AFK: Writing!

EXCITING NEWS!!!!! My computer build is complete and works fully (with SOUND) and now I can install ALL the things! Here are some more updates:

First thing, I need more coffee.

Second thing, I just noticed my last two blog posts contained ‘Arise’ in them, so I’ll try to avoid that word for a bit.

Third thing, I have decided to participate in another month long online event, this being NaNoWriMo.

I had heard about it of course, being on the interwebs as much as I am, but I hadn’t really thought to look into it. Life had taken over, and I was being bogged down by that whether I consciously wanted to or not. Now, however, I am Done With That and Moving ON. I have  learned a hell of a lot about myself in the past few weeks, and I’m quite proud of the human I’m evolving into.

As yesterday proved, this endeavor of writing 50,000 words in one month will take a good chunk of time to invest. This proves to me now very strongly that a schedule must take effect, otherwise I will let things go and not think about it other than that I should be doing something, and nothing will happen.

Now then: WoW news!

My boosted shaman is quickly becoming my favorite character, and is still in the running to be my main come Warlords. I’ve learned her skills and abilities better, I’m getting more comfortable with her, plus she’s a panda so she’s super adorable. I’m working on leveling her herbalism, and her pets, and I’m really truly super hoping to have one level 25 team by the time WoD drops. I’ve only been trying to do that for about a year or so now.


I never promised to be timely.

I am getting more and more excited for Warlords with each passing day! I’m excited to take Byx into the savage land, and meet all the savage people, and savagely build her garrison, and savagely stay there forever and need someone to pry me away with a savage crowbar. New content, with my awesome guild, new adventures with my equally awesome friends!

Short post today, as will be the norm for a while, I fear. Feel free to poke me on Twitter, get a conversation going in the comments, etc!



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