Blaugust Day 12 – When Do You Blog?

Alternative title: On the 12th day of Blaugust, Belghast gave to meeeeeee

tomato hits her in the shoulder ow okay sorry

I realize my title only pertains to those readers who actually blog, but maybe the readers can answer a question too. When do you prefer to write and post your blogs (I usually write and post simultaneously, I usually don’t hang on to the draft and look it over before I click “publish”) and those that are our valued readers, is there a certain time of day in which you tend to most check your blog feed?

I tend to blog better and my words flow better in the morning, when the coffee is still installing and I’m kind of still slightly asleep. I find this takes a lot of the pressure and fear away from my brain, as I’m more focused on DRINKA-DA-COFFEE than I am ‘Hm I wonder which word I should use..’

Sometimes I end up going back and wonder what the heck I was writing, but I think that’s anyone really >.>

Lately though in the mornings, I’ve been caught up with preparing lunch for work, giving the cat attention, or logging in a game for a few minutes while I sip my coffee. I’ve been posting at night, and especially for Blaugust, I’m finding that it is in the back of my brain all day poking at me to just write the post. I feel restless until I sit down and actually start flailing away at the keyboard.


Wat box

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5 thoughts on “Blaugust Day 12 – When Do You Blog?

  1. I always blog in the evenings or at night, same for when I’ve participated in NaNoWriMo. I’m just not awake enough to type let along form coherent thoughts, and I’d much rather spend an extra 30 minutes sleeping than getting up to do anything else.


  2. I did an experiment during my holiday weekend and realized that I produce posts with less agony when I write in the mornings, it’s like realizing the deadline is 18 hours away is subconsciously more freeing and lets me take more time to digress or craft a post properly or take the perfect accompanying screenshot. Unfortunately, it does tend to turn each blog post into a 2-3 hour production affair, if I lose track of time.

    Sadly, on weekdays, I can usually only post at night, which means either pushing back gaming time and resenting that “the blog post must come first” or delaying it till 30 minutes before midnight, which induces panic and incoherence but a really fast and quick “there’s nothing for it, just get whatever words come down on the page out and hit the post button 2 minutes before midnight” reaction.

    Either way… I can’t win.

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  3. I enjoy writing before bedtime, summing up thoughts I have had during the day, or “reporting in” on things I have done that day.
    If it’s a more personal post, I write it on whatever time I need to write. It helps to write if my anxiety grabs to hard.
    In this blaugust, I am sort of one day a head in writing, I write around 10-11 and can publish it before bed after 12 oclock. That leaves me with 2 days to sort the next post out in case I don’t know what to write about, giving me a lot of time not to stress about it.


  4. I’m slightly all over the place when it comes to blogging. If there’s a thought in my mind that I have to vent or else I’ll internally combust? I immediately jump into a draft and just let the words flow; I’ll work on grammar and punctuation once my thoughts are out completely. When I do big posts with photo galleries, video content, etc? Those I like to plan out a few days in advance so I can construct how I want it to appear on live, time length, test and tweaks video/photo devices, etc. Checking my blog? I don’t really do it all that much. My WordPress app on my phone likes to inform me when I’ve hit milestones in site views, likes, comments, etc. I think when those pop up is when I actually check my stats, do a happy dance and tweet about it. 🙂

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