Blaugust Day 7 – Exciting Times Ahead!

So, yesterday was the big day. There was the official announcement of the new World of Warcraft expansion: Legion.


I’m learning so much more about Warcraft lore, the classes, different NPCs that are so important to the story, and it’s all really exciting. Kind of overwhelming, but for right now I’m mainly feeling excitement!! I have a renewed interest in the game and learning as much as I can about it. I mean I’ve been playing WoW for almost 8 years, and I’m almost embarrassed when lore discussions happen and I’m asking “who is that?!?!?!” I’ll learn eventually though ^.^

This weekend is a Pet Battle weekend in Warcraft- normal pet battles you get 200% more xp, and there is a quest with various goodies if you win 5 random PvP battles. I’m mainly going to focus on leveling up my little wee ones, I might try the PvP battles but eh, not going to stress about it.

I’m also re-installing GW2- I think I’m going to truly and honestly give it another shot. I played it for a super long time for a while, I think I need to just find a good guild and stick with it!

In exciting real life news, I broke the news on Twitter yesterday, but I have accepted a position as a receptionist at a small law firm and I start at the end of the month! I’m nervous and excited and anxious, and ready to begin the journey at my first ‘real job’ haha.

I hope everyone has a good weekend! See you tomorrow =)


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Blaugust- Day 6 – What’s a Title?

Today is a big day. For those of you under many rocks, there is a Warcraft announcement due out today (unless it’s been spoiled already by the time I post this.

I don’t really have many thoughts as to what the next Expansion will be, I am pretty much content no matter what Blizzard decides. Of course, I have some things that I wish were included (more prevalent female NPCs please) and some things I don’t want any more of (spikes, orc bros), but I will still play the game no matter their decision*

Today is a fairly big day for me IRL, and yes I shall leave you all in suspense until tomorrow. Because I’m evil, or something.

I was involved in a big lore discussion yesterday- by which I mean I just read along as other people went on and on, and I tried to absorb what I could- about the Arrakoa, Broken, and other races in Warcraft. I was impressed by their knowledge, and how the backstory effects what we as the ‘heroes’ do. It made me want to learn more about the lore, about the how and why of what my little pixels are doing. It also had the side effect of making me want to level up my Alliance character all the more, but lol time.

I’m excited and anxious and nervous to see what today holds, to be perfectly honest; in regards to both real life and fake life. Change is always hella scary, but I take confidence and pride in that there are people that have my back in both worlds ^.^

No I didn’t forget about the cat gif, sheesh.

kitten hugs

Also here’s a picture of the cross-stitch for Jae

Wrinkly but preeeettty. The mermaid is about 7" long.
Wrinkly but preeeettty. The mermaid is about 6″ long.

*I can always change my mind, and that’s the beauty of it =P

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Blaugust Day 5 – CAN’T BLOG TOO BUSY


Today was a crazy day and it’s not over yet hahahahaha


I have a homework assignment that is building off of an Access database we are working on in class- most of my time will probably be spent arranging the fields and changing the colors of the backgrounds on all the forms >.>

I don’t think I’ll be taking summer classes again, lol. The class is just way too fast-paced for me, and working full-time plus school eating away at what little free time I have… Ick. No thank you.

I had A Very Good Life Thing happen today which I will explain in more detail at a later point (If you know, NO SPOILARZ)

Let’s see.. I haven’t had much time for gaming due to LIFE being BUSY and STUFF, but I have actually done some cross-stitching, which, yes, takes as much time as accomplishing something in-game, but shush. I finished the top half of the giant cross-stitch I am working on for my mother and stepfather, and I will begin on the bottom half… at some point.

What time I have spent in gaming.. Doing the Garrison chore stuff on Byx and my warlock, Hexxia. I have leveled my warrior a couple levels, and created a few more “Byx-punny” character names, most of them named by my guildies. Will I level them? Heck if I know. But they are there! THE OPPORTUNITY AWAITS!!!

…….I’ve had a lot of coffee today okay? OKAY ??!?!?!?!

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#Blaugust – Day 4

Here we are, on my first work day of the week, and first work day of Blaugust! These next few morning posts will probably be short and rushed, but eh, I’ll roll with it!

Yesterday I didn’t do much gaming, logged on to my warrior in Warcraft and messed around with her a bit, got her to level 76. I debated dusting off my characters in Dragon Age: Inquisition, but I ended up just logging into each one and running around in circles, not really accomplishing anything. I halfheartedly booted up The Sims 4, but immediately closed it. Guess I wasn’t in a gaming mindset, haha.

