Blaugust Day 18 – Over the Hill

We’ve made it over the crest of the hill and are now looking down the nice smooth incline (or steep drop, pick your poison) of the tail end of the month of Blaugust.

kitten driiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiink
A toast! Er… close enough, little one.

My blog title today also got me to thinking, what happens when your MMO heroes/heroines are of retirement age? Do they ever age? Are there special homes for ye olde heroes?

Think shuffleboard, but with swords.

Or do your heroes even age? Are they immortal, only gaining in experience and power? You would think there would come a time when their power peaks, when they cannot get stronger. Do they then turn into the villains young heroes fight, as is the case in a lot of in-game lore?

I’m asking too many questions, aren’t I?

See what I did there- man I’m clever huh!

runs away

In real life news, this week is the last week at my current job, and I start my new one next Monday! I’m really nervous/excited/terrified but I know I’ll be fine. I just have to make my brain shut up.

I hope everyone has a great Tuesday! Also, I’ll be taking blog post prompts, so if you have an idea, leave it in the comments or tweet it at me! ❤

Blaugust Day 17 – Exploring Tyria


I have really been enjoying the hell out of Guild Wars 2 lately. The thing I’m enjoying the most is exploring the different zones as I quest. Well, let me backtrack. GW2 doesn’t have questing in the sense of talking to someone in a quest hub, going out, killing 10 rats, then returning and getting loot. GW2 has a very dynamic way of getting your character experience as you move through a questing zone.

Gendarran Fields is the zone I am currently in/exploring
Gendarran Fields is the zone I am currently in/exploring

The hearts are called Renown Hearts, the light blue diamonds are called Asuran Waypoints (used to quick travel around the map for a small in-game fee), the orange squares are Points of Interest, the gold arrows are skill points, usually you fight someone or have to solve a small puzzle, and the red triangles are my personal favorites, Vistas. Vistas usually involve a lot of jumping and climbing and a little strategy. They are usually located on the top of small mountains, or along the face of a cliff. For each little map icon you fill in, you earn experience, as well as for exploring new zones.

Filled in Renown, discovered Waypoints
Filled in Renown Heart with a discovered Asuran Waypoint (little down arrow next to it is showing me it’s below me in elevation) and a Point of Interest below Dragon’s Rising.

The Renown Hearts are usually along the lines of “help such and such person with A Thing”, for example clearing out a mine of hostiles, or helping different NPC’s out. There are tons of group events that can pop up when you trigger them (talking to an NPC that runs up to you and asks for help), or can happen on their own. These are really fun, and really make the world feel alive. Helping someone out at the mine? Oh no, you’ve made the boss of all the hostiles mad, time to fight him!

Other than gaining experience in the zones you have a main story quest. This quest is tailored to your character, and reflects upon decisions you make in character creation. For example, for one of my faults when creating my Norn, I chose the option that she got blackout drunk one night and couldn’t remember anything, but it couldn’t be too bad, right? Wrong-o. Apparently she went for a joyride with a Charr warband member in some fancy army vehicle, and they lost it. So I had a quest chain where I was working my way through a zone, embarrassingly talking to NPC’s who told me that I was shouting at trees to fight me, and riding all over the market place in this mechanical vehicle. Hehe, oops.

TL:DR summary: The ‘questing’ in Guild Wars 2 is very dynamic and smooth, and I am finding I am rarely bored. Sometimes lost, but never bored.

Interested in joining Blaugust? Can even look forward and start planning for next year!

Blaugust Day 7 – Exciting Times Ahead!

So, yesterday was the big day. There was the official announcement of the new World of Warcraft expansion: Legion.


I’m learning so much more about Warcraft lore, the classes, different NPCs that are so important to the story, and it’s all really exciting. Kind of overwhelming, but for right now I’m mainly feeling excitement!! I have a renewed interest in the game and learning as much as I can about it. I mean I’ve been playing WoW for almost 8 years, and I’m almost embarrassed when lore discussions happen and I’m asking “who is that?!?!?!” I’ll learn eventually though ^.^

This weekend is a Pet Battle weekend in Warcraft- normal pet battles you get 200% more xp, and there is a quest with various goodies if you win 5 random PvP battles. I’m mainly going to focus on leveling up my little wee ones, I might try the PvP battles but eh, not going to stress about it.

I’m also re-installing GW2- I think I’m going to truly and honestly give it another shot. I played it for a super long time for a while, I think I need to just find a good guild and stick with it!

In exciting real life news, I broke the news on Twitter yesterday, but I have accepted a position as a receptionist at a small law firm and I start at the end of the month! I’m nervous and excited and anxious, and ready to begin the journey at my first ‘real job’ haha.

I hope everyone has a good weekend! See you tomorrow =)


Join us! 

