Do You Believe in Magic?

Ear-worm! Woo!


I started this blog with the idea of sharing my story/world I’ve had running around the back of my brain with, well, the world.  A good friend hit me upside the head with the metaphorical 2 x 4 however, and said that probably wasn’t the best idea, as in my idea was good enough, someone would steal it. So there’s that. However- that doesn’t mean I can’t muse and ponder over things on here, and possibly get feedback as well!  So gather round, little ones (I can get away with that because I’m almost six feet tall, right? Right? No?) and join me!


Shape-shifting, shapeshifters, those have always been quite intriguing to me in any fantasy novel, movie, TV show, what have you. Anyone remember the Animorph books? Cheesy now to look back on those, but when I was in middle school they were my absolute favorite books. A human not only being able to turn into an animal, but almost becoming one- having the instincts, the reflexes and the senses of an animal- that was truly amazing to me.


I was having a discussion with a coworker (fellow nerd, yay) about the story idea I had, and I mentioned some of the characters would be shapeshifters, and he asked me where all the extra mass would go if a human were to change into say, a mouse. I didn’t really have an answer. Other than to waggle my fingers at him and go “It’s magic, mister Potter” and for him to roll his eyes and walk away. But this got the little gears a-turning in my brain.


Where would it go? I could be realistic-ish about it, and have the human turn into a human sized gerbil, or horse, or bird, or dragon.  I could also go the high fantasy magic I’m-doing-what-I-want-because-reasons route. I could just SAY it’s magic, I don’t HAVE to explain it.


But me being me, I kind of want to.


In other books I’ve read, there are magical planes, could the extra mass just go there? Kind of smooshed out into space, waiting for the shapeshifter to need it again? That’s a nice mental image, huh?


I make the above statement because my idea for my story is a larger creature to be in human form for most of the story. They fit in castles better, easier to understand than if they’re sitting there making  animalistic noises at each other, and plus that’s just how I want my story to go, darnit.


Another idea, suggested by my coworker, is that the creatures control a human shell as they recline on their mountains, making it seem like a big chess game. Which is a cool idea, and one that I might implement in some way…


But that’s just me, in my tiny crazy little brain.


Thoughts? Opinions? Leave ’em below!


Happy Thursday!