Blaugust: Day 2


I’m always oddly proud of these community events, even though I have nothing to do with their creation and organization ^.^

It’s so neat seeing the community come together, a ton of people all like “yeah, let’s do the thing!!”

Join usssssss


I am now officially a filthy casual, I guess? I’m not raiding, and miss it a ton, but my work schedule won’t let me raid with my guild, and I’ve beat this poor dead horse way too many times, and I’m sure you all know the story. My shaman, Byx, is doing the Garrison Shuffle, and last night I got the last achievement I needed, outside of Tanaan reputations, to unlock flying in Draenor.

That means the inevitable must occur. I must gird her loins (? yick), and venture forth into the terrifying, deadly world of TANAAAAAAAAAAN.

*dramatic music, thunder crashing, cat bolts under the bed*

Basically Byx in Tanaan.

I’ll let you pick if Byx is the ANGRY CAT or the plastic dinosaur.

I’ve been to Tanaan before on my shaman of course, but it was very similar to my first experience in Timeless Isle, where I basically ran around internally screaming for a couple days before I figured out what I’m supposed to do. Byx is geared enough to survive, and obviously as a shaman I have a bit more survivability than a pure DPS class, but I’m a baby and get scared of the BIG SCARY MONSTERS.

I also need oil. For boats ships. So, there you go.

My warlock is level 99.5, I’m still being super lazy and she is getting all of her XP via garrison missions and picking flowers/mining. I’m having a super fun time leveling my warrior, she is almost 76 and I am hoping to have her 80 or close to by the end of the weekend. Yay rest XP and Heirlooms! I now have one of every class created on my ‘home’ server, so I will probably slowly level them up as the mood strikes me. I’m not hell-bent on needing any of them leveled up, but I enjoy seeing the game from different classes’ perspectives. For those new to the party, I primarily play Horde, but am working on leveling my Alliance alt to 100, again to see the different perspective, but also for nerd points.

Pet battles are also a Thing I will be poking my nose back into, but I want to try not to overwhelm myself with my in-game to do list if at all possible. I’d rather log in and accomplish one small thing, than to log in and not really accomplish anything at all. I do game for fun, but I also like getting things done, dammit ^.^

Other games

I’m a game-aholic, I have Too Many Games and Not Enough Time, but I enjoy bouncing around from game to game as the mood strikes me. Last night I picked up a small expansion to The Sims 4 (I wish they would put them on sale….) so my Simself and her family can go camping. While I was in Origin, I wistfully looked over at Dragon Age: Inquisition, so that will probably get dusted off in the not so distant future as well.

I picked up Ori and The Blind Forest and Child of Light on the Steam Summa Sale, and I of course want to play through those games as well.


Life is busy right now, the two jobs which have me working full-time hours, job hunting, back into the shark-infested dude bro waters of online dating, as well as taking classes… Oof. I’m a busy gal =)

In general, life is a thumbs-up currently. Busy is good, keeps my brain occupied with that instead of the other stuff.

Here, have some nightmare fuel!
Here, have some nightmare fuel!

That’s all for today folks, I hope everyone has a great day!!!


Isn’t She Lovely

How much does your character’s look matter to you? Is it all about performance, or do you want to look badass, quirky, or cool as you pew pew?


Not referring to character creation per se, we’re all aware of the upcoming plastic surgery being applied to our characters in WoW. I’m talking their armor, weapons.  Their general look and feel. After all, you have to look at your character ALL the time, so why not make it something fun to look at?


LOL Outland armor-it burns us, precious


The below theme is currently the one I’m currently running on my warlock, anyone who follows me on twitter has seen this in my header there. I absolutely LOVE this tier set. At first the helmet threw me off because of the massive horns, but that quickly faded the first time I hit the space bar.





They’re so fun, so frivolous, don’t do anything to help my damage or ability to not stand in Bad, but man are they cool. The coloring of this set is fantastic as well! It really screams “Hi, I’m going to kill you painfully while cackling gleefully,” amirite? It’s just such a warlocky set!!



My warlock’s imitation of a hunter.


When I first got into mogging, I would look at tier sets. They already matched, and a lot of the content I didn’t actually raid in, so to me they were new, cool armor models. I’ve been expanding that into the so fun game of finding pieces of armor across all levels, zones, tiers that somehow matches and blends together in a common theme. I run old world raids pretty much on a weekly basis, hoping to get that one piece to drop. On my warlock alone, I probably have about ten robes that have drawn me to keep them in the hopes of finding matching shoulders, helms, etc. A lot of these I picked up at random, running old raids for chances of getting a mount to drop.

I’m working on collecting a set for my hunter, also probably for my priest and paladin. I’m bad at neglecting my alts, but if I put forth the effort to make them look nicer on the login screen, maybe I won’t feel so guilty that I only log in on them never.

I’m going to put something in here that I almost didn’t, just because for whatever reason, I’m shying away from writing about other games in this blog- I feel like it’s too new, not established enough, for me to flail about and touch on different topics. Then I realized it’s my blog, and I can put anything on here I want. I shouldn’t limit myself to just one game, even though it’s one I love playing, when I spend a lot of time in and equally enjoy others.

I wish Blizzard would implement a similar feature in WoW like they have for transmog in Diablo 3. I don’t have to have my bank or bags chock full of gear, once I learn the skin, it’s there forever. Blizzard did change it so that the items don’t have to be in your void storage, but I would still like more bag space, please. I don’t mind if it charges me a little bit more to mog it, there’s a lot more that I want to collect on my warlock, but I am limited severely by the space that’s available to me. Which is a shame.

