Back to the Grind



I’m back, bitches.

I mean I’ve always been here. But I mean I’m back to Warcraft. I  – yes I’ve been playing but. Look there are other names in the frame okay? That aren’t my green garrison names. And I’m in a different zone called Hellfire Citadel. I’M RAIDING AGAIN YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.

Wednesday night my guild ventured into HFC for the first time. We successfully downed some bosses, got some loot, much fun and merriment was had.  I was almost giddy with excitement, and was probably slightly annoying, but hey- I wasn’t playing for a while and didn’t realize how much I missed it until I was back in that ‘familiar’ setting. Logging into Mumble, sitting down and eating the feasts, talking boss strategy, figuring out new trash mechanics, joking around with my guildies- I missed that.

I was proud of myself for not looking at or getting upset about recount showing my DPS on the bosses. I’m running enhancement still on my shaman, and even with doing a little questing and some rep grinding, I was still feeling a tad bit rusty on some of my abilities. Muscle memory quickly kicked in, and I got right back into the rhythm. I still need a little gear to catch up to my guildies, but I wasn’t feeling *too* carried ^.^

6.2 Thoughts

Other than the initial quests that led me to building my shipyard near my Garrison, I am slightly embarrassed to say I haven’t done much questing at all in Tanaan. I haven’t unlocked any of the reputations, haven’t gotten close to being able to do the dailies to earn flight.

I still have to complete a few other tasks to unlock flight, but honestly, I’m in no hurry. Sure it will be hella convenient to be able to fly around, but I’m not outside of my Garrison very much, or won’t be probably even after I attain flight. It will be really nice on my alts, but I kind of like riding around on the ground.

Of course, I’m saying that NOW, and as usual my mindset will probably change, I’m mercurial like that. GET USED TO IT.




I’ve been back for about 20 minutes. 15 of which was spent just chatting in FC chat and switching back over to being an Archer from a Pugilist, 5 of which was spent paying for a name change, so I am Byx Keeneye now instead of Lyra Keeneye. It may seem like a minor thing, but I’m so used to being ‘Byx’ now that playing a character with a different name feels wrong. 

Now that I can pay for Warcraft (for the time being) with in-game gold, FFXIV is my only subscription-based game that I’m playing.


Enjoy your day, rainy and windy here, which means lots of gaming later! For now tho- Off to work

Off to work
Yep, here I go, wait, ack.


Let’s go on a Safari!

SCREENSHOT TIME for Murf’s post at Murf Versus for the Newbie Blogger Initiative! I haven’t been participating much this year, even though last year I was a “newbie” , I wanted to try to tag along and join in the fun. There’s always next year!

First up: Selfie!


She’s a cutie, my little Tauren warrior.

When Warcraft implemented the S.E.L.F.I.E. cam I was a little snarky about it, but now I’m obsessed. It shows off the new character models so well, and being able to do different emotes and have filters for it is super fun. Being able to share them on Twitter from within the game client is neat as well!

Next: Heroes or Villains!


She may be tiny, but she’s my little hero in FFXIV. Whether she is completing quests, helping out the locals, taking part in an epic story line that spans across the whole continent, or taking time out of the seriousness to goof off with friends or just explore.

Third: Landscape!


Mulgore is probably one of my favorite zones, and has such a nostalgic feel. My very first character I created in Warcraft was a Tauren Druid, and I spent so much time just flailing around in this zone way back in BC, learning what the hell I was doing before I finally ventured into the dangerous zone that was The Barrens. I played on a PvP server, got slaughtered so many times. Also, dangerous due to Barrens Chat *shudder*

The green hills, the mountains ringing the little snug and cozy valley, the animals roaming around, especially the packs of kodos, really made this zone feel so alive when I first started playing the game. I always enjoy questing through it on a Tauren, even though my time there is now usually very brief ^.^

Finally: The Scariest Place!


Skyrim is one of those games that manages to make me jump at silly times, like when I’m going through a cave and a Draugr pops open a tomb door and starts shuffling towards me, or when I’m minding my own business walking down the road at night and SUDDENLY BEAR.


There ya go! My four entries to the contest. May the best screenshotter win ^.^

Make a Dragon Wanna Retire, Man.


*chair dancing intensifies*

Anyways, back to the words.

You don't have to throw FISH AT ME
You don’t have to throw FISH AT ME


Meet Kyx.

She’s a rogue. She’s fun to play.

After two months away from the game, I figured I would take it slow re-entering the world, not jump right back into it feverishly. I logged on Byx and checked out her garrison, but was quickly overwhelmed by the state in which I left things. Her bags are overflowing with salvage crates, random greens everywhere. Instead of stressing myself out unnecessarily (after all, I came back to this game now because I thought it wouldn’t stress me out, so why drive myself crazy…), I did the inevitable and logged on a newly created alt, albeit one I created a few months ago.

Dramatic back lighting
Dramatic back lighting

I may (will probably) throw up a post at some point delving into the feels behind me returning to Warcraft, but this morning is not that morning!

