Blaugust – Day 14, Part 1!

Oops I missed a post yesterday but oops yesterday was really busy so GET OVER IT.

Everyone over it? Good ❤

Today is lining up to be another busy day, but I am also excited because we are almost at the halfway point of Blaugust! I’ve been really bad about being able to set aside time each day to read up on my friends’ blogs, but once every few days I browse through, and you are all doing amazing, so please give yourself a big pat on the back and a large slice of cake ok? Okay.

I haven’t been getting as much game time in as I would normally want. Being busy is good, but I also crave my downtime. A lot of the lack of gaming has been due to my home internet being kind of wonky, but I don’t really have the time to sit on hold with my cable and internet company to figure out what is going on. Maybe next week.

When I have been gaming, I’ve been logging into Warcraft to do my Garrison chores, then switching over to Guild Wars 2 to run around on my Mesmer. I’ve been really tempted to dive back into Diablo 3 for the next season, which starts in a couple weeks, so I might mess around in there a bit to get my bearings.

I kind of want to try a new game or two and write about them, but lol time. Speaking of time, I’m out of it for the moment. I will see everyone later, have a kick ass day!

sleepy kitty 2

But uh, coffee first. Yes.

It’s not too late to join up! Or start planning for next year!

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