On another branch of that thought, it would be neat if you could mog cloth armor to plate, or plate to cloth. Imagine a warrior tanking an instance, wearing a beautiful gown! Or a warlock in full plate armor, blasting enemies with fire! Or a hunter wearing all the armor they need on anyways! (It’s a joke, put down the pitchforks)


TL:DR? I really like the transmog feature. I think it’s a brilliant way for people to see the old content, even if they steamroll through it and ignore most (or all) of the mechanics.  Blizzard put (puts) a ton of work into this game, and it’s really nice that people are experiencing it! It’s a really fun aspect to the game, made even more fun by the recent news that they are bringing back quivers, librams, etc! The look of my character means a great deal to me, and I’m very pleased that it is a feature in this world that we all inhabit!

Thoughts are always welcome below!



Healing? You mean a healthstone, right?

Meet Dylena!


She’s a shaman (with a photobomb by Snuggles ^.^). If you.. Couldn’t….tell… Any who, she’s my latest project, which is to level a character to 90, using only the dungeon finder (and picking flowers)! She’s currently level 34.  No questing- kind of burnt out on that- and besides it gives me more practice on a role that I’ve been afraid of for a while, which is healing.

Back in the day (WotLK) I raided on my warlock and on my druid, who was a bear and a tree. I tanked through ICC, and a few other raids in Cata on her, and greatly enjoyed it! I also healed. This was back before the overhaul healing received right before Cata released, and therein lies my fear.

I remember it clearly. One day I was healing our main tank though dungeons, for achievements as well as gear for a guildie’s alt, if I remember clearly. Anyways, I was healing fine, heroic dungeons, the tank was pulling ALL the things, and it was fine! Then I went to do the same the next day. I had known that healing was going to change a bit, mana and mana regen was going to change a LOT, but boy was I utterly unprepared. It was…. Bad.  Really bad. Since then, I have not experienced that level of embarrassment in game, ever.  I felt completely helpless. I couldn’t heal. I was hitting the buttons (literally), was using my cooldowns, everything. We wiped. Time after time. On a dungeon I had run not even 24 hours before.

Now, the couple-years-older-me is looking back at this, and would have approached it differently. I would have run a non-heroic dungeon, with only guild members, after extensive reading and research on how my class had changed, and how to cope with the change. But I had that feeling of ‘nah, I got this’ which proved to be my downfall.

I was unprepared, I got scared, and I gave up. That one experience shied me away from healing for the rest of the expansion, past a certain level. I leveled a priest, she had a healing off-spec, but once I hit cataclysm level dungeons I would just go in as shadow. Same with another shaman on another server. Now I’m sitting here, at the end of the expac, with a lot on my to-do list, and this is one of the main ones. I want to conquer this fear. I know I am capable of doing it, I just have to overcome that fear of failure, of being embarrassed.

That’s where the anonymity of online play is my friend.  I can make mistakes, fail, learn. Yes I’ll deal with backlash from my group, will probably be kicked, will be called names, but I can find safety in not really knowing who I’m with.

I touched on this in an earlier blog post; I have my comfort zone, which is with ranged dps. I miss healing though. Yes it was stressful, but when I did it correctly, when we downed the boss or finished the dungeon, I almost felt more a part of it than when I was standing in the back flinging spells around.  Plus, what better time than at the end of the expansion, with the new one looming on the horizon, to try a new role? Who knows, I might overcome this fear and end up greatly enjoying it! 

Question time! Has anyone else ever experienced this? Being afraid to try a different role? Any tips on how to overcome this? Should I go the guildie/friend route versus the random human route for the higher level dungeons, where my scaredy-cat feelings come into play?

Or am I just a spaz? It’s known. 


Edit: My warlock is viewing me with disgust right now. “Healthstones are for healing. When those fail, a soulstone. Death and destruction, don’t help people, what is wrong with you?”

A casual player’s thoughts on all this STUFF

It’s only the Alpha. Repeat after me. It’s only the Alpha.

We’ve been through this before, no? With every expansion EVER.

I for one am super excited about all the NEW things! I’ve been on Wowhead with everyone else in the world, browsing new character models, new mounts, items, etc. (but don’t they all look… angry… and beefy.. LOL TAUREN PUN)

Change is good! Scary, but good.

Don’t we want our world (of Warcraft) to be changing, evolving, and growing? Does that not make it more dynamic? More engaging? Give us something different to look at, something new to discover, to have fun with, to be a part of.

If nothing else, gives us something new to talk about!


Shifting gears…

Now, I’ve said this before and I’ll repeat myself as always, I’m definitely a casual player/raider. Call me crazy, but I want to play a game to have fun, and if you aren’t having fun, the door is that way. That being said, no I’m not 100% sunshine and happiness with all the spell/class/glyph/etc changes, especially to my ‘main’, but hey, we’ll get used to it. It’s less pressure for me than for a hardcore raider, or raiding guild, I know.

I can see the pressure and stress of finding your new niche, your new class, new playstyle, especially if your guild or raid group needs that. I’ve been there done that, I tanked and helped heal a bit in ICC, I resented it a bit at first, I wanted to play my warlock, but then I began having so much fun on my druid, and remembering all that fun has made me reflect a bit on that.

For whatever reason, I have had such anxiety/stress about playing ANY role other than DPS since Cataclysm. I think it was when the healing changes first went into effect, and I went to run a random heroic with some guildies, on my druid, and I couldn’t keep the tank healed. The tank that a day before I could heal fine. I was running low on mana, my heals weren’t hitting as hard. So I gave up. And I’m just now starting to feel kind of confident again in my abilities.

Will this happen to people in WoD? Will all these changes scare people, make them shy away from roles, classes, that they’ve loved? I sincerely hope not, and I don’t think it will.

But to reiterate my OWN thoughts from the beginning of this:


It’s only the Alpha.


Carry on, friends =)