Watch me Mine!

My latest craze has been Minecraft.

This game is pretty much a constant one for me, but one that I have yet to ‘beat’ insofar as going into the nether and fighting the dragon, or whatever the kids do nowadays.

It's raaaaaaaaaaining
It’s raaaaaaaaaaining

Me? I like to build. I don’t build anything crazy fancy, usually I just try to find a village and build a wall around it, ensuring I have a steady food supply and creepy friends to hang out with and protect from zombies and such.


This game is one of those that I am obsessed with for a couple months, then I get bored with it or just move on to something else, and don’t touch it for months at a time. The inevitable always occurs, and I open up one of my old worlds in vain and try to remember what I was doing, but usually wander around in a state of dismay as I wonder why the hell I put that thing there, what I was thinking building THAT, etc.

Home Sweet Home.. Until I build my TOWER
Home Sweet Home.. Until I build my TOWER

This game is a fun one because you can play it just like a sandbox in creative mode, and build whatever the frick frack you want, or you can run around in survival mode and play it almost like an RPG. What’s neat about this game is it’s been around forever, and there have been so many mods and servers created to adapt to different play styles. I enjoy the RPG-esque atmosphere, traversing the countryside in search of food, supplies to build shelter, luring farm animals back to my enclosures. I like finding temples or dungeons, poking around in there and hopefully not dying to traps while I search out the loot.

I like upgrading my character, crafting her armor, building the enchanting table, enchanting my weapons, armor, and tools. I really like building my base, making it look pleasant, having a different building specific to different things (forge, enchanting hut, storage sheds, etc). I especially find mining and leveling or moving dirt around very soothing. It’s almost like a control thing, in a way. I can define and re-shape the landscape to how I want it to be, and no-one except maybe Endermen will mess with it.

Also, having rainbow-colored sheep roaming about is fun.
Also, having rainbow-colored sheep roaming about is fun.

For those of you who follow me on Twitter, I hope you’re enjoying watching my descent into madness, but I’m sure you’ve seen me talking a lot (too much? Oh well) about streaming and my fears and anxiety tied in with that. I know there is no easy fix for me to get over that, it will just take time and persistence, and luckily enough I have awesome people that support me and cheer me on, which helps so very much.

Streaming a game like Minecraft is relatively easy because most of the stuff I do (level the land to make it look a certain way, mine, build random things) I can do without really thinking about it, so if there is someone in chat I can carry on a conversation relatively easy.


Today’s been a short post, yeah, but that’s all I have, so that’s all you get.

Go forth and conquer the day, my dears ❤

You...Can... Do.. It... YES.
You…Can… Do.. It… YES.

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