New Home Time

Not for me, for my Sims!

When we last left the poor unfortunate pixel people, the family was whole, albeit chaotic due to so many Sims in the household for me to try to manage everyone properly. I did get to the point where I just let them be, let the free will of the game take over and sit back and watch what happened.

In not too long of a time, my Simself’s husband died of old age (surprisingly sad, as I didn’t get that into playing him) and the eldest son fell in love with some random townie, and I decided that was a good opportunity, so I quickly had him get engaged to her, threw a giant wedding party, then kicked his arse out of the house. Now it’s my Simself, still hanging in there even though she is about 50 days older than her departed husband, and her four daughters.

I have decided they need a new house.

I could always buy them a house, between my Simself being a bestselling author and raking in about 12,000 in royalties, plus her husband’s income from being a superstar athlete,  and all the money their kids have earned, there is quite a cushion of funds. But that’s far too easy. Instead I shall build them a home! I’m going to build it on the existing lot, the location is good, kind of mid-distance between the town center and the outlying areas (I’m in Sunset Valley, for those readers who also play TS3)

I’m going to build them a castle. It is going to be three floors, the top floor will act as the deck, with a grill, hot tub, telescope, and other random outdoorsy activities. I will include a greenhouse, as I have The Seasons expansion, which makes… seasons… and causes the plants and such to grow dormant during fall and winter. I might even add in a basement (dungeon) for the inventing table, alchemy lab, and other things of that nature. The first floor will house the library, the kitchen and dining room, and the living room, bedrooms and bathrooms will be on the second floor, but I’ll have a half bath on the first floor!

I’m going to also get them a butler, I’ll give him a little cottage to the back of the property.

I am excited to start building. Building and designing the houses, as well as messing with the clothing and hairstyles of my Sims is quite fun for me, and I spend more of my time than I should doing that instead of playing through their lives ^.^

I’m off for my day, I CANNOT WAIT for the long weekend. I have stuff to get organized for school still, and have to clean up around my house, and might even have friends over and try to be slightly social, in between gaming sessions XD

Have a great weekend all, and enjoy the long one if applicable!

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