I have to run WHERE?!

Good morning.

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In my real life adventures, I’ve (re)started the Couch to 5K program. I’ve found I really enjoy being outside, just me and my music. It’s nice challenging myself, and the only reason I’m restarting is because the first go around I mussed up a knee and was limping around for a week or two. I’m starting over again and taking it a bit slower, there is really no time limit to when I have to ‘complete’ this, it’s more of a personal challenge thing. So, uh. /pom poms and confetti

While I was out huffing and puffing along last night, I began thinking about how our video game characters stay in shape. We make them run all over the countryside, sometimes for hours at a time, and sure in a game where there are dragons and giant spiders and you can throw fire around, you can suspend the disbelief of certain things. However, due to the way my brain works, I got to thinking about this topic.

Are there running groups in Eorzea? Gyms in Warcraft? Treadmills in the inns of Skyrim? In most MMO’s, you’re bringing your character up from nothing to making them super powerful. Sure, in the leveling process you get stats, increased abilities, stronger and better armor, but what if you character has shin splints? Hyper extended their knee? Wore the same pair of boots too long that the soles wore out, and now their feet hurt but OMG I have to run across the continent I guess. Another side to the coin, say your character does get their stamina up, what happens when they get a mount? Do they become less in-shape? Do they then have to spend time working out?

This might be more on the role-playing side of things, but it’s a humorous idea to me, the thought of a mighty hero grumbling as they hop on the treadmill for a bit, or practicing swordplay with a friend, or even a stranger at a random town in the middle of nowhere. What makes me giggle like a child is the thought of my Lalafell in FFXIV tottering along on a treadmill. Or do Lalafells have wheels, like hamsters? Now I’m laughing, oops.

Can I run if I have no legs?
Can I run if I have no legs?

IN OTHER (real life) NEWS

I am so happy to not have classes for the first summer session at the college I attend. It is giving me a chance to breathe and to be able to have that nice thing we call free time. My parents are home from Florida (yay) and I’m excited to Do Stuff for a bit this summer, until the second summer session kicks off in early July.

I’m steadily plugging away at the massive cross-stitch I’m sewing for my parentals for Christmas, I’ve gotten 3/29 panels done, averaging about a panel a week, haha. Cross-stitching is incredibly soothing for me, and the bonus is that I can watch Netflix or listen to podcasts while I’m doing it, yay multi tasking!

I’m also trying to get my cat used to walking with me while wearing his harness and leash, although currently the leash is still in the OMG STRING category, and it’s more of a playtime event than anything else, which is fine ^.^

treadmill cat
Too much energy, mister (or missus), take it down a notch.


I’m realizing my posts are fairly short, but once I’ve gotten my point across… what else is there to talk about? Have any of you ever thought about this, or am I the only crazy one?

I hope you all enjoy your day!

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