Blaugust Day 17 – Infinite Gameplay

For my second post today (I know, I know, I can’t believe it either) I’ll be using a prompt by one of my best friends Caff (@thingwhatwows on the Twitters).

She asked me “If you had infinite time, which game would you play?”

The answer actually came to me fairly quickly and easily, and it was Skyrim.

This game swept me away the first time I play it, and every time I log in, I lose hours to it. You can create so many varieties of characters, and even the ones I have created similarly (I tend to play stealthy archers) play along different paths in the game. Some focus more on The Thieves’ Guild, some on The Dark Brotherhood quest line, even others go straight into being a Dovahkiin and into the main story line.


Even after so many years, The game is still gorgeous. Sure, it has its graphical errors, like all games, some more humorous than most, but this is one game that I keep coming back to over and over again without fail.

There are so many of the aspects I still haven’t explored to this day. I haven’t maxed out all the skill trees. I haven’t really played through the entirety of the game as a mage or a warrior. I haven’t unlocked all the achievements, or broken successfully out of a jail (I get nervous OKAY).


Writing this, I want to start up the game and play, AND IT’S ALL YOUR FAULT CAFF ❤


(I forgot my cat gif this morning noooooooooo)

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Blaugust Day 17 – Exploring Tyria


I have really been enjoying the hell out of Guild Wars 2 lately. The thing I’m enjoying the most is exploring the different zones as I quest. Well, let me backtrack. GW2 doesn’t have questing in the sense of talking to someone in a quest hub, going out, killing 10 rats, then returning and getting loot. GW2 has a very dynamic way of getting your character experience as you move through a questing zone.

Gendarran Fields is the zone I am currently in/exploring
Gendarran Fields is the zone I am currently in/exploring

The hearts are called Renown Hearts, the light blue diamonds are called Asuran Waypoints (used to quick travel around the map for a small in-game fee), the orange squares are Points of Interest, the gold arrows are skill points, usually you fight someone or have to solve a small puzzle, and the red triangles are my personal favorites, Vistas. Vistas usually involve a lot of jumping and climbing and a little strategy. They are usually located on the top of small mountains, or along the face of a cliff. For each little map icon you fill in, you earn experience, as well as for exploring new zones.

Filled in Renown, discovered Waypoints
Filled in Renown Heart with a discovered Asuran Waypoint (little down arrow next to it is showing me it’s below me in elevation) and a Point of Interest below Dragon’s Rising.

The Renown Hearts are usually along the lines of “help such and such person with A Thing”, for example clearing out a mine of hostiles, or helping different NPC’s out. There are tons of group events that can pop up when you trigger them (talking to an NPC that runs up to you and asks for help), or can happen on their own. These are really fun, and really make the world feel alive. Helping someone out at the mine? Oh no, you’ve made the boss of all the hostiles mad, time to fight him!

Other than gaining experience in the zones you have a main story quest. This quest is tailored to your character, and reflects upon decisions you make in character creation. For example, for one of my faults when creating my Norn, I chose the option that she got blackout drunk one night and couldn’t remember anything, but it couldn’t be too bad, right? Wrong-o. Apparently she went for a joyride with a Charr warband member in some fancy army vehicle, and they lost it. So I had a quest chain where I was working my way through a zone, embarrassingly talking to NPC’s who told me that I was shouting at trees to fight me, and riding all over the market place in this mechanical vehicle. Hehe, oops.

TL:DR summary: The ‘questing’ in Guild Wars 2 is very dynamic and smooth, and I am finding I am rarely bored. Sometimes lost, but never bored.

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Blaugust Day 8- CATS

cats cats cats cats cats

Teeny tiny baby Charr catte. She’s there! On top of the ruin, there’s a beam of light with a floating map… ZOOM IN GUYS

I’ve jumped headfirst back into Guild Wars 2, and it’s a ball. Guild Wars was the first MMO I ever played, and I always get a huge nostalgia hit whenever I log in to GW2. I chose to run around on my Charr Guardian first, as she is more of a tank-like character so I could probably afford to be a dummy for an hour or so as I remembered what the heck I was doing. Muscle memory hasn’t failed me though, as I quickly remembered which keys to hit, if not what specifically each ability does, haha. I briefly checked on my other characters too, but today I haven’t had much time for gaming, it will have to wait for tomorrow and Monday.


