Advice no one asked for



Hi there! Today marks the beginning of the event that got me blogging, really blogging, in the first place. Also today is my one-year anniversary with WordPress!


This program is amazing, please go to the site and check it out yourself. Even if you’ve been blogging for years, or like me, have been collecting dust on your blog and want to start it up again, the site and the bloggers who support and coach the newbies is an amazing and invaluable resource.

Without further ado, here’s my advice!

Just write.

You will develop your voice, you will develop your writing style and habits. It doesn’t have to be every day, it doesn’t even have to be once a week, but I found that at least starting out, aiming for a specific day on which to publish a post helped me out a lot. I could have time to scribble ideas down, or even just plop down in front of my computer and start typing. That’s another thing. Sometimes the best posts (the ones with the most page views, re-tweets, comments, BECAUSE THAT’S WHAT IT’S ALL ABOUT AMIRITE*) for me have been the ones where I didn’t even know where I was going with it until I sat down and started phlailing away with my phalanges.

Life happens. It affects all of us differently, and sometimes you may have to set aside blogging in lieu of more important things, like work, sleep, feeding your cat, or seeing your family once and a while.

Like most things in life, you may be nervous, may be scared, and that’s okay! There is a great support system, I’ve really gotten to know and be good friends with a lot of people that were in my NBI class in 2014, and other bloggers in general! It’s a really fun way to explore the games (or game related activities!) you enjoy, and see how other people play or create things they love.  There is such a sense of community among bloggers that is almost indescribable until you experience it. In a way it’s similar to me to gaming with friends that I only know from the game, but in this instance you only ‘see’ them through their writing. Sure, social media lets you glimpse their real life, but when all you have are words and pictures to work with, I feel that you really get to know someone and what makes them tick. Some of you may pick this up and run with it, and become very prolific bloggers with a huge following, some may do it on occasion but have a small group of loyal readers, and some may drift away after NBI. All of those options are fine. After all, you have to do something, have to make that first step, have to make that leap, to know if you’ll fly. Is that cheesy enough? Yeah, probably.


  • Don’t be afraid to add your voice to the chorus.
  • Don’t be afraid your ideas or posts are silly, or inconsequential.
  • Don’t feel like it has to be The Perfect Blog Post.
  • Be fearless.
  • Pick different games.
  • Pick different themes for your blog.

*these stats are cool and all, but there are more important things in life from what I hear.

Short and sweet today, but that’s all I got. Wait, no one last thing. Poke Belghast or Alternative Chat – both are amazing writers and humans.

3 thoughts on “Advice no one asked for

    • Right? It’s the most frustrating advice to get, and the easiest to give, but it rings so true. Sometimes I just… write.. and an idea hits me mid post.


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