Being a long-time Warcraft player, Tuesdays are a somewhat significant day. These are maintenance days, servers being brought down for a few hours to install a major patch, or a few minutes to just reset them. This has resonated with me as another ‘start’ to the week, or another cycle of the week.

I’ve been very listless with my gaming lately. I can play a game for a couple hours, no problem, all is well, but when I get the thought of switching to another game, or logging off to take care of something and come back to that same game, I get restless. I can’t get back into it. I’m looking for something new, as most of us do from time to time. Luckily, I have heard on the winds (from a couple bloggers and friends) that TESO has now gone un-subscription-based. This makes me very happy. I did enjoy the game in Top Secret Beta, but not enough to pay another sub fee. I’m excited to download this new world, and dive into it and explore, without the stress of feeling obligated to play or log in and do something because I’m paying for my game time.

So what have I been doing, game-wise?


I’m leveling up (yet another) alt, alliance side. I started with a Gnome, but they are just too short, and my cat keeps attacking the monitor when I play her, so I rerolled a Worgen priest. I think she’s in Redridge now, killing Murlocs or curled up in front of the fireplace at the Inn. Probably the latter.

I’ve also been debating diving back into DAI, I miss the game, it’s been a couple weeks since I logged in to accomplish anything.


Plus, Sera makes me laugh.

I also want to dive back into Skyrim, finish ME2, mess around in GW2.


Basically, my gaming state is now mirroring my mental state, which is everywhere all at once and it’s quite frustrating ^.^


Maybe what I need is a break from all gaming, work on other things for a bit, then come back and revisit it.


Give myself a reset.

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