Time Management is Fun

Now that summer is here, I’m finding I have Too Much To Do And Not Enough Time. Which is kind of fun. I have my blog (duh), various games, my fictional story thing I’m working on, my cross stitches, not to mention hanging out with real people in the real world and stuff, which I guess is a thing? I like to be organized, but I’m trying not to schedule my free time too much, as that’s slightly insane, and I’m not that crazy. I do have my “gaming notebooks” where I keep track of what I’m doing, and what I want to accomplish, but I’m not in any rush to do anything, and really, why force myself to do stuff. One of the main reasons I stepped back from Warcraft was feeling total apathy towards the game and my goals therein, so forcing myself to do things is only going to drive me away again.


I’ve been having a TON of fun in FFXIV, but one aspect of the game I haven’t messed with too much as of yet is crafting. I still feel like a newbie in that game, so I’m trying to get a grasp of just leveling my character in general before I split off into other areas of the game, but I’m learning that in that game alone there is A Lot To Do. I want to experience all of it, so I’m trying to keep myself on track and not branch off into every little thing, because then I won’t get anywhere! So far I’ve leveled damage dealing classes, I want to try tanking and healing but I’m kind of afraid of that too. I am lucky enough to have a really amazing grand company, so when the time comes I could probably find some friends to go with me and help me out. The low level dungeons don’t seem too tough insofar as mechanics go, and I’ve been in a bold and sassy mood lately, so I may be trying it out sooner than expected.

Real Life Update

I’m happy to report that life in general is much improved from a few months ago, for those of you that are keeping up with that. Some days are still a struggle, but in general I’m on the up and up, which is amazingly wonderful news. My parents are back from Florida where they were ensconced all winter, lucky bastards, and are now home and nagging me as usual ^.^

I’m working out more, trying to eat better, generally trying to improve myself as a human and listen to my body more. I let things slide a lot this winter, so trying to get back on track.

I’m wanting to stream more, I’ve been messing about with uploading my streams to YouTube but not sure if I’ll keep doing that or not, they seem to be too one-sided for that. Maybe I’ll try some let’s play videos? I need to get some graphics for my stream. (stream starting soon, follower tracker thinger, etc) HALP.


Oopsie gotta run, ENJOY YOUR DAY ❤

Wanna FIGHT?!

DO YA?!?!?!
DO YA?!?!?!

“Though she is but little, she is fierce.” -Shakespeare

You got that right, mister!


Real life update: classes are winding down for me, just one more final to go and I am done with this semester! I’ve decided to opt out of classes for the first summer session, but will be taking some for the second session, before rolling right into the fall semester. I want to get this degree done, but I also want to have some of the summer off ^.^ Now then, back to what everyone really (maybe) cares about- GAMING!!!

I have been having the best time leveling my Lalafell-formerly-known-as-Hot-Elf-Babe in FFXIV. On a whim I used a Potion of Fantasia, which is a one-time use item that lets you alter your character completely (race, gender, appearance) for free. I received the potion as part of the recruit a friend system.

Just a wee lass
Just a wee lass

I am a huge MMO fan, but most of the MMOs I’ve played have been western titles, such as Warcraft and the Guild Wars games. This is my first serious foray into eastern style games, and I have to say, I’m thoroughly enchanted. The altoholic in me is not a huge fan, but I do really like the aspect of gameplay that allows your one character to be any class in game. All you have to do is swap out your weapon, and your attributes, skills, and the class are switched over automatically. Where this ties into gameplay is there are cross-class abilities available.

I’ve been leveling my character as an archer, if you couldn’t tell by the bow in the above picture. With that class she is currently 28 I believe, but I am beginning to struggle a bit in the scenario-based quests, where it pits you up against more challenging mobs with the aid of NPC’s. After talking with my Grand Company (as I do often, sorry not sorry for all the questions, but I have no idea what I’m doing ever, so…) a couple suggested that I take up another class and level it up to take advantage of the cross-class abilities, such as heals or defensive spells.

Ergo, I am leveling a Pugilist. Basically, I run around and punch things. Adorably. Because I’m a teeny Lalafell. More pictures? KAY.


The feather in her hair is another part of the recruit a friend program, if I recall correctly it boosts experience across all classes up to a certain level, but doesn’t have much going for it stat-wise. However, since my goal at the moment is only to get the Pugilist to level 15, I’m not overly concerned about it. The game also has a very cool armory built into it, with the ability to save armor sets and swap between them at a click of a button, much like Warcraft.

I just find it highly amusing that I can go from this (somewhat) powerful and BA archer to a wee widdle newbie at a class, running around in stat-less gear, doing the “go here and kill x amount of these then come back, okay thanks” quests. I’m also still not used to my character looking and feeling so different, and it makes me smile that my adorable, chibi-like Lalafell is so scrappy.

Don’t MESS WITH HER. Really, don’t. This picture is terrifying.

oh god


Okie doke I think that’s enough out of me for today. Have a good one =)