Blaugust Day 8- CATS

cats cats cats cats cats

Teeny tiny baby Charr catte. She’s there! On top of the ruin, there’s a beam of light with a floating map… ZOOM IN GUYS

I’ve jumped headfirst back into Guild Wars 2, and it’s a ball. Guild Wars was the first MMO I ever played, and I always get a huge nostalgia hit whenever I log in to GW2. I chose to run around on my Charr Guardian first, as she is more of a tank-like character so I could probably afford to be a dummy for an hour or so as I remembered what the heck I was doing. Muscle memory hasn’t failed me though, as I quickly remembered which keys to hit, if not what specifically each ability does, haha. I briefly checked on my other characters too, but today I haven’t had much time for gaming, it will have to wait for tomorrow and Monday.


Also I had forgotten how preeettttyyy this game was. The music, the ambiance, the noises your character’s ability makes… It’s funny how you get so used to a certain sound and look and feel, and when you go to something completely different it shocks you.

Anyways, I’m off to level my baby mage and some battle pets, I hope everyone had a great day!


It was so popular on Twitter, I couldn’t help myself….


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