Here’s Another One

If I fall asleep while writing this, someone come over to my house and take over for me, and make it entertaining and stuff, k? K.

Last night was one of those nights. Yes I had my bowl of ice cream (with a fork) but that shouldn’t have kept me up until like uhh I dunno 5 am was the last time I looked at the clock, then my alarm went off at seven. I had an appointment downtown that I somehow made it to and through, then I got food and went to work, where I kind of auto-did my tasks and answered questions and such.  I can’t for the life of me remember what I did, but I think I did it all correctly. I’ll find out tomorrow when/if I get scolded by my boss ^.^

Hm, what to write about… As Blaugust is winding down, I’m finding myself not so much at a loss of what to write about, but more that I feel as though I’m focusing on the same topics and not really deviating from my little path I’ve been traveling. I should probably write more about the ‘real life’ gaming topics and scandals, but honestly it’s kind of so skewed to me the information that is out there that we really get to see, that I feel like it would be more of an opinion piece, plus that’s not really what I set out to do. I created this to tell my little stories, share my triumphs and funny experiences, and maybe a few cool screenshots.

Like now, when my brain is failing…. There are a lot of games in my Steam Library that I haven’t uninstalled because I still do plan on playing them. Banished is one of those. My interest was piqued when it was first getting talked about, and I muddled a bit in it, but got in over my head and didn’t take it slow and really enjoy the game as I probably should. So that’s one I’m considering revisiting.

Such a peaceful little farm...
Such a peaceful little farm…

Another game really and truly on my bucket list to complete, but one in which I suffer greatly from the ‘ooh I want to try it this way now’ disease is Kingdoms of Amalur. That game is phenomenal, the story is excellent, the graphics are fun, and the way you can change your class pretty much at a whim is always alluring to me.



That’s kind of all I have for tonight, I will have more constructive and less cobbled together posts for the final push through Blaugust!

Have a good night!


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