Back to the Routine

I’m back to Warcraft, and I’m pretty much doing the same thing I was doing before I left. I’m okay with that.

Listen here, you. I'm the Commander, k?
Listen here, you. I’m the Commander, k?

Garrisons, farting around on alts, pet battles. It’s pretty much the same game it was a little over two months ago, but it feels different. Maybe it’s because I’m a different person than I was, even just two months ago. If there’s one thing I’ve learned about being A Grown Up, it’s that life can change quickly or slowly, and you often times don’t have a ton of control over it. Sometimes it just happens, and you have to roll with it.

That's IT?! Featuring my guild's MOTD
That’s IT?! Featuring my guild’s MOTD

Yeah, I’m too tired and don’t have enough time to crop my photos, so enjoy my UI ^.^

The beauty of this game, as well as others, is that there is a lot to do. While not all of it appeals to everyone (I’m not a fan of PvP, for example), there are a lot of options to while away the time in. I’m actively trying to formulate a plan in which I earn enough in game gold to buy my game time, I have enough gold now for a couple months, so I’m taking some time to re-learn the game and figure out which way is *best* for me. I’ll probably end up doing a combination of treasure hunters/missions and running murderously through old raids for loot and such.

In a way it’s almost like I’m seeing the game from a different perspective. Taking time off was beneficial, as I’m enjoying my game time again!

I like not feeling pressured (by myself) to get all up in raid mode again, it’s been really fun to just do my thing. Life is stressful again, and it’s nice to have this familiar world in which to escape for an hour or so.

Also, Belfies.
Also, Belfies.

My voidwalker looks 1000000000000% done. And so am I! With this post.


HAVE A GREAT DAY here’s a cat gif


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