Also I had forgotten how preeettttyyy this game was. The music, the ambiance, the noises your character’s ability makes… It’s funny how you get so used to a certain sound and look and feel, and when you go to something completely different it shocks you.

Anyways, I’m off to level my baby mage and some battle pets, I hope everyone had a great day!


It was so popular on Twitter, I couldn’t help myself….


#Blaugust – Day 4

Here we are, on my first work day of the week, and first work day of Blaugust! These next few morning posts will probably be short and rushed, but eh, I’ll roll with it!

Yesterday I didn’t do much gaming, logged on to my warrior in Warcraft and messed around with her a bit, got her to level 76. I debated dusting off my characters in Dragon Age: Inquisition, but I ended up just logging into each one and running around in circles, not really accomplishing anything. I halfheartedly booted up The Sims 4, but immediately closed it. Guess I wasn’t in a gaming mindset, haha.

I was finishing up house chores and doing my weekly grocery run, so I was kind of scattered around. These next two weeks are going to be crazy busy for me, as life happens to do, and as a result I think my subconscious caught up to me. I had a mild anxiety attack during class yesterday, which was all the more terrifying because it was in public, and I couldn’t ‘escape’ really. I was able to ground myself fairly well by just extra focusing on the lesson, but it’s been well over a couple months since my last attack so it kind of caught me off guard.

I am ever so thankful for my amazing group of guildies/friends that I’ve met through Warcraft. It sounds super cheesy, but I felt they were there with me and for me through and after this, and once I had calmed down I felt immeasurably better. It really is crazy, the amount of trust and sense of companionship you can have with people that you’ve never met in real life, and some of them I don’t even know their real names, haha.

I’ve been feeling much better overall, for those who have kept track =P

I’m trying to think and feel more positively about things, and I’m finding ‘positive thoughts = positive living’, and other cliche things.

Today will be one of my ‘long days’ – work all day and then class immediately after. I’m happy though- it will give my mind something to think about instead of going back and re-hashing last night, please and thank you >.>

I hope everyone has a great day, go out there and kick ass ^.^


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Blaugust: Day 1

Here we are. Day 1 of the 31 day adventure!

THE FACE OF CONFIDENCE (Yes this is me ^.^)

I’ve taken breaks from blogging before, only to come back with a vengeance, only to disappear again. It’s always on my brain, and every time I do blog I find that I missed it, and that it seems almost like falling into a familiar rhythm.

As I sit here, sipping my coffee, cat sitting on my feet, I’m smiling. I’m excited to be starting this journey, and to be sharing it with my fellow bloggers!

That being said- Last year I wrote out a whole schedule for what I was going to post every day, I had certain days be days I would talk about a certain game, but this year, I’m going to wing it.


I’m currently back to playing Warcraft (yay!) and enjoying the freedom of logging in and doing my own thing. I’m leveling up my Army of Alts, and knocking off achievements or accomplishing small goals whenever I log in. It keeps me interested and entertained, and the different classes and play styles keep my interest, as I can just hop on someone else if I start to feel ‘meh’.

I’m still frolicking with my other games, ESO, FFXIV, Sims 4, but Life is Busy and my game time is limited, so I’m trying to fit it in where I can- life being busy is a good thing (especially considering the mental health stuff), so I almost enjoy it more when I do get a chance to sit down and invest some time into a game.

In real life? Working two jobs currently, basically full-time hours, and I’m taking a summer class which will consume most of my life for the first half of August, which will make these first group of posts very short and sweet out of necessity! My final project is going to take a lot of time, but challenges are always fun 😉

Today is my “Friday” as I work the last shift of my work week- I hope everyone has a great weekend, and I’m excited to see how this month turns out!

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Currently: Feeling lost. Alone. Confused. Anxious. Sad. Angry.

I’m going to be… stepping back. Less present on Twitter (or I’ll try to)

Making my account protected. Cleaning out my ‘following’ list. Being more aware of what I say.

