Killing things, with friends!

Yesterday was a long day so I just needed some mindless murderdeath, which called for my old friend Diablo 3. While I wasn’t feeling super up for it, I still set up and started streaming as well, since it’s one of my scheduled days, and well, consistency and all that. A guildie dropped in my Twitch chat and said he wanted to help me kill ALL the things, and at that point I was over being overwhelmed with my current, higher level characters that I did the inevitable and rolled a new toon.


I have a problem.

After I ended the stream we still played and murdered things, and got up to where we rescue the mysterious stranger. Wonder who he is. NO IDEA.

While we were running around, joking and laughing and slaughtering, I realized I had really missed that. It helped me forget about the crappy day and just be happy for a while, which might not seem like a lot, but for me it really vastly improved the day. Not only the fun of playing a game with a friend (yes I know I raid, but that’s a different beast) but of just the overall feeling I get when I play Diablo or Torchlight or a similar game. Sure you can tune the difficulty up and challenge yourself, or you can just have fun blowing everything up. You have the freedom to adjust that, not like Warcraft where the difficulty is set in stone, and there are certain roadblocks that prevent you from reaching things until it’s time.

After (Mogging and Dye)!
After (Mogging and Dye)!

I kind of like the first one better. WELP.

Apologies for today’s post, I’m far from 100% this morning, but I’m wanting to stick to my schedule. Getting back into the groove of things is proving to be a bit tougher than I originally thought, but anything worth doing is worth working for!

Have a good one =)

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