Being a long-time Warcraft player, Tuesdays are a somewhat significant day. These are maintenance days, servers being brought down for a few hours to install a major patch, or a few minutes to just reset them. This has resonated with me as another ‘start’ to the week, or another cycle of the week.

I’ve been very listless with my gaming lately. I can play a game for a couple hours, no problem, all is well, but when I get the thought of switching to another game, or logging off to take care of something and come back to that same game, I get restless. I can’t get back into it. I’m looking for something new, as most of us do from time to time. Luckily, I have heard on the winds (from a couple bloggers and friends) that TESO has now gone un-subscription-based. This makes me very happy. I did enjoy the game in Top Secret Beta, but not enough to pay another sub fee. I’m excited to download this new world, and dive into it and explore, without the stress of feeling obligated to play or log in and do something because I’m paying for my game time.

So what have I been doing, game-wise?


I’m leveling up (yet another) alt, alliance side. I started with a Gnome, but they are just too short, and my cat keeps attacking the monitor when I play her, so I rerolled a Worgen priest. I think she’s in Redridge now, killing Murlocs or curled up in front of the fireplace at the Inn. Probably the latter.

I’ve also been debating diving back into DAI, I miss the game, it’s been a couple weeks since I logged in to accomplish anything.


Plus, Sera makes me laugh.

I also want to dive back into Skyrim, finish ME2, mess around in GW2.


Basically, my gaming state is now mirroring my mental state, which is everywhere all at once and it’s quite frustrating ^.^


Maybe what I need is a break from all gaming, work on other things for a bit, then come back and revisit it.


Give myself a reset.

Dragon Effect, feat. Crazy Panda Face


It’s been a while. I’m noticing my blogging isn’t ever consistent, but maybe that’s part of my charm? After all, I’m doing this mainly for myself; yes I am thankful for and love my readers, but I set out to do this for me.

After the news that made the sky start raining down upon some of us, I decided my blog needed more fluff. Silly posts, that had nothing to do with BREAKING NEWS but instead had to do with whatever the heck I wanted. I keep forgetting I don’t have to follow a guideline of rules, nothing is expected of me, I enjoy doing this and need to stick to my roots, and my roots aren’t waxing on for hours about a change that quite frankly doesn’t effect me as of right now. If it becomes half as costly to renew via the tokens, I’ll look into it, but until then I’ll keep doing what I do, and not go off on a tangent or analyze the shite out of a situation ^.^

This reflects my mental state of late
This reflects my mental state of late

Life has reared its ugly head in the ugliest of ways, but I am determined to not let it drag me down. Depression is really tough, but I’ve dealt with it before and will probably continue to deal with it for my whole life. As such, I’m steering clear of the fiery discussions on social media, trying to shy away from going on and on in this space about current events and hot topics, as I’m trying to keep myself sane. That doesn’t mean I won’t talk about them, merely that I’m not going to actively choose to write about that over something else.

I’m not raiding at the moment, made a conscious decision that I wasn’t having fun with it, so needed to set it aside for a bit. I’m still logging on and playing, and if anything I’m enjoying the game more, now that I don’t feel pressured to log in at a certain time and perform to the best of my ability. As such, I’ve been leveling alts, and even spending more time in other games, such as Dragon Age Inquisition and Mass Effect 2. WHAT’S THAT, YOU SAY? SCREENSHOTS? HAPPY TO OBLIGE!


That’s Lyra! She likes to light things on fire. Also the banter between Sera and Dorian makes me smile so very much, and Cassandra is just so grumpy it’s adorable.

This shield makes me happy
This shield makes me happy

I’m really enjoying playing through the game again, I’ve beaten it once, but I want to find ALL the things and explore ALL the nooks and crannies. I’ll keep you posted.

Those eyelashes tho.
Those eyelashes tho.

I’ve never played the ME games, and I’ve been curious about them for a loooong time. In typical fashion, a friend was live tweeting herself picking the game back up and I was super intrigued, then remembered I had picked ME2 up on Origin a while ago, and just never installed it.

Goodbye, free time.

