A casual player’s thoughts on all this STUFF

It’s only the Alpha. Repeat after me. It’s only the Alpha.

We’ve been through this before, no? With every expansion EVER.

I for one am super excited about all the NEW things! I’ve been on Wowhead with everyone else in the world, browsing new character models, new mounts, items, etc. (but don’t they all look… angry… and beefy.. LOL TAUREN PUN)

Change is good! Scary, but good.

Don’t we want our world (of Warcraft) to be changing, evolving, and growing? Does that not make it more dynamic? More engaging? Give us something different to look at, something new to discover, to have fun with, to be a part of.

If nothing else, gives us something new to talk about!


Shifting gears…

Now, I’ve said this before and I’ll repeat myself as always, I’m definitely a casual player/raider. Call me crazy, but I want to play a game to have fun, and if you aren’t having fun, the door is that way. That being said, no I’m not 100% sunshine and happiness with all the spell/class/glyph/etc changes, especially to my ‘main’, but hey, we’ll get used to it. It’s less pressure for me than for a hardcore raider, or raiding guild, I know.

I can see the pressure and stress of finding your new niche, your new class, new playstyle, especially if your guild or raid group needs that. I’ve been there done that, I tanked and helped heal a bit in ICC, I resented it a bit at first, I wanted to play my warlock, but then I began having so much fun on my druid, and remembering all that fun has made me reflect a bit on that.

For whatever reason, I have had such anxiety/stress about playing ANY role other than DPS since Cataclysm. I think it was when the healing changes first went into effect, and I went to run a random heroic with some guildies, on my druid, and I couldn’t keep the tank healed. The tank that a day before I could heal fine. I was running low on mana, my heals weren’t hitting as hard. So I gave up. And I’m just now starting to feel kind of confident again in my abilities.

Will this happen to people in WoD? Will all these changes scare people, make them shy away from roles, classes, that they’ve loved? I sincerely hope not, and I don’t think it will.

But to reiterate my OWN thoughts from the beginning of this:


It’s only the Alpha.


Carry on, friends =)