I need to reclaim my space. Both online and offline.

Step back. Reassess. Recollect. Remember.



This morning, as it happens almost every morning, I feel the want to write a blog post. In contrast to most mornings, I vocalized my thoughts on Twitter and the inevitable happened.

With friends like these… ❤

Motivation is a funny thing. Everyone reacts differently to it, and it drives us to change things, or not, in varying degrees. There’s a lot that ties into motivation, that can stop one from doing something. Fear of change, the thought of failure, of rejection, or even of accomplishment. If I do the thing, and I do well at the thing, will people expect more? Will I expect more of myself? Yes, this ties into blogging as well.

My recent thoughts as to why I shouldn’t blog is that I’ve been in a kind of negative frame of mind lately. I don’t want every blog post to be me whining about something, or speaking dejectedly about what I wish something to be. It’s still my voice though, my thoughts, and what I’ve come to realize is by putting those thoughts down on the screen, or on paper if I draft out my post long-hand before I type it up, is that sometimes I can change my own way of thinking by the end of the post. Sometimes this makes me feel like I’m writing the post for no reason, but there was a reason, even if that was to simply change the way viewed something.

I’m not here to write guides, to tell you how to play your game. I’m here to share my experiences and thoughts with the interwebs, to take conversations I participate in or see online and continue them, or comment on them, in a longer form than is merited on social media or in chat boxes in MMO’s.

I always try to tie in what I’m doing IRL also, as I think it’s important to know there is a real human sitting here typing these out. I know this is a ‘gaming blog’, but I am a gamer, so I write about myself a bit too. My interests are varied (I’m in college, I currently work two jobs, I cross-stitch, I have a psychopathic adorable floofy cat, I try to be social with friends, I’m in many fandoms) and I try to keep this blog varied as well with the games and topics I speak about. I occasionally will try to write the motivational blog post, but most of my posts are the seat of the pants, stream of consciousness writing. I feel like this is more conversational, and it’s more fun for me to write.

Over the year I’ve been blogging, I’ve learned a lot about myself, and about what motivates me. I’ve tried to do many Things, whether it be following a character as I level it, or consistently write about a game and my progress through it, but I seem to never be able to keep up with it. This is something that I want to try to do better at, as continuity is a wonderful thing, and helps my readers as well as the author =P.

Lately I’ve been playing a lot of The Sims 4- it’s a game that I can kind of let do its own thing, and putter around the house, and come back to it when my Sims start yelling about something. I’ve created a Sim that I’ll be playing exclusively when I stream, as well as creating my friends because it’s fun and somewhat creepy and awkward to control their lives. I’ve been playing FFXIV also, putter around in D3 some, and I want to get back into Skyrim. Oh, I’m also forever trying to remember what rhythm is and progress in Crypt of the Necrodancer ^.^

I’ve gone off track, where was I? Oh yes.

So what motivates me to write? A helluva lot, apparently.

Liebster Award!

