New Roles Arise

Looking back on it, every time there has been a fairly significant change in my life (moving, ending a relationship with someone, getting a new job, other various Life Events), things have changed for me in Azeroth, too.  I’ll change servers, change guilds, change my main. Change.

The winds of change are upon us once again.

I don’t want this to be a post bemoaning my future, or whining about my class changes. Warlocks didn’t really change all that much, they removed some of our movement capabilities, which is fine to work around. My damage, even though the numbers on recount and Skada are much lower, is basically the same. Things that were dying before are still dying, mobs are taking about the same number of hits to perish and give me their loot, it’s nothing crazy that I can’t handle. However (and you knew that was coming, didn’t you) she doesn’t feel… the same. She is a blood elf, so there were no re-customization feelings, good or ill. She just doesn’t have that same spark when I play her.

I am a very loyal person. In real life as well as in-game. This is a strong suit of mine, but also can be a detriment. I will stubbornly play her even if I’m not necessarily enjoying her as much as I should be, just because she is my Main.  I was talking with a friend and guild mate about this, and in the past I’ve felt just puttering along on her. I’ve never been an amazing warlock (again, something I’ve talked with another good friend and past guild mate about), never been the highest on the damage meters in a raid, never been on the cutting edge of new rotations an abilities and when you use what, like a lot of awesome players I know. I’m a good raider, I’m very aware, I’m quick to pick up on new tactics and strategies, but where most of the pressure is put for me in the past, in those numbers, is where I falter.

My new guild (and friends) are amazing. Not at all like that. I raided with them for the first time in WoW last Wednesday, and I had an absolute blast. Yes, they are all uber-geared for (what was) heroic raiding, while I’m sitting comfortably at probably ready to just begin (what was) normal.  Not once was DPS brought up and mentioned, not once did I have someone whisper me about pulling my weight, which has happened in the past, and is the WORST feeling in the world, especially if you’re bringing a new spec into a raid for the first time. That positive atmosphere, that goodwill, that general sense of being a part of something, even if I’m the relatively new person to the group, was absolutely amazing, and really made me quite happy with the game.

That being said.

I’m leveling up alts, as you do, and realizing that I’m having a great deal of fun on my warrior, and also on my tiny hunter. I still have my 90 boost sitting up in the top of my character selection screen, glaring at me every time I log in. I’m still not sure who I want to spend it on. I’ve got my shaman, who is currently the forerunner in the race, but she is very closely followed by my little warrior. I really miss tanking, I had a great deal of fun with it in Wrath and some of Cata, and while I may not have that opportunity in raid, I’d like to be able to have one ready in case some friends and I want to run dungeons or old content, and need a friendly neighborhood meat shield! I have also never really raided as a melee DPS, other than flailing with my Death Knight early on in Wrath before I switched over to my Warlock as my main.

I’ve been having a lot of negative thoughts and feelings about my life lately, both in game and out, for which I’d like to apologize for. I try very hard to not bring real life things too much into Twitter or here on my blog, but these past couple weeks have been quite tough. Leaving one job, beginning a new one, dealing with the wrath and ire of my current boss while just trying to finish out my last nine work days with as much dignity as I can muster, is proving to be quite a difficult challenge, and I appreciate every one of you that has helped me out. It’s been more needed, more helpful than I can adequately describe on here.


Pumpkin Tauren says hello!
Pumpkin Tauren says hello!

Now then, other in-game news! I’m about halfway to having enough whatchamacallits to get one of the new ghost cat pets, if I can go along without letting myself get super distracted. I am planning a “hooray 6.0.2!!” blog post in which I talk about more of the changes in greater detail, I just have to get my ducks in a row and plan out time accordingly, while dodging real life events.


I hope everyone has an awesome Monday, I’m going to try my absolute best to do the same!


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