WTB Moar Time

Hello everyone!

After doing the math the other day, and putting myself in a slightly cranky mood, I realized my available free time has decreased significantly. Only have a couple hours in the morning and a couple at night to play, less so if I want to have some kind of social life :P.  That’s fine, as it is college classes that are taking up my time and adjusting my schedule, and learning is good and important, and getting a degree is something that is VERY important to me, but it sure is throwing a big ol’ wrench in my WoW to-do list! (Gaming time in general, also) Also with blogging, which I feel especially guilty for since I was so used to blogging every day in August!

Have I mentioned I am a horrible procrastinator? That I talk more about doing things than actually doing them? Because I totally do. However, in knowing that about myself, I can plan ahead and around that, and even conquer it. Someday. Maybe later. Also, fun fact for those who aren’t on the internet and live under a rock, SoO has been out for a year and I still haven’t done anything really. ^.^

Several months behind the curve as per usual, I received a beta invite to Warlords of Draenor the other day. The few minutes I’ve had to frolic around has shown me a few things. The list is bulleted for your entertainment.

  • I have absolutely no bag space on my main, so the addition of the toy box and extra storage space will be MOST WELCOME THANK YOU
  • I have purchased about half the items I need for a new computer build, and this is showing me that I need to get the remaining items and finish that pup before launch
  • The black screen of death is upon me, so I should adjust my graphics settings next time I log in
  • I am excited

These are my very first impressions with the beta, those who have been in it, or who have been studying about it, I won’t be here letting you know about the latest and greatest because I am too far behind the curve to do THAT, but I will still try to share my experiences and thoughts with you, whether you like it or not ^.^

In live-realm news, I’ve transferred my lock to her new home, and I’m steadily leveling up a druid, because one can never have enough alts! I’m planning on running more LFR wings with my friend, although my hopes for running CMs are kind of dimming. Unless I get carried, I’ll probably have to get better gear on my lock, and with the expansion looming, I’m feeling torn, like at the end of every expansion. Do I want to get gear that will be quickly deemed useless and replaced by a quest reward and random drop? Time will tell. If I get enough friends interested I might try for it, but for now my focus is (moar bullets)

  • Legendary cloak quest – SEE ABOVE
  • Moar battle pets
  • Tame what pets will disappear soon on my huntress, and figure out if I want to transfer her as well
  • Whatever else I want to do

I find myself wondering where I’ll be in a few months time, when the expansion is live and everyone is leveling and gearing and prepping for whatever they want to do. It’s a mix of exciting and scary, not really knowing what I’ll be doing, if I’ll be raiding or just puttering around in my garrison. Adventures are always fun, whether it be in a game or in real life, so I’m eager to see what happens!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to browse the interwebs to better educate myself on what all is going to change in 6.0. Spoiler, a lot!


Have a great day!


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