Good Morning!
I got tagged by two blogger buddies for the above thingy, which I had never heard of, so BRB Googling. Oh hey, there we go. Now I feel more educated. I’m pleased to be included by two of my blogging friends in this, and I’m going to play along to some extent. I’m all for community events, mind you. I participated in the Newbie Blogger Initiative and Blaugust, and enjoyed both immensely. This feels gimmicky to me. I’m all for networking, I enjoy finding new blogs, but I’m more apt to find them via social media (get on those re-tweets!) or by browsing a blogger friend’s blogroll. I have a small niche of friends, one of whom already has proclaimed she will not be tagging anyone, and of the others, I’ve seen most of them respond to this in one way or another, either by tagging me, or posting their reply to someone else’s nomination already.
Confused? Don’t be! This is what chain emails feel like! I tag you, you tag him, eventually we all get cross-tagged, and then everyone is answering the same question over and over until someone throws their computer out the window after deleting you all from their email contacts!
That being said. I will answer the questions asked of me, because I’m polite, if grumpy ^.^
1. What are the three major elements of your ideal video game?
Story, combat can’t feel too clunky or awkward, a sense of humor
2. Big city, suburb, or countryside?
Suburb within driving distance of the big city.
3. What’s the origin of your blogging name?
Alternative Chat‘s fault. ^.^
4. Aeris lives and you’re hired to retell Final Fantasy 7. What role does she play?
Who, what?
5. What’s your favorite biome?
Torn on this one: a frozen, mountainous zone, or a lush sprawling plain, filled with wildlife and flowers. One extreme or the other, with me!
6. Write a haiku love poem to this morning’s breakfast.
The coffee is warm
Slowly awakening from my slumber
7. What’s your preferred device for reading blogs?
No specific device, I just click and read, whether it be on my PC or my phone
8. If you were to start up a video game company, what would you name it?
Byx Bytes
9. Which of the Seven Dwarves would you be and why?
Grumpy! She exclaims, to the surprise of no-one. On a good day, probably Doc, as I like to figure out problems and coordinate things.
10. What form of exercise do you find to be the most effective?
I haven’t exercised in forever, but I really enjoy strength/control exercises, such as Pilates and Barre. Walking is always really good, too.
11. How long is a piece of string?
*squints* This is a trick question.  It’s exactly as long as it is, no more, no less =D
From Sigtric:
1. Frogger, Dig Dug or Space Invaders?
2. If you were frozen in a block of ice, and miraculously were found alive after thawing out 10,000 years later, what is the first thing you would do?
Use the facilities.
3. Do you like slurpees?
Is this a serious question? Duh.
4. How many video games do you own that you’ve never played?
Probably 5-10
5. What is your favorite color?
6. If you bought me a beer, what kind would it be?
A cold one.
7. Yo ho, yo ho! A pirates life for me! Fill in the blanks you scabrous dogs!
“We’re rascals, meanie-butts , villains, and knaves,
Drink up, me hearties, yo ho.
We’re devils and black sheep, there’s the rum,
Drink up, me hearties, yo ho.”
8. If someone has multiple personalities and threatens to commit suicide, is this considered a hostage situation?
I.. what?
9. What is your favorite kind of hot sauce?
None, I don’t like spicy things.
10. Do you even lift?
Not as much as you, Captain Strong-arm McBeardy-face


11. What is love? (Baby, don’t hurt me.)
DON’T HURT ME, NO MORE *starts bobbing her head, a la SNL skit*
Well, there you have it. Some genuine answers, mostly smart-ass answers.
READERS! You’ve come this far, I have a question for you! Leave your answer in the comments:
How much does a pirate charge for a piercing?

Raiding Frustrations

I love raiding.

love it.

It is by far my favorite aspect of World of Warcraft. It’s the one that made me feel that this was my game. The social aspect has also been a very important one, but with raiding I can fulfill that need while also feeling productive, part of a team. I really love the way that 10+ people can coordinate their efforts without speaking (for the most part, after you learn the strategy for the fight) and accomplish the task, and celebrate afterwards.


Last night, I was reminded of something. I was reminded that sometimes these boss fights aren’t all fun and games, and sometimes they are frustrating and seem quite stupid. Last night, I was feeling some of the same feelings with the last couple times I took a break from the game. When I was in a guild that was hardcore, bleeding edge, where I wasn’t having a jot of fun and was in tears most nights after raid, due to frustration.

That scares me.

I love raiding, but I’m also getting to the point now where I loathe raiding. I don’t like how the higher ilvl gear is worse stat-wise for me, which means I’ve blindly picked up pieces, and got rid of old ones, that aren’t in fact upgrades, even though they’re from another tier of content. This is very frustrating. I also feel as if I’m doing everything right that I can insofar as my rotation and class abilities. I’m not perfect, believe me I’m the first to admit I make mistakes, but I’m doing the best that I can. It doesn’t feel like enough.

Do I try key binding? I have a few abilities key bound, but I’m just not used to that play style, so I feel as if that would be a broader learning curve. I don’t have a fancy smancy mouse with all the buttons on the side, and I don’t really want to go out and purchase one.

My guild is a semi-casual one, but that doesn’t mean we don’t get things done, and I feel like I’m getting to a point right now where I’m not only not getting those things done, but I’m not having fun raiding.