Blaugust Day 5 – CAN’T BLOG TOO BUSY


Today was a crazy day and it’s not over yet hahahahaha


I have a homework assignment that is building off of an Access database we are working on in class- most of my time will probably be spent arranging the fields and changing the colors of the backgrounds on all the forms >.>

I don’t think I’ll be taking summer classes again, lol. The class is just way too fast-paced for me, and working full-time plus school eating away at what little free time I have… Ick. No thank you.

I had A Very Good Life Thing happen today which I will explain in more detail at a later point (If you know, NO SPOILARZ)

Let’s see.. I haven’t had much time for gaming due to LIFE being BUSY and STUFF, but I have actually done some cross-stitching, which, yes, takes as much time as accomplishing something in-game, but shush. I finished the top half of the giant cross-stitch I am working on for my mother and stepfather, and I will begin on the bottom half… at some point.

What time I have spent in gaming.. Doing the Garrison chore stuff on Byx and my warlock, Hexxia. I have leveled my warrior a couple levels, and created a few more “Byx-punny” character names, most of them named by my guildies. Will I level them? Heck if I know. But they are there! THE OPPORTUNITY AWAITS!!!

…….I’ve had a lot of coffee today okay? OKAY ??!?!?!?!

Interested in joining the madness? Of blogging, not of whatever the hell is going on in my brain…

Hey Look! A Wildstar Blog Post!

I apologize in advance for the following: Well not the picture, what’s after it!




I’ve got a fever. And the only prescription is more Yellowbell.


Okay. I got that out of my system. Please don’t kill me. There will only be a few more like that. *evil laughter*

 Now then.. Like most everyone else, I am playing the Wildstar head start that began in the wee hours of Saturday morning. And like most everyone else, I am enjoying the hell out of it. What keeps going through my mind, and what I keep coming back to as I’m playing it, is just how much fun it is!

 The story is great, it’s a fun premise, here’s this new planet, quick go colonize it! Oh wait, the guys we’ve been fighting this whole way are here too? Welp *loads pistols* (That’s a super short version of it, I am keenly aware)

The game play is exciting and engaging, it’s been a long while since I’ve been grinning as I frolic about, defeating these new creatures, meeting new (native) friends, making new (native) enemies. I like the telegraph system, where it shows you an outline of where your abilities are going to hit, and where to not stand when the enemy is attacking you. I chose spellslinger, the same class I played for the majority of the beta weekends I was invited to, and it’s so fun. I’m going to keep saying that word, so just bear with me! I want to try healing with her at some point, but for now I’m enjoying dual wielding pistols and pew-pew-ing FAR TOO MUCH to deviate from it quite yet!  It’s a very mobile class, I’m level 11, only got to 14 in the beta, so I’m reaching the end of my knowledge as far as the spells and abilities go until I surpass that level. 

The path I chose is Explorer- which mainly comprises of me plummeting off high places. It is gleefully dangerous.  The path has you explore the world, obviously, unlocking every nook, cranny, and cliff in each zone. You can go on treasure hunts, stake claims ( if there is a player with another path standing nearby, they get a little bonus item), and just see all there is to see.  Other options are Soldier (did nothing with this in Beta, so I have nothing), Scientist (scan stuff, didn’t do a lot with this, had a level 3-4 character), and Settler (these are the guys that everyone loves, they can create little buff stations by collecting things scattered around the area, as well as other goodies, throughout the zone).

I’m on a (RP-PvE) server with a couple friends, and I am making a lot of new ones. I’ve grouped up with random people to complete group quests, had random heals thrown at me, have thrown out random heals. Zone chat is full of the normal fresh baby MMO chatter, trolls trying to establish themselves as trolls, the RP-ers RP-ing, and people asking the same question multiple times in a row ^.^ But there is a good sense of community already, people seem far more helpful than in other games I’ve played, and there is a good sense of everyone enjoying themselves immensely!

I’m not going to compare this game to WoW. I’m sure that’s being done elsewhere, and I just don’t want to do that. They’re both MMORPG’s, have their similarities, and their differences. I’m still going to be playing WoW, but for right now, the new and shiny is new and shiny, and I am going to be frolicking in Nexus (not the dungeon, that’s what they call- oh never mind) for a bit!

 I’ll bring this to a close, with a couple more screenshots, by just saying again how much fun I am having. Little details, as well as big obvious ones, like the mini rock concert that happens when you level up, the taxi ‘drivers’ being amazingly hilarious, and the Lolli-lopp quest, make this game shine.



Obligatory tea party picture


“My programmer said I’d never amount to anything. Who’s laughing now, Ma?”

 I will most likely definitely be writing more about this in the future, so stay tuned! 


