Let’s Talk About Pets

Get it!
Get it!

Here’s my warlock, doing her thang! Featuring Snuggles the Mountain Panda. Lately, even with my alts, I’ve become obsessed with pet battles. Seeing those little green pawprints on my map is sometimes a fun distraction from the drudgery that happens when you’ve leveled a ton of alts, plus the experience isn’t half bad at all!

I have long been a fan of Liopleurodon (I need a lot more coffee, that took me a long time to spell, cripes) and her blog, and I know I don’t have 5% of her knowledge insofar as the synergy between battle pets, or any knowledge about where the rares are or how to catch them, but I like to think experience makes the best teacher, so I’m kind of winging it and doing my best, and learning from my mistakes!

The other day I mentioned my WoW to-do lists, and goal lists. I have on there a list of all the battle pets I have yet to catch on all the continents, and most of that hinges upon rare spawns and leveling enough battle pets to 25 so I can have a good mix of each kind. It is fun, I kind of have a leveling group for each alt I run on, so they all can work on leveling battle pets as I’m leveling them. There is a lot of leveling going on, lol.

I am really happy Blizzard implemented this. Some people might think it’s too much like Pokemon, but I like it. It gave us more of a reason to collect and go after achievements, gives us a reason to re-visit old content, and to explore the nooks and crannies of Azeroth to collect them all!

Seeing all the new content from Warlords, all the new battle pets (can I SQUEEEE about the Frostwolf pups??! I JUST DID! TOO BAD! EEEEEEEEEE SO CUTE!!!!)

*clears throat*

I am definitely going to have more time to apply myself to WoW and my to-do list once Blaugust is over and school starts up. I’m taking two classes this semester, but my work schedule should be fairly consistent, so I will have a better opportunity to plan and make a schedule for gaming! I’m hoping to keep everyone posted on my goings-on and achievements here, I will more than likely be posting on a less frequent basis, but going to try to keep it to at least 2 days a week!

Hope everyone has a great Tuesday, I’m off to putter around the house, got real life tasks to complete today!


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