I was finishing up house chores and doing my weekly grocery run, so I was kind of scattered around. These next two weeks are going to be crazy busy for me, as life happens to do, and as a result I think my subconscious caught up to me. I had a mild anxiety attack during class yesterday, which was all the more terrifying because it was in public, and I couldn’t ‘escape’ really. I was able to ground myself fairly well by just extra focusing on the lesson, but it’s been well over a couple months since my last attack so it kind of caught me off guard.

I am ever so thankful for my amazing group of guildies/friends that I’ve met through Warcraft. It sounds super cheesy, but I felt they were there with me and for me through and after this, and once I had calmed down I felt immeasurably better. It really is crazy, the amount of trust and sense of companionship you can have with people that you’ve never met in real life, and some of them I don’t even know their real names, haha.

I’ve been feeling much better overall, for those who have kept track =P

I’m trying to think and feel more positively about things, and I’m finding ‘positive thoughts = positive living’, and other cliche things.

Today will be one of my ‘long days’ – work all day and then class immediately after. I’m happy though- it will give my mind something to think about instead of going back and re-hashing last night, please and thank you >.>

I hope everyone has a great day, go out there and kick ass ^.^


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Blaugust Day 3- A Wild Prompt Appears!

Prompt: “What are you hoping to get out of Blaugust this year?”

Yes I’m being creative with my blog titles. Yes I’m using a prompt today. It’s Monday but it’s my Sunday (due to how my work week falls) and LAY OFF ME OKAY. ❤

What am I hoping to get?

  • A sense of completion, to start. A blog post every day, some may be short, some may be longer, but I’ve done it before and I want to do it again!
  • I want to meet more bloggers! Even if, no, especially if we don’t play the same games, I love reading different perspectives on things, even if it is the same game! None of us are made alike, and none of us play the same game for the same reasons. Also, meeting people is always fun!
  • Maybe even get back into my routine of blogging. Yes, life is busy, but it’s busy for everyone, and that seems almost more like an excuse than a valid reason of why I can’t post as much as I want to. Those who know me know I am very much a routine oriented person, those who are new, well, TheMoreYouKnow.jpg =P

On a more serious note, I’m looking for some confidence back. I’ve really been struggling this year with my mental health, some days I feel like I’m out in front, others- well, not so much. It’s a daily battle, and so far, starting each morning out cranking out a post has helped a little bit. I can tell myself I did it, I accomplished something today. Even if work is tough, even if I get confused and lost in class, even if I stupidly get in a fight with a dear friend, I did a thing, dammit.

Have a good day =)

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Blaugust: Day 2


I’m always oddly proud of these community events, even though I have nothing to do with their creation and organization ^.^

It’s so neat seeing the community come together, a ton of people all like “yeah, let’s do the thing!!”

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I am now officially a filthy casual, I guess? I’m not raiding, and miss it a ton, but my work schedule won’t let me raid with my guild, and I’ve beat this poor dead horse way too many times, and I’m sure you all know the story. My shaman, Byx, is doing the Garrison Shuffle, and last night I got the last achievement I needed, outside of Tanaan reputations, to unlock flying in Draenor.

That means the inevitable must occur. I must gird her loins (? yick), and venture forth into the terrifying, deadly world of TANAAAAAAAAAAN.

*dramatic music, thunder crashing, cat bolts under the bed*

Basically Byx in Tanaan.

I’ll let you pick if Byx is the ANGRY CAT or the plastic dinosaur.

I’ve been to Tanaan before on my shaman of course, but it was very similar to my first experience in Timeless Isle, where I basically ran around internally screaming for a couple days before I figured out what I’m supposed to do. Byx is geared enough to survive, and obviously as a shaman I have a bit more survivability than a pure DPS class, but I’m a baby and get scared of the BIG SCARY MONSTERS.

I also need oil. For boats ships. So, there you go.

My warlock is level 99.5, I’m still being super lazy and she is getting all of her XP via garrison missions and picking flowers/mining. I’m having a super fun time leveling my warrior, she is almost 76 and I am hoping to have her 80 or close to by the end of the weekend. Yay rest XP and Heirlooms! I now have one of every class created on my ‘home’ server, so I will probably slowly level them up as the mood strikes me. I’m not hell-bent on needing any of them leveled up, but I enjoy seeing the game from different classes’ perspectives. For those new to the party, I primarily play Horde, but am working on leveling my Alliance alt to 100, again to see the different perspective, but also for nerd points.

