Technical Difficulties Arise

Hello! I know it’s been forever and a week, but here I am!

I recently did the thing that most of us PC gamers do at least once in our career, and that is building a new machine from the ground up! Motherboard, processor, video card, power supply, I purchased ALL the things and installed them all (with remote help from a very good friend who did my previous build). Everything went super smoothly, I was mildly freaking out as I installed the chip for the processor, heck, everything was in a light state of panic, as he was helping me over the phone and couldn’t actually see what I was doing to help. Skype or Facetime would have been too easy!

Everything is running 100%. Graphics are AMAZING,  after having to run every game on ‘low’ or almost no graphics, turning everything to ultra (even with only WoW installed) is so so pretty. The only issue I’m having, if you’re following me on Twitter you will see much ranting and raving about this, is my sound not connecting. I’ve done all the troubleshooting I can think of, and I think it’s an issue with the motherboard, which had a built-in sound card. I still have my old sound card from my previous build which I could always install, but I don’t want to overload myself and my limited knowledge of this kind of software nonsense with moar things .

Other than that, life is pretty swell, both in-game and out!

I will be putting together a blog post probably over the weekend about my experience boosting my shaman to 90, and my positive and negative thoughts about that. I am leaning towards making her my main, come Warlords. I love my warlock, always will, but lately the game play on her feels kind of stale, I don’t know how else to explain it. She’s always going to be my main, I might end up changing my mind on a whim and going back to her, but for now the shaman is quite fun, the rotation (elemental) is fairly simple, but I’m enjoying the slight challenge of learning the new abilities and programming my muscle memory ^.^

Holiday news: I did get both of the new ghost cat pets that were introduced this year, as well as a ton of masks and costume wands to aggravate random pugs with ^.^

No screenshots today, as new PC and I don’t have my old pictures transferred over yet.

I am trying my best to get on a consistent (blogging) schedule again, real life as always has handily provided me with excuses to not post; even though as this morning proves, I can cobble together some kind of semblance of words in a brief period of time =D

Take care =)


One thought on “Technical Difficulties Arise

  1. Before you open the box for more surgery put some headphones in the audio jack round the back. Then you know if the problem with the USB speaker drivers or something related actual outputs.

    A separate sound card is often far superior to an on-board solution if you aren’t short on slots. I would be tempted to switch it over anyway. Just remember to disable the onboard sound in the bios.


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