Blaugust Day 16 – To The Fair!

Everyone needs a pile of hungry pygmy goats
Everyone needs a pile of hungry pygmy goats

Yesterday my Mom and I went to the fair! I had to work (my last shift yaaaaay) but then after I zipped home, changed my clothes, and went over to her house and off we went! It was a pretty warm, muggy day, and was kind of threatening rain, but we were bold and sassy and didn’t take umbrellas. The rain held off, and we had a lot of fun, as we usually do.

The county fair here is huge. It’s allegedly the world’s largest fair, I’m sure it’s not, but it is pretty darn big. There’s the usual gambit of farm animals: cows, sheep, goats, chickens (no birds this year though, there’s an avian flu going around I guess), draft horses, rabbits, etc. This year there was a new addition of llamas and alpacas, and I’ve decided I need an alpaca as they are super inquisitive and adorable. They remind me of giant bunnies.


It’s funny, I’ve been to horse barns enough in the past that the smell doesn’t really bother me, and walking through the larger animal barns (alpaca/llama and cattle) didn’t bother me, but the pig and sheep barns were more odorous. They didn’t smell bad, I could just notice the smell more than the other barns. Noses are funny.


The cows, sheep, and pigs are all from local farms, they have competitions and 4-H type things. There is nothing cuter than a little girl in pigtails dragging a stubborn sheep down a hallway. Another girl was spraying her pig down with a water bottle, as it was pretty hot in the barns. There were boys breaking up goat fights, and it was just neat seeing all the little kids running around pointing excitedly to the animals, and then I would look at their parents, who looked tired as hell.

Much fair food was consumed, I had a hot dog, an ice cream cone, and of course deep fried Oreos! My mom and I always visit this one vendor that sells taffy sticks, and I got my allotted cinnamon, peppermint, and creamsicle sugar sticks. Oh, and also Kettle Korn, because of kourse. SEE WHAT I DID THERE HA.

After the fair, I came home and was pretty full of energy, so I settled in for a little gaming. I leveled my Mesmer up to 26, and got her through the second personal story arc.

I'm bad at dye. Also it's a little chilly for that midriff-baring shirt, dear.
I’m bad at dye. Also it’s a little chilly for that midriff-baring shirt, dear.

I’m really really enjoying Guild Wars 2. The Mesmer is a really fun class, and I’m constantly blown away by not only how pretty the game is, but how immersive it is. It has a flow to it, how you explore and get renown and experience. I almost don’t feel like I’m questing as much as I am exploring and just adventuring. Help someone out? Oops I leveled. Climb a mountain or traverse a jumping puzzle up a cliff face? Yay I leveled!

I’m off to my day, here’s a cat gif!

fight 2

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