Cats, Raiding, and You


Last night my guild stepped into Blackrock Foundry, and decided to tackle heroic modes. First we had to tackle heroic trash though, and ouch. Good thing those first couple packs are so close to the door, I don’t think any of us were quite expecting that much damage to go out. We made our way through the trash, licked our wounds and repaired our gear, and continued down the tunnel.

Our first target of the night was Gruul. He’s a meanie butt. Being a melee dps, I don’t know the specifics of the abilities the tanks and healers need to look out for, but it seemed to me from Mumble chat and also from what I was seeing that fight required a very delicate and precise touch with a few of the boss’s abilities. All I know is, I was on fire and rocks were falling on me, and OMG run out because first you were afraid, now you’re petrified, get 8 yards away from your friends or they too will die. What’s that? Earworm? No idea what you’re talking about….

We were not making much headway on Gruul, so we took our break and switched gears over to the cheaty hunter bullshit boss Beastlord Darmac. This fight was so much fun on normal modes, we actually one shot him if I recall correctly. Erm, not so much on heroic mode. By which I mean the one shot, not the fun aspect.  However, we were making solid progress on the jerk, although a lot of the ranged dps were commenting on the fact that the lawn darts (big ol’ spears) were acting wonky. By wonky, I mean there was much swearing in Mumble. Apparently, the mechanic was being executed correctly, but the actual manner in which the lawn darts were coming out wasn’t syncing up with how they were supposed to act. The spell effect was clipped by the seams in the floor, or it was pinning people down far away from where the dart actually was.

It was a frustrating night, as it usually is when you don’t kill bosses, but I feel like we made progress on Darmac and saw what needed to be done or changed on Gruul. I don’t make any judgment calls on boss strategies, I just hit things ^.^

I had my own hardmode version of raiding last night, which involved a certain fluffy cat being allowed in my office. He’s usually good, curls up on the couch when he realizes my focus is elsewhere, or he’ll jump up in my lap and curl up. Last night, not so much. Suddenly, little cat claws and teeth on my foot as he wraps himself around me.  It was a momentary attack, and was more of a “Mom pay attention to me, UGH!” thing than a savage attack. He soon desisted, although he was prowling around my feet, occasionally batting me or playing with computer cords. It was almost the end of raid night, usually when he’s being a butt or destructive I escort him out of my office for the hour or so, and listen to him gallop around or play soccer with a toy.

Those of you that have pets, how are they when you are raiding, or just working in the office/computer area in general? I know my little guy is still a teenager, so he gets destructive playful when he’s not being entertained or deems not enough attention is being paid to him, but what about you? How do your fur babies act when you’re otherwise engaged at the computer?

3 thoughts on “Cats, Raiding, and You

  1. One of my cats, the little one, basically entirely ignores me while I’m at my desk. The other one, the big one, occasionally wanders in and wants to be petted, but is content to lay next to my feet… except when she decides she wants to be ON the desk. I think I tweeted a picture of that a while ago, when she jumped up during raid break and made herself comfortable.

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