Back to the Grind



I’m back, bitches.

I mean I’ve always been here. But I mean I’m back to Warcraft. I  – yes I’ve been playing but. Look there are other names in the frame okay? That aren’t my green garrison names. And I’m in a different zone called Hellfire Citadel. I’M RAIDING AGAIN YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.

Wednesday night my guild ventured into HFC for the first time. We successfully downed some bosses, got some loot, much fun and merriment was had.  I was almost giddy with excitement, and was probably slightly annoying, but hey- I wasn’t playing for a while and didn’t realize how much I missed it until I was back in that ‘familiar’ setting. Logging into Mumble, sitting down and eating the feasts, talking boss strategy, figuring out new trash mechanics, joking around with my guildies- I missed that.

I was proud of myself for not looking at or getting upset about recount showing my DPS on the bosses. I’m running enhancement still on my shaman, and even with doing a little questing and some rep grinding, I was still feeling a tad bit rusty on some of my abilities. Muscle memory quickly kicked in, and I got right back into the rhythm. I still need a little gear to catch up to my guildies, but I wasn’t feeling *too* carried ^.^

6.2 Thoughts

Other than the initial quests that led me to building my shipyard near my Garrison, I am slightly embarrassed to say I haven’t done much questing at all in Tanaan. I haven’t unlocked any of the reputations, haven’t gotten close to being able to do the dailies to earn flight.

I still have to complete a few other tasks to unlock flight, but honestly, I’m in no hurry. Sure it will be hella convenient to be able to fly around, but I’m not outside of my Garrison very much, or won’t be probably even after I attain flight. It will be really nice on my alts, but I kind of like riding around on the ground.

Of course, I’m saying that NOW, and as usual my mindset will probably change, I’m mercurial like that. GET USED TO IT.




I’ve been back for about 20 minutes. 15 of which was spent just chatting in FC chat and switching back over to being an Archer from a Pugilist, 5 of which was spent paying for a name change, so I am Byx Keeneye now instead of Lyra Keeneye. It may seem like a minor thing, but I’m so used to being ‘Byx’ now that playing a character with a different name feels wrong. 

Now that I can pay for Warcraft (for the time being) with in-game gold, FFXIV is my only subscription-based game that I’m playing.


Enjoy your day, rainy and windy here, which means lots of gaming later! For now tho- Off to work

Off to work
Yep, here I go, wait, ack.


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