My Typical Sunday

Today’s post features a very fun (what’s sarcasm?) topic, what I do on my day off! The store where I work is open Monday-Saturday, which means I know I’ll have every Sunday off (except during December, but that’s only one month so I’m going to generalize because it’s my blog and I can). I love this. I love having one day all to myself, knowing when that day is and planning for it.

Similar to most other humans, sometimes I make plans with friends and family, but when I don’t have plans, I revel in this, my laziest of days. Today is a bit different. I registered for classes yesterday (hooray) which means I get to buy textbooks (halp) and organize my school supplies because that’s fun for me.  I talked a couple of days ago about finding my old WoW to-do list, I’ve since scribbled on additions to that, and condensed a few random index card notes into that spiral-bound notebook. Now that everything is all together, I’m trying not to let it overwhelm me just by looking at it.

*turns the notebook over*

Okay that’s better. Today I have the usual real life weekly quests of cleaning up my house so it looks less like a bachelor pad, and doing laundry because clean clothes are cool! I’ll also be browsing Amazon and the like for book rentals, because I don’t really want to pay eleventy billion dollars at the bookstore for my books, thank you though.

I will of course also be doing my fair share of gaming! Since I’ve gotten sucked back into minecraft, my druid has gotten some rest experience, so I will be taking advantage of that, and I might also get on my Warlock and do a couple dungeon runs to strive for some mounts that are on my list.

No, you’re looking down at the word count thinking there’s not enough here!

My druid is in the Eastern Plaguelands, the game is running in the background. I’d just gotten to Light’s Hope Chapel when I logged off a couple days ago, so I’m off now to do some adventuring and zombie slaying with my buddies Tarenar and Gidwin!

BRB, going on an adventure
BRB, going on an adventure

Hope everyone has a good Sunday! And a very nice lazy one, if you’re able =)


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