Byx is so stronk!

Hi there!

I mean honestly these are huge and I love them
I mean honestly! These are huge and I love them

This image amuses me, not only because how HUGE the weapons are, but also what it speaks of my girl’s agility and strength. I am fully aware she is an enhancement shaman, and therefore doesn’t use or gear for strength as a stat, but you must have SOME muscle mass to be able to hold those things for any period of time, let alone run around in the wilderness, over terrain, and fight baddies.

Resto murder shaman, reporting for duty.
Resto murder shaman, reporting for duty.

Okay just bear with me on this. Heh, bear, because she’s pandaren, and.. I’m sorry, that was bad and I do feel bad. Continuing on!

Pandaren are able to be a great variety of classes. They were the ones to introduce monks to us, and you can play other melee roles with them, as well as caster roles. They are capable of being quite hardy, athletic, and adaptable, but a lot of the lore also tells us about how much they love food and drink. This brings up an interesting idea in my mind, in that I know a lot of people who work out a ton, but that also consume a lot of food and sometimes booze. The more calories you burn, the more you can consume, right?


It is my belief then that even though she may be somewhat round and cuddly, underneath that protective layer of fat (that also helps keep her warm in the garrison in Frostfire Ridge) she is solid muscle. I mean these weapons are basically metal MITTENS with a GIANT blade that extends past her hand, and slightly past her elbows. Metal mittens? I could probably pick better phrasing.



BLADEFIST- oh wait.

Imagine swinging those things around, heck even carrying around that weight. Imagine raiding (like I do) for hours at a time. Attacking these giant bosses, sustaining all kinds of pain and death by fire, but she still keeps a swinging. That in my mind, is what makes her a hero. When you think about how strenuous this is, how she gained endurance over the years, got used to different weapons, etc. Although she was a boosted toon, so she had to learn it all fairly quickly!

No, this post is not me becoming stunned with the revelation that experience and gear and questing and leveling all actually makes your character improve, this post was mainly sprung from the humorous observation I had one day that she has BIG OL HONKIN BLADES ATTACHED TO HER ARMS AND SWINGS THEM MIGHTILY AT VERY LARGE ANGRY PEOPLE.

Bunny Byx is best Byx ^.^
Bunny Byx is best Byx ^.^

Have a lovely day, and be aware of murder shamans.


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