*Looks at poll results from my seat-of-the-pants post on Tuesday*

Huh. Interesting.

That is kind of what I had in my mind as I was half asleep and typing that up, however that is not what I am going to do, and I’m going to explain why.

I’m dealing with a lot of personal stuff at the moment, and gaming is kind of more than a hobby for me, it’s a means of escaping from real life things. Everyone deals with their own demons differently, and I could wax on and on about this topic, but that’s not why I’m writing this today. Whether I’m just sitting in my garrison in Warcraft doing wizard chores and talking to guild mates, building a house in Minecraft, or saving the world in Dragon Age: Inquisition or Skyrim, I feel like I’m not only accomplishing something, doing something worth my time, but I’m also getting my mind off of real world thoughts, be they mundane or ugly.

Dealing with any kind of illness, physical or mental, is tough, and not something to be taken lightly. Sure, different people handle things differently, and I’m not saying all is gloom and doom in the world, but it makes even the mundane tasks that much more difficult sometimes.

I’m not going to disclose what exactly my personal issue is, there are some of you reading this who know what it is, and I am getting the (professional) help I need for it, so it will be under control. I don’t want to give up gaming completely, I still need that escape, and just the hobby itself, to fill time. Sure, I may not enjoy it as much, but it gives my mind and hands something to do if I’m having a rough day, and it gives me opportunities to have fun, smile, and distract myself.

It’s a complicated topic, and one that I feel like I could go on for hours and still not be able to properly convey. And this is only me, and how I feel. There are so many people dealing with so many things, and it’s easy to get caught up in yourself and your own issues and hardships and not realize others are dealing with their own stuff.

All that being said: Let’s talk a bit about games, shall we? =)

I got the upgrade to the SELFIE cam in Warcraft, which allows me to use it as a toy (meaning all my alts can have it) and also filters, so that I can have even more fun making mock Instagram-esque posts on social media.

Meaning this happens:

No photos, please
No photos, please
Did I stutter?
Did I stutter?

This toy annoys so many people, but it makes me quite happy, so I will continue using it, gosh darn it.

I’ve been messing about in other games too, but honestly most of my time lately has been spent cross-stitching while watching Netflix. I’ve almost completed one project, I’ll upload the picture up here probably when it’s done, and I’ll be starting the next soon!

Welp, that’s all for today folks, thanks for reading thus far, and I know it may seem as though I’m taking all the (above the selfie) talk a bit too seriously, but hey, that’s how my mind works, so deal with it =D


Have a lovely day!

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