Pet battles are also a Thing I will be poking my nose back into, but I want to try not to overwhelm myself with my in-game to do list if at all possible. I’d rather log in and accomplish one small thing, than to log in and not really accomplish anything at all. I do game for fun, but I also like getting things done, dammit ^.^

Other games

I’m a game-aholic, I have Too Many Games and Not Enough Time, but I enjoy bouncing around from game to game as the mood strikes me. Last night I picked up a small expansion to The Sims 4 (I wish they would put them on sale….) so my Simself and her family can go camping. While I was in Origin, I wistfully looked over at Dragon Age: Inquisition, so that will probably get dusted off in the not so distant future as well.

I picked up Ori and The Blind Forest and Child of Light on the Steam Summa Sale, and I of course want to play through those games as well.


Life is busy right now, the two jobs which have me working full-time hours, job hunting, back into the shark-infested dude bro waters of online dating, as well as taking classes… Oof. I’m a busy gal =)

In general, life is a thumbs-up currently. Busy is good, keeps my brain occupied with that instead of the other stuff.

Here, have some nightmare fuel!
Here, have some nightmare fuel!

That’s all for today folks, I hope everyone has a great day!!!


Blaugust: Day 1

Here we are. Day 1 of the 31 day adventure!

THE FACE OF CONFIDENCE (Yes this is me ^.^)

I’ve taken breaks from blogging before, only to come back with a vengeance, only to disappear again. It’s always on my brain, and every time I do blog I find that I missed it, and that it seems almost like falling into a familiar rhythm.

As I sit here, sipping my coffee, cat sitting on my feet, I’m smiling. I’m excited to be starting this journey, and to be sharing it with my fellow bloggers!

That being said- Last year I wrote out a whole schedule for what I was going to post every day, I had certain days be days I would talk about a certain game, but this year, I’m going to wing it.


I’m currently back to playing Warcraft (yay!) and enjoying the freedom of logging in and doing my own thing. I’m leveling up my Army of Alts, and knocking off achievements or accomplishing small goals whenever I log in. It keeps me interested and entertained, and the different classes and play styles keep my interest, as I can just hop on someone else if I start to feel ‘meh’.

I’m still frolicking with my other games, ESO, FFXIV, Sims 4, but Life is Busy and my game time is limited, so I’m trying to fit it in where I can- life being busy is a good thing (especially considering the mental health stuff), so I almost enjoy it more when I do get a chance to sit down and invest some time into a game.

In real life? Working two jobs currently, basically full-time hours, and I’m taking a summer class which will consume most of my life for the first half of August, which will make these first group of posts very short and sweet out of necessity! My final project is going to take a lot of time, but challenges are always fun 😉

Today is my “Friday” as I work the last shift of my work week- I hope everyone has a great weekend, and I’m excited to see how this month turns out!

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Currently: Feeling lost. Alone. Confused. Anxious. Sad. Angry.

I’m going to be… stepping back. Less present on Twitter (or I’ll try to)

Making my account protected. Cleaning out my ‘following’ list. Being more aware of what I say.

I need to reclaim my space. Both online and offline.

Step back. Reassess. Recollect. Remember.


Back to the Grind



I’m back, bitches.

I mean I’ve always been here. But I mean I’m back to Warcraft. I  – yes I’ve been playing but. Look there are other names in the frame okay? That aren’t my green garrison names. And I’m in a different zone called Hellfire Citadel. I’M RAIDING AGAIN YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.

Wednesday night my guild ventured into HFC for the first time. We successfully downed some bosses, got some loot, much fun and merriment was had.  I was almost giddy with excitement, and was probably slightly annoying, but hey- I wasn’t playing for a while and didn’t realize how much I missed it until I was back in that ‘familiar’ setting. Logging into Mumble, sitting down and eating the feasts, talking boss strategy, figuring out new trash mechanics, joking around with my guildies- I missed that.

I was proud of myself for not looking at or getting upset about recount showing my DPS on the bosses. I’m running enhancement still on my shaman, and even with doing a little questing and some rep grinding, I was still feeling a tad bit rusty on some of my abilities. Muscle memory quickly kicked in, and I got right back into the rhythm. I still need a little gear to catch up to my guildies, but I wasn’t feeling *too* carried ^.^

6.2 Thoughts

Other than the initial quests that led me to building my shipyard near my Garrison, I am slightly embarrassed to say I haven’t done much questing at all in Tanaan. I haven’t unlocked any of the reputations, haven’t gotten close to being able to do the dailies to earn flight.