I have a series of (difficult) tests this week in school, so that is a priority for sure, but after this week I’ll be diving into the game headfirst. It’s really fun so far, kind of a different game than I normally play, so it’s holding my attention in the back of my mind ^.^

That’s all I’ve got for today, somehow I’m full of restless energy so I think I shall go out of doors and do something before I study for the next 24 hours, give or take a few for sleep.

Cliche New Year’s Post

Hello, friends! Happiest New Year to you!

This is the part where I talk about how long it’s been since I’ve posted, how I’m going to get better, how I’m going to make a plan and a schedule.

Truth is, life makes that tough.

This year, I’m actively trying not to make any concrete resolutions. Years in the past I would have my little list, things written down, but this year I’m going to do something different. I’m just going to live my life, trying to improve things along the way, on a day-to day basis. The normal things like diet and exercise, but try to add in some fun things like writing posts here, finishing up the first draft of my book, spending more time with friends, and as always accomplishing things in games.

2014 was the year that:

  • I started to get over the feeling of embarrassment of acknowledging the fact that I play all these games. Not to mention that I enjoy them, or feel as if I play them fairly well. Most of that has to do with finding some wonderful people (who are now equally wonderful friends) that I met through Twitter and later in-game.
  • I became more confident in myself, in a lot of different aspects of my life.
  • I worried a lot about too many things that I can’t control, but worried anyways
  • I became a lot more self-aware of how I handle, deal, and work through issues. For good or ill. Whether I tackle them head-on or ignore them, and shove them in a tiny corner of my brain to rifle through later.
  • I attempted a great many things. Newbie Blogger’s Initiative, Blaugust, NaNoWriMo. Some of these were more successful than others, but I learned a great deal through all of them, and met some great people!
  • I adopted a cat, who is a loving, destructive ball of fluff, but he’s my loving destructive ball of fluff, and I am his.

2015 will be a fun year. Sure, I’m looking at it with the somewhat jaded standpoint of it being a new start, day one, quite cliché, but those exist for a reason. We go through these patterns every year, making resolutions of how we are going to actively make this year better than the last, dammit, because reasons.  I think we all just want to improve ourselves, constantly. Evolution, and all that.  I’m no longer one to believe I have to wait for a significant time, such as the first day of a new year, to change habits, or add new ones, or even think retrospectively about myself.

I’m eagerly looking forward to this year, and all the challenges, fun, and discovery that will happen.


NOW THEN- gaming talk, since that’s probably what everyone is here for, and not my ramblings about feelings and thoughts and all that nonsense! With the holidays, and finals for school, my available play time has diminished, but I’ve managed to rack up some hours in both WoW and Dragon Age: Inquisition. Mostly the latter, because that game is amazing.



My enhancement shaman is my new BFF, and I am merrily stabbing at the Big Baddies with my awesome guild. My garrison is going along very well, level three, most buildings to that level as well. I’m still working on a lot of little things (leveling pets, mostly) now that the initial leveling-and-gearing-to-raid rush is over, and I can settle in and remember what else I want to accomplish. I’ve grown more comfortable with being a melee DPS, and I kind of enjoy the challenge of having to move more while attempting to keep my damage up to par. Luckily, the guild I am in is amazing, and even though we get shite done, there are no egos, no angry yelling raid leaders, and they make me laugh daily, even if it’s just scrolling through Twitter or bantering in guild chat.

Dragon Age: Inquisition


This game is still awesome, and I’ve been spending most of my gaming time here. I’ve been playing as a ranged rogue, romancing Cullen, and I’m sure I’m missing a lot of little details, but for the first run of the game I’m just enjoying myself, having fun, doing what I want. I always end up replaying through, so I’m sure after the third or fourth time-saving the world, I’ll have seen and done most everything! I enjoy these games so much for the sheer choices you get to make, that impact the world and story so much. How your choices make the different characters interact with you is really neat too, and as always the banter between the companions is spot on, and has surprised a laugh out of me a couple of times. I can say with confidence that I will log a great many hours in 2015 in Thedas, and I cannot wait.


I wish all of you a happy new year, and I am eagerly looking forward to the adventures that await, both in-game and out!


An Update

Good Morning!

This month can be summed up nicely in one word- hectic.

