This morning, as it happens almost every morning, I feel the want to write a blog post. In contrast to most mornings, I vocalized my thoughts on Twitter and the inevitable happened.

With friends like these… ❤

Motivation is a funny thing. Everyone reacts differently to it, and it drives us to change things, or not, in varying degrees. There’s a lot that ties into motivation, that can stop one from doing something. Fear of change, the thought of failure, of rejection, or even of accomplishment. If I do the thing, and I do well at the thing, will people expect more? Will I expect more of myself? Yes, this ties into blogging as well.

My recent thoughts as to why I shouldn’t blog is that I’ve been in a kind of negative frame of mind lately. I don’t want every blog post to be me whining about something, or speaking dejectedly about what I wish something to be. It’s still my voice though, my thoughts, and what I’ve come to realize is by putting those thoughts down on the screen, or on paper if I draft out my post long-hand before I type it up, is that sometimes I can change my own way of thinking by the end of the post. Sometimes this makes me feel like I’m writing the post for no reason, but there was a reason, even if that was to simply change the way viewed something.

I’m not here to write guides, to tell you how to play your game. I’m here to share my experiences and thoughts with the interwebs, to take conversations I participate in or see online and continue them, or comment on them, in a longer form than is merited on social media or in chat boxes in MMO’s.

I always try to tie in what I’m doing IRL also, as I think it’s important to know there is a real human sitting here typing these out. I know this is a ‘gaming blog’, but I am a gamer, so I write about myself a bit too. My interests are varied (I’m in college, I currently work two jobs, I cross-stitch, I have a psychopathic adorable floofy cat, I try to be social with friends, I’m in many fandoms) and I try to keep this blog varied as well with the games and topics I speak about. I occasionally will try to write the motivational blog post, but most of my posts are the seat of the pants, stream of consciousness writing. I feel like this is more conversational, and it’s more fun for me to write.

Over the year I’ve been blogging, I’ve learned a lot about myself, and about what motivates me. I’ve tried to do many Things, whether it be following a character as I level it, or consistently write about a game and my progress through it, but I seem to never be able to keep up with it. This is something that I want to try to do better at, as continuity is a wonderful thing, and helps my readers as well as the author =P.

Lately I’ve been playing a lot of The Sims 4- it’s a game that I can kind of let do its own thing, and putter around the house, and come back to it when my Sims start yelling about something. I’ve created a Sim that I’ll be playing exclusively when I stream, as well as creating my friends because it’s fun and somewhat creepy and awkward to control their lives. I’ve been playing FFXIV also, putter around in D3 some, and I want to get back into Skyrim. Oh, I’m also forever trying to remember what rhythm is and progress in Crypt of the Necrodancer ^.^

I’ve gone off track, where was I? Oh yes.

So what motivates me to write? A helluva lot, apparently.

6 thoughts on “Motivation

  1. Motivation can be a pain, but I just remind myself that there are always stories to tell and the act of writing them out, independent of their quality, is beneficial to the soul.

    You have a unique perspective and a talent to write. Tell us the stories of the hobby(s) you love and why! That’s always fun to read.

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    • You’re a newcomer to my blog, but I know you from elsewhere on the interwebs, hai!

      Thank you ❤ Gets tough sometimes though, when you're faced with that blank white screen.


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