I still have to complete a few other tasks to unlock flight, but honestly, I’m in no hurry. Sure it will be hella convenient to be able to fly around, but I’m not outside of my Garrison very much, or won’t be probably even after I attain flight. It will be really nice on my alts, but I kind of like riding around on the ground.

Of course, I’m saying that NOW, and as usual my mindset will probably change, I’m mercurial like that. GET USED TO IT.




I’ve been back for about 20 minutes. 15 of which was spent just chatting in FC chat and switching back over to being an Archer from a Pugilist, 5 of which was spent paying for a name change, so I am Byx Keeneye now instead of Lyra Keeneye. It may seem like a minor thing, but I’m so used to being ‘Byx’ now that playing a character with a different name feels wrong. 

Now that I can pay for Warcraft (for the time being) with in-game gold, FFXIV is my only subscription-based game that I’m playing.


Enjoy your day, rainy and windy here, which means lots of gaming later! For now tho- Off to work

Off to work
Yep, here I go, wait, ack.


Putting the “Lock” Back in Lock & Bolt

Warcraft News


I’ve pretty much been neglecting my warlock for the longest time. After I boosted my shaman, I really began enjoying the hell out of her, and kind of pushed my once-favorite character aside. Since I have been back to Warcraft in the last couple weeks, I’ve been investing a lot more time in her. She is currently halfway through level 98, and I’m optimistically hoping to get her to 100 by the next couple days. I’ll be honest, my main goal in leveling her was to be able to start accruing Treasure Hunter followers to start making more gold via Garrison missions, but since I’ve been leveling her, I’ve been remembering what fun she is to play! She’s demonology (as you can hopefully tell from my tall dual-wielding demon friend in the above selfie), and that spec is so damn fun.

I’ve created and halfheartedly leveled a few other classes, after I get Ms Hexxia to level 100, I will work on my Warrior next, then my Hunter, most likely. Since I’m not actively raiding this xpac anymore (may always change my mind, but for now I’m content to not be) I am free to focus on whatever the hell I want to do in-game, and that freedom is slightly exhilarating in a sense. There’s nothing poking away in the back of my mind, no pressure or rush to gem and enchant gear, to farm for a piece of loot in LFR, etc. The game is fun again, which speaks volumes, and makes me ever so happy I took a break when I did.

A brief mention: with the announcement that flying is coming to Draenor, I noticed a lot of conflicting emotions. I for one am fine with the announcement, and the ‘attunement’ process involved with attaining flight for my characters. There were a lot of negative comments (or mostly comments about negative comments) and that makes me sad. I think a lot of people, myself included a lot of times, get too involved in this game and don’t remember that it is just a game. In my mind, there is a reason for every change or update the Devs make, and while it may not make sense at first, if you just absorb the information and revisit it at a later time, it may make more sense. They are also human, and aren’t governed primarily by the player’s wishes. Yes, we ‘pay’ them in some respects, but Blizzard is also a company that needs to make a profit, and sometimes ours aren’t the only voices they have to listen to. I still do enjoy this game tremendously, and acknowledge the fact that with several different titles, the focus from Blizzard may shift from game to game, and some may feel neglected at times.

And that’s all I’m saying about that. *nod*



I recently (yesterday) re-downloaded Forge, a streaming service that is free, and is currently still semi in the development process. It starts streaming immediately as you boot up the game, and doesn’t require setting up a streaming software and then linking it to Twitch. The only problem I personally have with it is that my stream quality is very grainy and pixellated, and I don’t have a ton of options to fine tune the stream. My computer is a good one, I can stream fine on Twitch and the quality is decent/good, but my internet is not the strongest, plus I don’t know how far my data is being transmitted to bounce back onto the Forge server to stream, so it may be garbled just because the center is super far away. Apologies if I’m not getting the terminology right =P

I want to start streaming on Twitch more regularly (I know, I know, this is something that I say all the time). I think it will help me if I just do it when I play, and not build myself up to “okay I’m streaming Thursday night from 8-10 here we go”. If I do it more often, I won’t have a chance to build it up into Something Major in my brain.

I realize this is a silly thing, but it’s me, so silliness abounds. Duh.


I’m really tempted to do a Let’s Play series on playing and leveling a mage-type person through Skyrim. I’ve started a few characters, but I never make it that far, as my usual play style in that game is stealth and archery, or dual-wielding weapons. Thoughts? ^.^

Steam Sale


But I kind of want a new game to play. BECAUSE I DON’T HAVE ENOUGH LOL.



I enjoy how rapidly my blog post deteriorated into insanity. I hope you all do too ❤

Have a great day! YES YOU