A Brief Update!

I’m very much a creature of habit. Of schedule. I like to plan, be prepared, know what is going on, and know who I’ll be interacting with.  Why am I saying all this? Mainly because I don’t know what else to start this post out with, but also because this has been bothering me for a bit of time.

Last week, classes started back up for me, and while I’m only taking two, it took adjusting to. Not only the class times, which are actually quite good, but the mental state of being back at school and applying my brain to learning and studying and speaking up in class. Both of my classes this semester have about one-fifth of the grade geared towards in-class participation and/or group projects/presentations. They also involve quite a bit of reading and homework, so that cuts into my gaming/free time. I’m going slightly off topic here, but I didn’t really have a topic to begin with, so I guess I’m not, after all.

What the frick frack does this have to do with my blog, you may ask? Or anything, for that matter? I am in the process of plotting out a tentative weekly schedule for blogging, streaming (yes I’ve started doing that as well, yes I shall touch on that in a bit), and also gaming in general. I’ve got side projects going as well, like we all do, that don’t have anything to do with gaming other than they take time away from that, but I enjoy doing them so shall continue to do them, dammit.  Let’s talk about games, shall we?


There’s been so much news over the last few days, I won’t even bother recapping it in great detail, other than I am gleefully excited for the Selfie Stick, and quite saddened by the Joystiq news, although I will not raise a stick and beat the dead horse, there are enough opinions out there without adding my own to it. Suffice to say, I believe this will affect a great many things in blogs, social media, and our community in general.

The state of My Game? I’ve eased up on my seething hatred (please read that sarcastically, thanks <3) on Garrisons, and grown to reluctantly (again, sarcasm) re-introduce them back into my game play. I didn’t write that post to bash things to pieces, or to say I hated the idea of them, or how they work, but instead how certain aspects seemed to be off for me, and be quiet self, they can go read it if they want.

My guild has cleared regular Highmaul and is 6/7 of heroic, and damn but I’m still having tons of fun on my enhancement shaman! Insert gushing about guild here, because they are awesome, and I am quite happy to be a part of such a cool group of people!

My warlock is stagnant at level 93, I think the only experience she’s getting is in mining her garrison’s mine, and the experience you gain from missions.

My warrior is almost level 60 (YAY FLYING MOUNTS) and she is also quite fun, as I’ve gotten so used to playing melee on my main that now playing it on alts feels less difficult.

Other games

There are too many. DA:I will see many playthroughs from me. Minecraft is always fun to play, and it’s almost a zen/relaxation/control thing for me. Various other games grab my attention at times, but these are my main three.


Yes, I’ve started live streaming my game play. I’ve also apparently been inducted into the ranks of ‘real streamers’ by some quickly banned human claiming that in order to get viewers I should show more flesh. Which is a controversial topic I won’t discuss here, needless to say, if they want that, there are plenty of streamers out there that do that already ^.^ I would prefer people come and just hang out, chat with me, and laugh at my really bad jokes and my general flailing about in the games I play. I will be putting out a schedule later on this week, but I’m at Twitch and my handle is Byx24, if you’d like to do that ‘follow’ thing and get notified when I go live.



Actually, please don’t go away. If you’ve read this far, I owe you a debt of gratitude because this post has been as random and by the seat of my pants as they come.

Get back on topic, stupid. If you had one.

RIGHT. Schedules. Planning. I’m bad at it. I’m working on it.

Stay tuned.



2 thoughts on “A Brief Update!

  1. Which Joystiq news saddens you? I did a quick scrollscrollscroll through the WoW Insider stuff just now, but didn’t see anything that leaped out at me and said, “Be SAD about THIS!”

    Glad you’re having fun raiding. 😀 Raiding is temporarily off the radar for me, as I’m still settling my dad’s estate and doing all kinds of Responsible Stuff now that I’m the matriarch of the family.

    Matriarch. Scary thought, that.


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