Blaugust Day 17 – Infinite Gameplay

For my second post today (I know, I know, I can’t believe it either) I’ll be using a prompt by one of my best friends Caff (@thingwhatwows on the Twitters).

She asked me “If you had infinite time, which game would you play?”

The answer actually came to me fairly quickly and easily, and it was Skyrim.

This game swept me away the first time I play it, and every time I log in, I lose hours to it. You can create so many varieties of characters, and even the ones I have created similarly (I tend to play stealthy archers) play along different paths in the game. Some focus more on The Thieves’ Guild, some on The Dark Brotherhood quest line, even others go straight into being a Dovahkiin and into the main story line.


Even after so many years, The game is still gorgeous. Sure, it has its graphical errors, like all games, some more humorous than most, but this is one game that I keep coming back to over and over again without fail.

There are so many of the aspects I still haven’t explored to this day. I haven’t maxed out all the skill trees. I haven’t really played through the entirety of the game as a mage or a warrior. I haven’t unlocked all the achievements, or broken successfully out of a jail (I get nervous OKAY).


Writing this, I want to start up the game and play, AND IT’S ALL YOUR FAULT CAFF ❤


(I forgot my cat gif this morning noooooooooo)

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