Thoughts about Role-Play

Something something, “Me not that kind of orc!”

Not THAT kind of role-play, you goofs.

It’s time for a confession. I’ve secretly wanted to role-play in WoW for almost as long as I’ve been playing. I don’t have any idea how normal RP people do these kind of character sheets or even how they figure out how they want to go with their characters, but here goes! If I were to RP my current “main” characters, this is probably how it would go :


She’s a Pandaren enhancement shaman. I would undoubtedly tie in her race’s love for food and drink, though I can somehow see her going more for the rare, expensive foods rather than the more common comfort foods. Personality wise she would be sassy as all hell, always ready for a laugh. Fiercely protective of her friends, and gets along well with all of the members of the guild. The class she would envy the most would be hunters, due to their ability to tame wild beasts. She would get along best with any class that has healing abilities, as she tends to die a lot. It’s totally not her fault though, it just happens, you see.

Bunny Byx is best Byx ^.^
Repeat image, but this sums her up nicely.


The warlock – she basically just hates everything and wants to kill everyone, but she likes fluffy little animals. She also is very vain about her appearance, and her armor has to look just so before she can even think of doing anything else. Have I mentioned she just wants to kill everyone?


She’s my warrior, I’m leveling her through Outland right now, but I would say even though I’m not leveling her protection, she is still cautious and wary about her surroundings. She misses Mulgore greatly, the green rolling hills, the peaceful life. She knows she has to fight though, for there is evil in the world and she must smash it into pieces. She isn’t a mindless killing machine, but she does want to try to fix the world as best she can, for those still living in Mulgore, and other peaceful lands.


All that being said, I still haven’t ever actually played this game with an RP mindset. Sure, in conversations I’ll joke around and talk like I am my character, but it’s not an all the time thing.  Well, what’s stopping me, you may ask? A couple different things, as it turns out.


Being myself, I would want to invest a lot of time into the back story of my character, getting their name exactly right, picking the right character and not wanting to restart at level 15 or so. I would want to keep copious notes on all my characters, everyone they met along the journey, NPC’s that they spite or that spite them.

The main issue is just the time to do this. Life being life, it is busy, and most of the time I spend in-game is already taken up by the usual things I do. Raiding, leveling alts, working on achievements, etc. I feel like this huge undertaking would happen, and I’d have to devote a lot of time to the process of creating and nurturing my character.


I would feel like the noobiest of noobs stepping foot into RP. I’m positive I’m over thinking this, like most everything else I do in life and gaming, but I like to know what I’m getting myself into, so sue me (Don’t sue me. I don’t have a ton of money and it will be embarrassing for both of us.)!

I’m just actually not sure how to even begin, is the main thing. I’m sure if I am interested in doing this at some point, I could do my usual thing of just winging it, rolling with it, making it up as I go along. It would be fun though to create a back story, figure out the why and how of my character’s interactions with others and how she acts when no-one else is around. They’ve added a great deal of content that I can see being perfect for RP.


In conclusion:

Huh. Maybe I will RP, this was a fun post to write ^.^

Do you role-play in any of the games you play? Do you occasionally RP on your characters but not devote your entire play time to that? I’m interested, leave some comments below!