Blaugust: Day 1

Here we are. Day 1 of the 31 day adventure!

THE FACE OF CONFIDENCE (Yes this is me ^.^)

I’ve taken breaks from blogging before, only to come back with a vengeance, only to disappear again. It’s always on my brain, and every time I do blog I find that I missed it, and that it seems almost like falling into a familiar rhythm.

As I sit here, sipping my coffee, cat sitting on my feet, I’m smiling. I’m excited to be starting this journey, and to be sharing it with my fellow bloggers!

That being said- Last year I wrote out a whole schedule for what I was going to post every day, I had certain days be days I would talk about a certain game, but this year, I’m going to wing it.


I’m currently back to playing Warcraft (yay!) and enjoying the freedom of logging in and doing my own thing. I’m leveling up my Army of Alts, and knocking off achievements or accomplishing small goals whenever I log in. It keeps me interested and entertained, and the different classes and play styles keep my interest, as I can just hop on someone else if I start to feel ‘meh’.

I’m still frolicking with my other games, ESO, FFXIV, Sims 4, but Life is Busy and my game time is limited, so I’m trying to fit it in where I can- life being busy is a good thing (especially considering the mental health stuff), so I almost enjoy it more when I do get a chance to sit down and invest some time into a game.

In real life? Working two jobs currently, basically full-time hours, and I’m taking a summer class which will consume most of my life for the first half of August, which will make these first group of posts very short and sweet out of necessity! My final project is going to take a lot of time, but challenges are always fun 😉

Today is my “Friday” as I work the last shift of my work week- I hope everyone has a great weekend, and I’m excited to see how this month turns out!

Interested in joining the fun of Blaugust? Click here!

5 thoughts on “Blaugust: Day 1

  1. Yeah, I am winging it a bit more this time around too. Last year, I wrote almost the entire month out ahead of time. I will still do some of that, but my schedule is a bit too hectic right now to get it all done in one sitting. I will have to write some on the fly and that is scary!

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  2. Welcome *back* to blogging. I’m sort of doing the same thing. I find that I blog, get an alright response, and then get anxiety over the fact that people are reading and I’m not talking to empty internet space and then don’t write anymore. This is me trying to get over that nonsense.


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