Blaugust Day 11 – Mesmerized

I’ve touched briefly on the topic the last few days, but I am back and adventuring in Guild Wars 2. I decided, like I usually do, to roll a new alt to remember and re-familiarize myself with the game and its mechanics. I decided on a Norn Mesmer, the Norn being almost a Viking-like race, very tall and strong, all about battle and ale. The Mesmer is a caster class, but as you can see in my header image, that doesn’t mean she has to use a traditional ‘magic user’ weapon! One of the things I really like about GW2 is the fact that different weapons give you different abilities, and while there is always the “best” combination for the class, it really allows you to customize your play-style however you prefer.

More exploooooring! FIND THE TINY MESMER ^.^
More exploooooring! FIND THE TINY MESMER ^.^

Your character has 10 abilities, the first five are dependent on whatever weapon you have equipped. Two-handed weapons take up all five slots, main hand/offhand combinations take up three and two, respectively. The next 5 slots are your utility slots, the game provides you with a healing spell first thing (thanks game!), and others are unlocked as you level up. You earn points as you level (can’t think of the name oops) that you can use to unlock more spells and abilities to fill in these extra slots as you go. It really allows for a lot of individualization, or a lot of ‘flavor of the month’ builds, which the original Guild Wars was infamous for.

The game has been updated since I last played, which happens when you don’t play a game for a few months, haha. The UI is more streamlined, the tutorials are a bit better (they popped up when I created my babby Norn, Katla), and the different panels are easier to navigate. Character screen, PvP screens, inventory, etc.

The Mesmer class basically uses spells and illusions to confuse and damage foes. I make clones of my character and can click on abilities to make them damage my enemies. With the great sword I can summon two clones, I have a position-able AoE ability, and also a push-back effect.

That’s all for now, folks! I’ll be posting again later today in order to play catch up for missing a day ^.^

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