Are You There, Player? It’s Me, (Game)

I have to start this post off by saying that I’ve been quite remiss in participating in the NBI- I’ve of course been on the forums, have been reading and have been happy about my fellow NBI Initiates’ blogs, and their progress in general. I’ve been neglecting the writing prompts, the contests, etc. Not out of any particular one reason, just due to being busy (life) and uhh procrastination. So this is my first foray into writing with a  prompt given to me by that organization!

 The topic being: Why don’t we finish our games anymore? Below are my first three thoughts on why:

  • don’t have the time
  • don’t have the attention span
  • fear of ‘The End.’

I’m going to be working my way backwards through this list, because reasons.

For me, the last point is the most relatable.  If I’m really enjoying a game, a story, a particular character, I don’t want it to end. I actually have a couple games in progress, because of this reason. I know you can always replay a game, can see it from even a different perspective, IE play the character differently if it’s a Mass Effect/Dragon Age type game, can play with a different build, or try a different strategy. Change is scary, too. Whether it be real life, or in a video game, or any other scenario. The familiarity of the game, that added routine, the sound, the feel of it, gone.  The next game you pick up, you might not enjoy it as much. It might not be the same level of awesome. I tend to play games that are similar to each other, usually an RPG of some shape or fashion. Each one is good, is unique to some degree, but once I play and finish a game I absolutely love, I miss it. I think this is part of why I have So Many Games, because they can only hold my attention so long.

Second point! Missymojo  touched on this in her post, that we all want instant gratification. We all want to love the game, right off the bat, and if we don’t, it’s left in the dust. It’s so easy to obtain games nowadays, you don’t have to go to the store and actually hand over money, can do everything at home in your pj’s. I’ve guiltily played through a lot of games I haven’t necessarily enjoyed, just because I want to feel like I’m getting my money’s worth. Something drew me to the game, which turned out to be the only thing I liked about it.

I also pick up games due to what friends suggest, maybe we’ll start playing a game together, or we will find out we each have been playing/enjoying the same game, and we’ll group up. Then begins the intricate dance of I can only play at certain times, they can only play at certain times, do we wait for each other and take forever to finish the game together, or split off and do our own thing, totally negating our original idea of playing through it as a team. Usually, one or the other is left behind, which for me, kind of leaves a sour taste in my mouth. My friend has beaten it, has the cool achievements, etc, and I’m still derping around at the beginning or middle. There’s the other side of the coin too, where I either feel like I’m getting power leveled or rushed through the content, then when I try to play solo I have no idea what’s going on, haha.

As to the first bullet point, time; like most of us, I work full time and try to have a social life. This limits my time that I can play games, which also limits the games I want to play. If I’m not enjoying it, if it’s frustrating or I can’t get past a certain part, I’ll essentially give up on it. This isn’t necessarily the game’s fault, but more of my own. I think as a culture, we tend to embrace the New and Shiny. I know there are plenty of games sitting in my Steam library that I have uninstalled, or that are just sitting there collecting dust because of my reluctance to play them.

I wanted to use a certain game as an example for this, it’s kind of a blend of the first and last point, so I’ll just put it here at the end! Skyrim. The game has been out forever, I know this, you know this, we all know this. I got the game as a gift right when it came out, and I played through and beat the whole thing. Now you’re sitting there looking at the title, wondering where I’m going with this. There is a method to the madness, don’t worry! I had computer issues, very long story, had to reinstall everything, ended up losing my save file. So I had to start from scratch. If any of you have ever played Skyrim, you feel my pain. I made the character as similar as I could, but it has never been the same. She’s still a Khajit, still a stealthy archer, Boss Lady of the Thieves’ Guild, assassin person, bounties in various cities for absolutely no reason, I promise. I have purchased most of the houses again, but it still doesn’t feel the same. I feel like I rerolled. I am still enjoying the game, don’t get me wrong. But I’m miffed that my save file somehow vanished (I blame Garrosh) and that I have had to start over. This has given me a new grasp on the game though, when I play through some parts of it again, I understand the story more, or get an extra chuckle out of the dialogue, and I’m seeing things in a new way. It still just doesn’t feel the same though.  This has made me leery of finishing the game entirely, as I feel like even if I play through, complete everything as I did the first time around, it’s still not going to feel the same when I finish it. I won’t have that rush of excitement, of accomplishment. I’m also afraid that if I do finish it, I’ll be done with it, as in I won’t want to touch it ever again.

After all these words from me, what do you think? Is our culture to blame? Our want of things right NAO? Or are we as players too needy, too flighty, to really sit and enjoy a game for all it has to offer? 

Have a great day!


