Still Chipping Away


I had the chance to run LFR over the weekend, since during the week I have about zero to no time to commit to anything, at least for now, since nothing is ‘required’. What do I mean by ‘required’? As in I’m not in a raid group currently, and while it’s not something anyone should feel forced to do, it does promote more of a schedule and I am willing to stay up and raid a couple nights a week, I miss it that much! However, that’s unlikely to happen until Warlords drops, so I have a couple months to get myself squared away in the energy drink department.

Back to where I was: I went through ToES with my friend, who I guess I should start calling by his online moniker, but I’ll shorten it. Sar and I (and 23 of our closest friends) raced through the instance, to my surprise it was a fairly decent group, probably mostly people like me, after things for the legendary quest chain. I looted the thing I needed off the Sha of Fear, went and talked to Wrathion, got my legendary gem (woohoooooo!!!!!!!!), and now I only need about 1800 more valor points to get to the next stage in the chain.

I do find it interesting that I had completed some of the side tasks (getting my reputation with The Black Prince up high enough to where I didn’t have to grind mobs, and also the quest chain in Krasarang where the Horde and Alliance do their usual thing of punching each other in the face) without even meaning to. Good job, self! So, now I’ve got that going for me, and I will be running LFR as much as I can all week.

School is starting to pick up, as in quizzes and exams are starting to be talked about in class, so my few hours of me time will rapidly diminish on some nights, but that’s okay! I have to remind myself why I’m after this degree, and as much as I love playing WoW and other games, I have to remember that unless I get really lucky (or work REALLY hard) I won’t be able to make a viable career out of that, so I have to put aside the things I want to do to accomplish the things I need to do.

Hm, other gaming news.. I’ve been playing The Sims 4, I’ll be putting a post up about that probably later this week. A very belated ‘first impressions/look’ post. I’m still wanting to continue my Dragon Age 2 playthrough/story time, so that will probably begin popping up once a week again.

I realized the other day that Blaugust instilled quite a few things in me. It’s now over two weeks since it ended, but I’m realizing I missed my little quiet time first thing in the mornings, drinking my coffee and waking up as I typed some words up. It makes me happy that I’m no longer super anxious when I hit that post button, that I put less stress on myself for making something the best post ever, and also that I repeat myself a lot, as I think I say something similar to this once a week. Stop it, self >.>

Oh, I also got into the beta, which is another stress point as I want to spend time in there exploring and seeing what is different (as well as test for bugs and broken things, yes the beta/alpha exist for a reason other than to preview new content ^.^) but that takes time away from the live server things I need to do before Warlords hits us like a semi.

I’m off to do more note cards, also Felix needs love and attention apparently. What am I, his mother?


Have a lovely day!


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