New Home Time, Part Two

If any of you follow me on Twitter, and you should if you aren’t, because it’s full of randomness and delight and sass, you will see that I got a new friend today!


I am 90% sure I am going to call him Felix, but I am also debating Sir McFloofykins. It might depend on my mood. He is almost a year old, I adopted him from a local pet rescue shelter, and I couldn’t be happier!!! He seems quite content as well, he’s been in his new home almost two hours and has settled in, even taking a little nap a while ago.  I’ve been wanting to get a cat for a while, and a couple of my friends on Twitter saw this adorable guy at a pet store, where the shelter puts up a couple cats at a time for adoption, and immediately blew up my phone with pictures and texts. I went over there that night after work, started making phone calls, and now he’s mine, and I am his!

Who is that? It's you, bud. NO BUT WHO IS IT
Who is that? It’s you, bud. NO BUT WHO IS IT

I will continue to flood my Twitter with happiness and FLOOF, so stay tuned for that!

In gaming news, I talked about building a new home for my Sims 3 family, and I have almost completed the work on it. I still need to fill it with things for them, but the groundwork, structure, and necessities are in!

And After!!!
And After!!!
Second floor, consisting of bedrooms/bathrooms
Second floor, consisting of bedrooms/bathrooms

The little unfinished bit in the lower right of the building on the second floor is because of a dirty tile (thanks to my Sim’s puppy) that I have to have them clean before I can remove that and build above it. Hooray glitches! The addition jutting out of the middle right is my indoor greenhouse, I am going to add a fenced-in area behind that for fruit trees. The little building to the back is for my butler, because my Sims are spoiled rotten.

It’s a castle-ish house, I’m going to mess with the design more as I go, but for now this is the rough outline of where I want it to be!

Building and designing homes in this game is quite fun, and I’m very eager to see how I can play more with it in The Sims 4! Which reminds me, I got an email notifying me that I can pre-download it so I can just boot it up and go for Tuesday when it releases… Going to do that tonight!

I am off to hang out with my new friend and make sure he’s got everything he needs and isn’t getting into anything he doesn’t need!

Take care, and have a good rest of your day!


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