There. I said it. I’m not having fun raiding. I love progression fights, I love slowly but surely eking out the strategy, figuring out nuances of the fight, each attempt getting closer and closer, but…

For all the usual reasons, I don’t want to quit raiding. Mainly because I don’t like that ‘quit’ word, but also because then I would begin the process of oh, I’ll be behind on gear. I’ll be behind on content. Everyone will surpass me and I’ll feel like I’m being carried, since the only seamless way to ease into a raid tier is at the beginning of an expansion, unless you can PUG raids.

I’m not ready to throw in the towel just yet, but I might be.. squinting.. in the direction of the towel.

Striving for Consistency


I’ve decided today is as good a day as ever for me to start something. It’s not necessarily the hugest change ever, but I’m going to do it and stick to it, no matter the quality of results.

I’m going to start posting Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday mornings. Two of my fairy god-bloggers post every morning consistently, and I am forever impressed by their writing ability.

Aaaand that’s today’s post, bye.

This will never not make me feel something.

Kidding. I’m not that mean.

The above picture holds a lot of meaning for me, as I’m thinking it may for other people as well. Yes, it’s an NPC death that anyone who has ever rolled a Pandaren has seen and played through, but it still makes me feel something, and makes me think. This is not where I’m going to get super deep on everyone, but life is too short. Life is too short for me to worry about how perfect each of my blog posts are, if I’m hitting The Topic of the Day, if I’m getting a conversation going, if people are leaving deep, insightful comments on my posts.

I was debating going back through my posts and finding the post where I laid out where I wanted to go with this site, but I’m pretty sure I’ve changed the URL a couple times (since settling on names is difficult for me) and I’ve lost it in cyberspace. If anyone can find a link to said post, you earn one internet cookie, that you have to share with me. I wanted to find my mission statement, the post where I laid out where I wanted to go with my blog, but as I was lying awake a couple nights ago unable to sleep, I realized that I can change and shift the direction my blog and my life go in. I can stop worrying about the little things, remember that I’m not getting paid to write, that no-one depends on me to produce amazing content, that although I thank and respect my readers, commenters, and followers deeply, that I don’t owe anyone anything. That sounds kind of harsh, that last bit, but let me explain.

I try to keep my blog and gaming life on here seperate from my real life, but this is almost a personal blog at times for me, as I speculate and talk about my opinions and thoughts on things. Life recently has been sad for me, not due to any earth shattering or devastating circumstances, I just kind of feel stagnant. That’s all I’ll say on the topic, but I’ve realized that my creative outlets are kind of suffering for it, and that needs to come to an abrupt halt. The reason I started this blog was to have fun, and if I’m no longer doing that I should just walk away. Life is too hard, sucks too much at times, to let a fun thing leave a sour taste in my mouth, to somehow feel guilty for it.

I’m going to continue as I’ve done in the past with writing. Try to be funny, when the situation calls for it. Talk about different games, but WoW is my first and longest love, so that beast will get the most screen time. So without further ado…


There’s a reason I’m not the guild photographer ^.^

Last night we stepped into Blackrock Foundry, and quickly discovered that Ogron Box trash is Hardmode trash. We decided (rather, the officers decided and I showed up to stab bosses in the butt) to  go into it at the normal difficulty, as heroic seems over-tuned and a death fest for our average item level. We are 6/7 heroic in Highmaul, but Imperator is a poopy head, and won’t let us kill him. It took us only a couple times to down poor Gruul, and then we went on to Oregorger.

That fight, as I observed in Mumble, would be hilarious if it wasn’t so frustrating. I really like how that fight is set up, as frustrating as it is, and by the end of raid time I think the coordinators of the fighting strategies had figured out a (complicated to me) method of coordinating crate destruction and not getting mowed down by the over sized pill bug.

I'll leave the name as I found it on Google, because humorous.
I’ll leave the name as I found it on Google, because humorous.

That would be my post for today!

Thank you as ever for reading, and if you’ve made it this far, consider yourself gifted with a smile and an awkward sideways hug.