She’s Back

It’s interesting how a pretty simple change can improve your mentality about a game immensely.

When I transferred my warlock to her new home a little over a year ago, the name that she had carried for ages, since I created her, the whole time I played her, was taken, so I had to rename my main lady. This was more upsetting than I had originally anticipated. For a while, when I would see my own name in party chat, guild chat, even the icon in the interface, it would freak me out. I felt like I wasn’t playing the same character, even though the only thing that changed about her was her moniker. It just made me feel…off… when I played her, I don’t really know how else to describe it. I know it’s a silly thing, some of you are probably shaking your head or are laughing by now, but when you’re used to being called the same (nick) name in Ventrilo or Mumble for years, used to seeing that name pop up in chat or seeing it in the UI or in quests, it throws you for a loop when suddenly it’s different.

She’s back. Caewen is no more, now we have Hexxia!

Last night I ran LFR (the second wing of SoO) with a friend, who was healing on his priest! I only died once, which I entirely blame him for. Just kidding. (Not really). It was the first time I had done the second wing, because I’m a huge baby and forever late to the party. Maybe it’s my leet hardcore raiding background, /rolls eyes, but I like to know the fights ahead of time and be prepared for whatever the Big Ugly is going to throw at me. I know LFR is easier, the fights are lower in difficulty and mechanics and damage are changed, but I still like to know what I’m getting into. My friend gave me the cliff notes version of each fight, which as a ranged DPS was basically don’t stand in the fire and kill the Big Ugly, which I kind of figured.

We successfully downed all the bosses, by which I mean we didn’t totally wipe over and over again. I died once, a couple other people died a lot more than me, but I was more focused on trying to get my muscle memory to kick in insofar as my spell rotation was concerned. I was oops’ing and hitting my cool downs when I shouldn’t, but surprised myself by remembering when I shouldn’t  hit them, which would indicate I do, in fact, remember when to hit them.

Bring it on, giant murder scorpion
Bring it on, giant murder scorpion


I got three pieces of gear! New gloves, new pants, and a new ring. I also got a couple more important items, which were my last two sigils of wisdom, so my next goal in the legendary cloak questline is to go kill the Sha of Fear again, and loot a thing off of his cold corpse. Hooray!

It was suprisingly fun, running LFR. It helped immensely I was with my good friend, so I had someone to chat with during trash pulls or while we waited for everyone to prepare before the boss fights. I still have a little of a negative mindset when it comes to LFR, mainly due to the bad experiences I’ve had in there, but from what I’ve seen I’m definitely not the only one that happens to, and you have to endure the crappy times to enjoy and appreciate the good ones, whether it be in life or in Azeroth.

In real life news, Felix the cat is still super awesome, and I am beyond happy still every time I come home and see his cute widdle face. I survived the first week of classes, kind of getting used to my new schedule, although I am kind of irked I have less time for gaming, but such is life!

I hope everyone has a great weekend!


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