Putting the “Lock” Back in Lock & Bolt

Warcraft News


I’ve pretty much been neglecting my warlock for the longest time. After I boosted my shaman, I really began enjoying the hell out of her, and kind of pushed my once-favorite character aside. Since I have been back to Warcraft in the last couple weeks, I’ve been investing a lot more time in her. She is currently halfway through level 98, and I’m optimistically hoping to get her to 100 by the next couple days. I’ll be honest, my main goal in leveling her was to be able to start accruing Treasure Hunter followers to start making more gold via Garrison missions, but since I’ve been leveling her, I’ve been remembering what fun she is to play! She’s demonology (as you can hopefully tell from my tall dual-wielding demon friend in the above selfie), and that spec is so damn fun.

I’ve created and halfheartedly leveled a few other classes, after I get Ms Hexxia to level 100, I will work on my Warrior next, then my Hunter, most likely. Since I’m not actively raiding this xpac anymore (may always change my mind, but for now I’m content to not be) I am free to focus on whatever the hell I want to do in-game, and that freedom is slightly exhilarating in a sense. There’s nothing poking away in the back of my mind, no pressure or rush to gem and enchant gear, to farm for a piece of loot in LFR, etc. The game is fun again, which speaks volumes, and makes me ever so happy I took a break when I did.

A brief mention: with the announcement that flying is coming to Draenor, I noticed a lot of conflicting emotions. I for one am fine with the announcement, and the ‘attunement’ process involved with attaining flight for my characters. There were a lot of negative comments (or mostly comments about negative comments) and that makes me sad. I think a lot of people, myself included a lot of times, get too involved in this game and don’t remember that it is just a game. In my mind, there is a reason for every change or update the Devs make, and while it may not make sense at first, if you just absorb the information and revisit it at a later time, it may make more sense. They are also human, and aren’t governed primarily by the player’s wishes. Yes, we ‘pay’ them in some respects, but Blizzard is also a company that needs to make a profit, and sometimes ours aren’t the only voices they have to listen to. I still do enjoy this game tremendously, and acknowledge the fact that with several different titles, the focus from Blizzard may shift from game to game, and some may feel neglected at times.

And that’s all I’m saying about that. *nod*



I recently (yesterday) re-downloaded Forge, a streaming service that is free, and is currently still semi in the development process. It starts streaming immediately as you boot up the game, and doesn’t require setting up a streaming software and then linking it to Twitch. The only problem I personally have with it is that my stream quality is very grainy and pixellated, and I don’t have a ton of options to fine tune the stream. My computer is a good one, I can stream fine on Twitch and the quality is decent/good, but my internet is not the strongest, plus I don’t know how far my data is being transmitted to bounce back onto the Forge server to stream, so it may be garbled just because the center is super far away. Apologies if I’m not getting the terminology right =P

I want to start streaming on Twitch more regularly (I know, I know, this is something that I say all the time). I think it will help me if I just do it when I play, and not build myself up to “okay I’m streaming Thursday night from 8-10 here we go”. If I do it more often, I won’t have a chance to build it up into Something Major in my brain.

I realize this is a silly thing, but it’s me, so silliness abounds. Duh.


I’m really tempted to do a Let’s Play series on playing and leveling a mage-type person through Skyrim. I’ve started a few characters, but I never make it that far, as my usual play style in that game is stealth and archery, or dual-wielding weapons. Thoughts? ^.^

Steam Sale


But I kind of want a new game to play. BECAUSE I DON’T HAVE ENOUGH LOL.



I enjoy how rapidly my blog post deteriorated into insanity. I hope you all do too ❤

Have a great day! YES YOU



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