Sleepy Saturday

I was nominated by two people (woo!) for the Liebster Award thingy, and I will be putting that post up at a later time. I don’t get those kind of questionnaires often, and I’d like to put thought into it, rather than my typical un-coffee’d, half asleep early morning post! Such as the one that follows:

I’m bad at finishing things. I call it one of my personality traits. I’ve been meaning to level an alliance alt to 100 before, I even started a series following a human warlock’s adventures. I quit playing her just shy of her reaching Outland, around the time I became ‘meh’ about my main, also a spewer of fire and curses.

So, basically, the inevitable occurred. Throw in the crappy week I had, and you get:


She’s cute, okay? Here she is, less ‘scary’ looking, on the character creation screen:


I think she’s currently level six or seven, as I’m typing this and uploading that picture, my cat is very curious as to what she is, which tells me if I try to level her when he’s in here, he might try to kill the mousie.

What’s a horde bias? 😉

She’s cute and fun, I’m enjoying the starting zone thus far, all is well in the realm of Byxtopia! For at least the next five minutes.

It’s interesting starting over, a fresh start, so to speak. I still have my Battle Net list of friends, have the awesomely amazing heirloom tab (which negates most of the alt hop dance when I inevitably roll a new alt), and my keen, whip-smart knowledge about the game *cough*,  but no guild, I might probably know someone from the Twitters on the server, which I can’t remember off the top of my noggin, but it will be fun to find a guild, or not, and make friends, or not. The challenge is REAL! Actually there is no challenge, why did I say that, oh man I’m not awake yet, who gave me a blog, ugh, stop talking Byx. I don’t feel the server allegiance anymore, not after moving my main around to, five different servers now, I think? Plus with the cross-realm stuff, Blizzard got rid of a lot of that factor.

What Else, other than the tiny Gnome?



I’ve been considering re-vamping my UI? I haven’t messed with it since I got my second monitor, which is larger, so I’ve got more real estate to work with. I’m not sure what exactly I want to change, I may just end up messing with different ‘fun’ addons, since I’m not raiding and don’t need a sleek, sophisticated UI.

This week has been hectic for me, the few hours of free time I’ve gotten are scattered throughout the day. I want to dive back into ME2, disappear into Thedas for a few hours, even mess around with The Sims 4 for a bit.  The less free time I have, the more hectic my days are, the more stressed and anxious I am, the more I want to disappear into these worlds, forget about my story line and quests, and focus on someone else’s. Unfortunately, I’m somewhat of a responsible adult, and stay in my own world most of the time. Boo.

I’ve been trying to think of something substantial to add to this but-um, yeah, short post today. I’ll be putting up my post (and fellow blogger nominations) for the Liebster Award probably tomorrow or Monday, not a normal posting day, but then, that isn’t a normal post! Not that any of my posts are normal, most are like this one today, seat of my (pajama) pants and really random, and I’m sorry-not-sorry.

SO. Have a lovely weekend =D


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