Striving for Consistency


I’ve decided today is as good a day as ever for me to start something. It’s not necessarily the hugest change ever, but I’m going to do it and stick to it, no matter the quality of results.

I’m going to start posting Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday mornings. Two of my fairy god-bloggers post every morning consistently, and I am forever impressed by their writing ability.

Aaaand that’s today’s post, bye.

This will never not make me feel something.

Kidding. I’m not that mean.

The above picture holds a lot of meaning for me, as I’m thinking it may for other people as well. Yes, it’s an NPC death that anyone who has ever rolled a Pandaren has seen and played through, but it still makes me feel something, and makes me think. This is not where I’m going to get super deep on everyone, but life is too short. Life is too short for me to worry about how perfect each of my blog posts are, if I’m hitting The Topic of the Day, if I’m getting a conversation going, if people are leaving deep, insightful comments on my posts.

I was debating going back through my posts and finding the post where I laid out where I wanted to go with this site, but I’m pretty sure I’ve changed the URL a couple times (since settling on names is difficult for me) and I’ve lost it in cyberspace. If anyone can find a link to said post, you earn one internet cookie, that you have to share with me. I wanted to find my mission statement, the post where I laid out where I wanted to go with my blog, but as I was lying awake a couple nights ago unable to sleep, I realized that I can change and shift the direction my blog and my life go in. I can stop worrying about the little things, remember that I’m not getting paid to write, that no-one depends on me to produce amazing content, that although I thank and respect my readers, commenters, and followers deeply, that I don’t owe anyone anything. That sounds kind of harsh, that last bit, but let me explain.

I try to keep my blog and gaming life on here seperate from my real life, but this is almost a personal blog at times for me, as I speculate and talk about my opinions and thoughts on things. Life recently has been sad for me, not due to any earth shattering or devastating circumstances, I just kind of feel stagnant. That’s all I’ll say on the topic, but I’ve realized that my creative outlets are kind of suffering for it, and that needs to come to an abrupt halt. The reason I started this blog was to have fun, and if I’m no longer doing that I should just walk away. Life is too hard, sucks too much at times, to let a fun thing leave a sour taste in my mouth, to somehow feel guilty for it.

I’m going to continue as I’ve done in the past with writing. Try to be funny, when the situation calls for it. Talk about different games, but WoW is my first and longest love, so that beast will get the most screen time. So without further ado…


There’s a reason I’m not the guild photographer ^.^

Last night we stepped into Blackrock Foundry, and quickly discovered that Ogron Box trash is Hardmode trash. We decided (rather, the officers decided and I showed up to stab bosses in the butt) to  go into it at the normal difficulty, as heroic seems over-tuned and a death fest for our average item level. We are 6/7 heroic in Highmaul, but Imperator is a poopy head, and won’t let us kill him. It took us only a couple times to down poor Gruul, and then we went on to Oregorger.

That fight, as I observed in Mumble, would be hilarious if it wasn’t so frustrating. I really like how that fight is set up, as frustrating as it is, and by the end of raid time I think the coordinators of the fighting strategies had figured out a (complicated to me) method of coordinating crate destruction and not getting mowed down by the over sized pill bug.

I'll leave the name as I found it on Google, because humorous.
I’ll leave the name as I found it on Google, because humorous.

That would be my post for today!

Thank you as ever for reading, and if you’ve made it this far, consider yourself gifted with a smile and an awkward sideways hug.


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