Blaugust Day 18 – Over the Hill

We’ve made it over the crest of the hill and are now looking down the nice smooth incline (or steep drop, pick your poison) of the tail end of the month of Blaugust.

kitten driiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiink
A toast! Er… close enough, little one.

My blog title today also got me to thinking, what happens when your MMO heroes/heroines are of retirement age? Do they ever age? Are there special homes for ye olde heroes?

Think shuffleboard, but with swords.

Or do your heroes even age? Are they immortal, only gaining in experience and power? You would think there would come a time when their power peaks, when they cannot get stronger. Do they then turn into the villains young heroes fight, as is the case in a lot of in-game lore?

I’m asking too many questions, aren’t I?

See what I did there- man I’m clever huh!

runs away

In real life news, this week is the last week at my current job, and I start my new one next Monday! I’m really nervous/excited/terrified but I know I’ll be fine. I just have to make my brain shut up.

I hope everyone has a great Tuesday! Also, I’ll be taking blog post prompts, so if you have an idea, leave it in the comments or tweet it at me! ❤

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