Whoops, Talking About Raiding Again!

Hello- I’ve talked about raiding a lot in the past in this space. I could be really obnoxious and link every word to a past article, but I’ll save the annoyance for another day. I’m currently taking a (voluntary) break from raiding, and life being life, things change. I may soon have an (involuntary) reason to not be able to raid, or if I do go back, I’ll have to cut the night short.

I HAVE GOOD NEWS AND BAD NEWS. (Not that it probably matters to any of you, but you know, sharing and all)

The good news? I have a new employment opportunity =D

The bad news? The hours may be arse early, although I don’t know for sure at this time.

What does this all mean, you’re probably asking yourself, as you angrily close out this tab on your browser, and go back to whatever you were doing? It has to do with how I felt when I realized this may happen.

I felt relieved.

Relieved that I wouldn’t have the pressure of feeling guilty for voluntarily stepping away, even though my guild is more than cool with it, even though everyone says Real Life >  Gaming. I know this, you know this, heck, even my mother knows this. I’m a very loyal person. Once I give my word, even for something like raiding in WoW, I don’t go back on it easily. I over analyze and am hyper critical of myself, and the way my brain works, I think everyone else is thinking the same things I am.

I feel free, also. Free to focus on other aspects of the game, guilt free. Leveling my army of alts, finally getting an alliance character to max level, working on miscellaneous achievements and pet battles. I’ve been having a lot of fun on my alts mixing and matching pets, trying out new ones, attempting to find that ‘perfect group’ that I will probably never find, oh dear, send help.

Also, she types, a smirk growing on her face, this will give me more time to toy around with the S.E.L.F.I.E. camera! It is fun, dammit, and I do not understand why so many people are up in arms about it. To me, it’s no different than actual real life selfies that flood social media, if anything it’s cuter, seeing other people’s transmogs, seeing their avatars taking pictures with people that they may never meet in real life, sharing their fun experiences with their friends. Maybe it’s just my age range? I’m more immune to it, it doesn’t bother me as much. I see it more as a tool to share with others, and less a tool to be an annoyance. With everything that is added to the game, there will be differing opinions.

Well, that was a short post. Eh, whatever.


Have you ever had real life change your availability for in-game activities? I’ve been lucky in that it hasn’t happened to me too much, and I am aware that circumstances happen completely outside of one’s control, such as being laid off work, something happening in the family, etc., but how did you handle it? Did you keep on keeping on, no matter what happened outside the game? Or did you re-schedule your gaming life around your real one?

My still half-asleep brain is curious!


3 thoughts on “Whoops, Talking About Raiding Again!

  1. When I first started raiding in WoW, many moons ago, I lived on the west coast. I was able to raid and not worry about getting to bed late just to turn around and have to get up early for work the next morning. When I moved to Ohio and switched over to EST my ability to raid and get enough sleep fought with each other. I started sitting out and feeling guilty for not raiding.

    While there is a part of me that misses raiding, there is another part that feels free not having to worry about logging in and being competitive in a raid group. Especially now since I feel like I don’t really know my guildies that much and would like to get to know them more. Time constraints and other commitments just trump everything else.

    TL:DR – I feel your pain and it will get easier. 🙂


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