Blaugust- Day 6 – What’s a Title?

Today is a big day. For those of you under many rocks, there is a Warcraft announcement due out today (unless it’s been spoiled already by the time I post this.

I don’t really have many thoughts as to what the next Expansion will be, I am pretty much content no matter what Blizzard decides. Of course, I have some things that I wish were included (more prevalent female NPCs please) and some things I don’t want any more of (spikes, orc bros), but I will still play the game no matter their decision*

Today is a fairly big day for me IRL, and yes I shall leave you all in suspense until tomorrow. Because I’m evil, or something.

I was involved in a big lore discussion yesterday- by which I mean I just read along as other people went on and on, and I tried to absorb what I could- about the Arrakoa, Broken, and other races in Warcraft. I was impressed by their knowledge, and how the backstory effects what we as the ‘heroes’ do. It made me want to learn more about the lore, about the how and why of what my little pixels are doing. It also had the side effect of making me want to level up my Alliance character all the more, but lol time.

I’m excited and anxious and nervous to see what today holds, to be perfectly honest; in regards to both real life and fake life. Change is always hella scary, but I take confidence and pride in that there are people that have my back in both worlds ^.^

No I didn’t forget about the cat gif, sheesh.

kitten hugs

Also here’s a picture of the cross-stitch for Jae

Wrinkly but preeeettty. The mermaid is about 7" long.
Wrinkly but preeeettty. The mermaid is about 6″ long.

*I can always change my mind, and that’s the beauty of it =P

Interested in joining the madness?

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