing a game with a friend (yes I know I raid, but that’s a different beast) but of just the overall feeling I get when I play Diablo or Torchlight or a similar game. Sure you can tune the difficulty up and challenge yourself, or you can just have fun blowing everything up. You have the freedom to adjust that, not like Warcraft where the difficulty is set in stone, and there are certain roadblocks that prevent you from reaching things until it’s time.

After (Mogging and Dye)!
After (Mogging and Dye)!

I kind of like the first one better. WELP.

Apologies for today’s post, I’m far from 100% this morning, but I’m wanting to stick to my schedule. Getting back into the groove of things is proving to be a bit tougher than I originally thought, but anything worth doing is worth working for!

Have a good one =)