#Blaugust – Day 4

Here we are, on my first work day of the week, and first work day of Blaugust! These next few morning posts will probably be short and rushed, but eh, I’ll roll with it!

Yesterday I didn’t do much gaming, logged on to my warrior in Warcraft and messed around with her a bit, got her to level 76. I debated dusting off my characters in Dragon Age: Inquisition, but I ended up just logging into each one and running around in circles, not really accomplishing anything. I halfheartedly booted up The Sims 4, but immediately closed it. Guess I wasn’t in a gaming mindset, haha.

I was finishing up house chores and doing my weekly grocery run, so I was kind of scattered around. These next two weeks are going to be crazy busy for me, as life happens to do, and as a result I think my subconscious caught up to me. I had a mild anxiety attack during class yesterday, which was all the more terrifying because it was in public, and I couldn’t ‘escape’ really. I was able to ground myself fairly well by just extra focusing on the lesson, but it’s been well over a couple months since my last attack so it kind of caught me off guard.

I am ever so thankful for my amazing group of guildies/friends that I’ve met through Warcraft. It sounds super cheesy, but I felt they were there with me and for me through and after this, and once I had calmed down I felt immeasurably better. It really is crazy, the amount of trust and sense of companionship you can have with people that you’ve never met in real life, and some of them I don’t even know their real names, haha.

I’ve been feeling much better overall, for those who have kept track =P

I’m trying to think and feel more positively about things, and I’m finding ‘positive thoughts = positive living’, and other cliche things.

Today will be one of my ‘long days’ – work all day and then class immediately after. I’m happy though- it will give my mind something to think about instead of going back and re-hashing last night, please and thank you >.>

I hope everyone has a great day, go out there and kick ass ^.^


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