WoD Alpha Notes: My Thoughts Part 1

Hey all! Sorry for my brief absence, real life kind of took me over for a week and I didn’t have time to sit and type out any decent posts!

This was intended to be (thanks to Fussypants of Growing up in Azeroth) a post about the updated Alpha patch notes for Warlords of Draenor, but I’ve been neglecting my homework, so this is going to be a slight challenge ^.^ 

I am looking forward to and excited for the changes to Azeroth, I am just hoping to understand the changes a bit more this time around. When Mists was released, I was more ‘ooh Pandaren!’ than I was ‘wait, WHAT are they doing to my spells?!’  I wasn’t raiding, so that part of the game didn’t appeal to me. This time around, while I’m also not raiding, I want to understand and try to grasp as many aspects as I can, so I don’t feel like I’m floundering through the game and mechanics as I am in MoP.  I feel like this is an awkward way of writing for me, I’ve never really analyzed changes, to other classes or the game in general, and I am not 100% sure on how to proceed. But I shall give it my best shot!

Hm. After reading over the Alpha notes, I am probably just going to hash them out briefly topic by topic, with an (UPDATED) next to the ones that are, and a (no updates) next to the ones that have no updates! Cuz simplicity is king!

Shall we?


Talent points and Draenor Perks: (no updates)

This is a very neat system.  I really do like the new talent point system, the old one felt very rigid and regulated, if you didn’t click the certain buttons you weren’t capable of functioning. I like the way you can pick and choose more flavorful options, more AoE vs single target, survivability vs group play. It makes the game play more dynamic.  I do like the Draenor Perk addition, it might seem kind of lackluster at first to a lot of players, but they are rewarding us for leveling up and progressing by making our skills hit harder, heals heal for more, which will hopefully take some of the sting off of the ‘item squish’ that’s looming over all our heads.


Garrisons: (no updates)

I am more than likely (read: definitely yes yes yes) going to cover this in depth in another post, but for now, I AM EXCITE. I love ‘housing’ and this might not be exactly like that, but the idea of my own personal little fortress, with my little peons slaving away, profession boosts, cosmetic features.. Adds a very cool, fun feature to the game and I am so excited to get underway and start staking my claim!


Stat Squish: (no updates)

*shrug* Math. If I’m still hitting as hard on a mob as I was before, yes I’ll be sad to see my BIG CHAOS BOLT CRIT LOL be a little smaller, but meh. I’m not super freaking out about this change, if anything it will be easier for me to understand how my character is performing, without feeling like I have to go crazy with spreadsheets or get out the calculator. I’ve never been one to crunch the numbers, to see what each point of haste does to effect my spells, etc. That isn’t how I choose to play the game.  I do like that they’re simplifying all crit and haste to be just crit and haste, not separating it between spell, melee, and ranged. Less words= better, imo!


Primary Character Stats and Attack Power: (no updates)

Hm.. Many words, basically boils down to making it more even and balanced across the board for all classes. This will hopefully prevent certain classes from being too OP right off the bat, just because of innate or passive perks (such as intellect automatically providing a crit bonus).  Hmm there’s a lot to this, my brain is spinning now, will probably touch on this on a later post as well!

I am now realizing how huge the patch notes are (duh) and it will be impossible for me to cover ALL of them, even just the updated changes. I feel like I can’t really cover the updated changes because I haven’t talked about the first changes, so I will end this here, brief as it is. This has been a good exercise, been a lot different than my normal route of blogging, it’s given me more things to talk about, and me being me, I will no doubt finish this up in a long string of blog posts! Thank you for bearing with me, I am hoping to streamline this process in the future. Have a great week!