The Freedom of Summer

Spring has sprung, people.  I don’t know about the rest of the country/world, but this has been a terribly long, brutally cold winter. I picked a good one to move out by myself, huh? Today marked the end of my semester, took my last test in accounting, done with that nonsense. I’m probably going to take two classes in the fall semester, otherwise my 2-year Associate’s degree will take me about 8. I know that there’s no rush, but I would prefer to get it over with, mainly to preserve my sanity.  One of my best friends worked full time, and went to school full time, and I am forever going to be in awe of that. I’m exhausted as it is, working mostly full time, and just taking one class. 

With only work on my plate this summer, I am very optimistic about the summer. Heh. Only work. I’m sure in about a week or so, I’ll be right back to being as busy as I was, if not more. I’m going to continue to pretend I’ll have a ton of free time though, dangit.

I’m still quite happy/excited to be working with the NBI, I haven’t had as much time to participate as I’ve been wanting to, but now that my schedule is a bit more relaxed, hopefully that will change! I am really happy to see all the people in my WordPress feed, and even my Twitter feed, posting their articles and getting feedback from the community. It’s quite awesome! I’m trying to get better at posting on a regular basis, and to stick to a common theme in my posts, instead of wandering everywhere, like I usually do. Perhaps that’s just my style of writing though. Stream of consciousness.

 I am probably going to extend my blog out into other games, but I’m going to try to keep it focused on WoW. I do love the game, still enjoy playing it, still have PLENTY on my to-do list.

For those keeping score at home, and sighing in exasperation:

-Still need to finish the legendary cloak quest on my warlock

-Still need to actually see/finish SoO

-Still have crafting I want to level/work on before WoD

-Still working on leveling battle pets

-As always, occasionally running dungeons/old raids for transmog/mounts/pets.

That’s a lot of /’s.

Even with all this Stuff to Do, and more time available to me in which to play this game I love, I’m trying not to get burnt out. I’m sure it will happen, it’s happened with me every expansion, happens to most everyone, every expansion.  It’s there, looming, and people handle it and deal with it in different ways. I’ll probably do what I end up doing, which is just not play it for a few days, get obsessed with another game, and then be like ‘Oh yeah, WoW, I miss that. C’mere, you” Cuz I’m crazy.

What about you? How are you dealing with burnout? Or are you merrily raiding along, perhaps on an alt, in a different role, and mixing it up that way? I’m going to try to get better about responding to comments. I read them all, I just do that thing where I mentally reply and don’t actually type anything, like 90% of the texts I receive.



Operation: Get Moar Loots

I’ve decided to finally get my act in gear and get my legendary cloak on my warlock.


So yeah. Work in progress.


Now, I haven’t raided with my guild since fall of last year, I moved, was taking a class, and work was starting to get crazy busy so I just didn’t have the time to commit to it. Now we’re in the pre-expac slump, which I totally get, but I miss raiding. I raided (and raid led) through Wrath, Cata, and the first half of Mists. Like a lot of players, I’ve jumped servers and guilds but I still had been raiding pretty much consistently: up until last fall.


And it feels weird


I feel out of touch. Out of the loop. I used to be able to rattle off the enchants I needed, gems I needed cut for which gem slots, right off the top of my head. Now, however, I’m feeling kind of lost. I do like that I can jump in and run a wing of LFR, and the cross-realm raiding (while I haven’t myself participated except for a couple Ulduar runs) is a really nice feature, but I feel like I’m missing out on a big part of the game. Yes, WoW for me is about a vast number of things I enjoy doing, not just about getting together with a  bunch of friends and killing some big angry thing, but still.


I’m really not meaning to sound whiny, I promise.


Jeeeeeez I need to clean up my UI, WHY DID NO ONE TELL ME I CAN’T SEE ANYTHING


So I’m now 6 Sigils of Wisdom away from the next step in the process. I noticed that contrary to the quest text, I got one to drop in SoO, so I’ve decided I’m just going to run Seige to get them, I still haven’t done all of the wings of it, and I should probably help smack Garrosh around at least once! The group I had was actually a pretty decent one for a Friday night, we only wiped once on the Sha of Pride, and nobody was being immature or rude, so that was a pleasant surprise! Also, my damage was a lot higher than I figured it would be, no idea what was going on, my meters must have been broken….


To end my blurb:


I’m really glad Blizzard is putting forth the effort to make it possible for more people to see more of the content they offer. They spend a lot of time making those raids, creating the boss fights, making more Bad for people to stand in! I need to read more into detail about it, but what I’ve seen so far makes me very optimistic for the future of the game, and of raiding. Raiding is a huge part of this game, from a lore standpoint as well as a “welp I’ve beaten the game, yay!!!” standpoint. 


What do you guys/gals think? Is raiding super important to you? Are these changes making up your mind on whether or not you’ll play, or are you just taking it all in stride and eager to see what the next chapter brings?