On Sim-ulations

I tried to be clever with the title- DID IT WORK?! No? Okay.

Let’s get psychological this morning, shall we?


Like most people, I’ve been dealing with Life Stuff in a rough way these last few months, and I’m starting to reach the top of that mountain I’ve been climbing for a while. I’ve become a far more introspective person over this period of time, and probably for the last couple years. Growing up does have some benefits apparently ^.^


My flavor of the month lately game-wise has been The Sims 4. I got the game when it first came out, then got distracted with other games, as it happens, and now my interest has moved back to this game. I almost imagine my games as a compass, or a dial, and there is a needle that spins around for no apparent reason.


Requisite cat picture
Requisite cat picture


Okay that’s a dryer, and I’m not a cat, but-



So, this happened.
So, this happened.


These games are funny little creatures. Like most players, I create my Simself, then have them live a life either similar to mine, or vastly different. Usually, it’s the latter. I have them become super successful in their careers, friendships, relationships. They become fabulously wealthy, live in wonderful houses and have the best that Simoleons can buy. Why is this? If I’m creating ‘myself’, wouldn’t I have ‘myself’ be as similar to ‘me’ as possible? With all of my traits (sure there are limitations to how many traits you can pick at the start of the game, but there are enough to make your Simself similar to ‘you’), good and bad, make them look as similar to me as possible, etc? Instead, I glorify my Simself. I give her my best traits, and skip over the worst. I have her pick neatness, when in reality I’m less neat than most. Outgoing, when in real life I’m more of a loner. Maybe Outdoorsy, when in actuality I freak out when I see a spider.


Why do I do this? Is it a way for me to simulate what I want my life to be? I don’t think it’s a conscious thing, it’s honestly more fun to move your Simself up the corporate ladder, get all the fancy household goods, have them go on a dating streak through all available men in town until you pick one that you like, build the house of your dreams without any real life rules or laws stopping you.


In a way, this game is very freeing, and uninhibited. I can make ‘myself’ anyone I want her to be. I can create random sims, random names, and make them as successful, or not, as I want them to be. I always want the best for myself in real life, as all of us do, and maybe this game helps me with that? Maybe through playing this, having the little group of pixels that I’ve styled after my own image, named after myself, it gives me hope that I can do the same. I can have a fancy house, share it with someone (although no kids quite yet =P), have a ton of friends, have a successful career, etc.


I’m kind of getting deep and off-track, whoops.

I’ve talked about it in the past at length, I’ll touch on it again here, I use gaming as an escape from real life. Less now than I did in the past, but I definitely still use it as a tool to work through things, and avoid things until I’m mentally ready for them. I think it all boils down to in this game, for the most part, I’m in control of my life. There aren’t that many outside influences to impact my Simself’s life, and if I get stuck, I can pause the game, Google a guide, find the answer, and get un-stuck.
Maybe the Sims, for me, is more of a simulation of the life I want to have for myself, rather than the one I have now. Sure it’s loosely based off of the real world, and I’m not saying I want to be exactly like my Simself, I’m not that crazy.  *shrug* Or maybe I am, haha.
On a lighter note, this game is also fun because I can do the things there which I would probably never do in real life, such as serial date, have a ton of kids, have a wonderful garden (Hi I have a black thumb and everything green dies), and light myself on fire while trying to make grilled cheese. I shouldn’t count that last one out though.. you never know….
This game continues to be amusing, and is also one of my favorites to play because I can kind of let my Sims do their thing while I putter around the house, pay bills, browse the internet, and then come back and check on them when they start yelling or catching fire.
That’s all I’ve got for today, have a lovely weekend, all ❤

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