A last minute idea and gung-ho approach to NaNoWriMo, the launch of Warlords of Draenor, the release of Dragon Age: Inquisition, and a crazy snowstorm that has most of my city still shut down. There’s been a lot going on in the last couple of weeks. I’ll address these in order, and to those that may be wondering, I am fine insofar as the storm. I live north of the city, we only got a few inches here, and it’s been manageable, although my college has cancelled the classes all week since Tuesday when the snow hit.


Well, I gave it a good shot. Currently, I am sitting not so pretty at 16,783 words. While I am impressed with myself, I am disappointed also that I am going to be unable to achieve the goal of 50k words in 30 days. Looking back at how the decision came about, I can see that I was totally unprepared for how much time it would take up. I decided to do it the day before, with no planning or forethought about when I would schedule time, no organization really other than the plot outline and a few characters fleshed out. I am, however, impressed with myself that I was able to stick with it for as long as I did. I am super proud of my friends that I have seen blasting their daily word count out of the water, and I am quite happy with my story, and now have the confidence to know that I can indeed sit down and spew forth words at a good rate. The hardest part for me was writing without going back and editing. Not going back, re-reading, changing words, realizing I typed ‘said’ way too much, trying to just let the words flow, and let stream of consciousness take over. I have had a couple friends entrust me with their words to read, and I am probably going to cheerfully return the favor. I really do like my story, I’m happy with where it will be going, and I’m excited to see how far this branch of the road takes me. I have Too Much Going On right now however, so I will be unable to hit my goal. Oh well, there is always next year, and a whole 12 months for me to plan out and schedule my life!

Warlords of Draenor

Insert ‘that’s no moon!’ here


Wow. Wow as in the interjection, in this case. I am absolutely blown away by this expansion! The initial bout of server instability, crashing, and queues was annoying, oh yes, but I was affected less than others. I can certainly understand the pain and frustration, especially since EVERYONE WAS SO EXCITED AND POSTING THINGS EVERYWHERE!!! The zones are absolutely breathtaking, so much time and care went into just the landscape alone. Questing is fun and engaging, it draws you right into the story and doesn’t let you go for quite some time. You hit the ground running from the time you step through the dark portal, and then you get to your garrison.

I could easily write an entire series of blog posts about garrisons, but another wonderful human (Alternative Chat) already has that quite well covered, so go read her words if you’re not already. I promise you won’t regret it.

Needless to say, in typical fashion, I am tearing down and replacing buildings to accrue more garrison resources. I have to remember this is a long-term game, if the past stands to be true, so while I want ALL the things, I need to build SOME of the things first in order to accomplish what goals I have in a, if not timely, straightforward manner.

Aww yiss
Aww yiss

I am having quite the time on my enhancement shaman, who is now officially my new main. I am still getting used to playing as a melee in a group setting, my amount of mistakes seems to be decreasing at a somewhat steady pace. I am forever over critical of myself, and see so much more room for improvement, but my guildies and friends are supportive and helpful, which always helps tremendously when building one’s confidence. More about all this later, you’re writing a summary post, self!

Dragon Age: Inquisition

Tell em girl
Tell em girl

THIS GAME. Holy crap. Amazingly beautiful, I really love the pacing of it thus far, and I’m having a ball just exploring and seeing what all there is to do, and there is a lot to do. The first area you’re sent to has a myriad of side quests to do, and while I want to go through the story line, I also want to explore everything, because I know myself, and I will let those quests just rot in my quest log, and never go back and complete them. I can also see myself playing through it on multiple characters, as is the tradition with Dragon Age games. So far my favorite thing has been just how BIG the world is. One of my least favorite things about Dragon Age 2 was that you were very confined with the world. You had Kirkwall, the beaches, and the Deep Roads. I have already spent a few hours blissfully running around, with Solas, Varric, and Cassandra in tow, and that was only one quest area. This too, deserves a solo post!


To summarize: THERE IS SO MUCH GOING ON AND SO MANY GAMES I WANT TO PLAY AND ARGH. I might be contemplating streaming (probably not till the new year), as a side note- please let me know if this is something you think I should pursue, or if I have too much on my plate as is.


Happy Friday, and have a great weekend!